Agent: Henry is "battling for his life"

Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry is “battling for his life tonight,” according to his agent Andy Simms.

Simms’ words are just the latest to underscore the life and death nature of Henry’s struggle.  By all accounts, Henry remains on life support after getting thrown from the back of a truck earlier Wednesday following a domestic situation.

The more we hear about the situation, the more dire it sounds.

Dan Graziano of AOL Fanhouse quotes a source “with direct knowledge” of the situation: “We don’t think he’s going to make it.”

Henry’s mother and the rest of his family arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina Wednesday night.  Henry was in Charlotte with his fiance, where her parents live.

We send Henry and his family our best wishes before this difficult night ahead.

40 responses to “Agent: Henry is "battling for his life"

  1. sounds like he has possibly been taken off life support for the worse, nothing confirmed, but it really does not sound like he is going to make it.

  2. It would be such a shame for a young talent like Chris Henry, who appeared to have turned things in his life around, to pass like this.
    He and his family will be in my thoughts, and I hope he can pull through.

  3. florio, something to check on
    you reported that henry was “found” a half mile from where he jumped into the truck….was his fiance there?
    if not, why not?
    if she wasn’t there then there are only two reasons.
    1. she was legitimately afraid(from whatever started the domsestic dispute) of him and did not slow down or turn back when he fell out of the truck
    2. she was freakin pissed and was TRYING to eject him…
    either of those could be shot down if she either called the police or was at the scene when henry was “found”…..

  4. He has it in his favor that he is young, and being a professional athelete, stronger than most. I did clinical work as a student at Carolina Medical Center – an excellent facility – being there for his treatment is another factor in his favor. I hope and pray that he will be able to pull through this, and offer thoughts and prayers to his family.

  5. Hope he pulls through.
    It was his decisions that put him where he is though, don’t think I’ll waste my prayer time on him today.

  6. I hope he makes it, but this sounds like a situation where they are keeping him alive until the family arrives. Peace and strength to his family.

  7. such a horrible thing to happen to a guy who had been working so hard at making the right choices in his life, my thoughts and prayers go out to the henry family and his fiance and her family

  8. I don’t know the circumstances but it seemed as though the light had came on and he was turning the corner. He was having a decent year with the team until the injury and now this!

  9. My mom fell in the middle of street this past Halloween taking my niece and nephew trick or treating. She ended up in ICU for a month and never recovered. She ended up passing on December 7. My thoughts and prayers go out to Henry’s family and it’s a shame that this happened like it did. He is definitely in my prayers.

  10. Wow. This sucks. This kid was writing a great story about how to turn your life around. This is just sad sad news. We’ve all seen how Henry is a fighter and I hope he can fight just a little harder now. I remember watching the game when he broke his forearm and feeling bad for him that his season was lost, now this season means nothing and his life means everything.

  11. It is pretty tough to fall out of the back of a pick up.
    There is more to this story… Do not be surprised if manslaughter charges are brought against his fiancee when this is all figured out.
    This is a tragedy that has no reason to happen.

  12. I don’t care how many mistakes someone makes in their life, it’s never a good thing to see them fighting for their life. especially feel for his children.
    I remember thinking during pre-season that he seemed to be pulling himself together as a player, an hopefully as a person.
    I hope the guy pulls through.

  13. Pft planet…I just cane across this from some jackass on Twitter.:
    JankySlamsworth So now Chris Henry has out swindle Tiger Woods for the dumbest nigga ever award! Smfh! 4 minutes ago
    his name is jankyslamsworth. For those of you who have Twitter please drop him a line to let him know how much of a waste pf life he is. This is really ignorant for somebody to say.

  14. Damn, A sad story for a young man that was hopefully turning the corner. He was a tremendous WR when he was on the field. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. As for his fiance, she should have stopped. Sounds like this might have been intentional since she never did stop.

  15. It’s a real shame. Seriously, that’s not sarcasm. He was once the prime example of how not to act in the NFL. He just recently realized he needs to change his ways, and was doing an EXCELLENT job, and by all account, had changed his life. He was becoming a great example for those who think you can’t change, that you can.
    I hope he pulls through this. Although it seems pretty evident he will never play football again. It’s a terrible whenever anyone is fighting for their life. (unless they have brutally murdred someone, or mollested a child)

  16. Thoughts and prayers to him and is family. And if there was ever a person who’s personal life would benefit from “Switching Teams”, it’s Chris Henry. Guy has the worst luck with women.

  17. It looks like he made it through the night. That’s very good news. He and his family will continue to be in many of our thoughts today. Keep fighting Chris!

  18. The WhoDat Nation joins the rest of the NFL fans in sending our sincerest prayers and love to Chris Henry and his family. God Bless all of you in this very, very difficult time.

  19. The dude has had a lot of problems over the last few years, but was really starting to put out on the field and in the locker room. Best wishes to him and his family in this difficult time.

  20. Good to see Steelers and Ravens fans offering prayers. Reminds us all that football is just a game. A select few are posting terrible things like “who cares, just another dumb bungle” and “serves him right”. That makes me sick.
    Just a note about him being “found in the road”. They interviewed a neighbor who said that the yellow truck (believed to be henry’s or the fiance’s) was pulled over in the street right by henry so I think “found in the road” is just bad wording. It sounds like she stopped right away as you can even see a lifted yellow truck in the pictures of the accident scene.

  21. it isnt that hard to fall out of the back of a pickup.
    they hit bumps and one can get jostled right out.
    any inebriants involved?

  22. jeremiah
    he probly then tried to get in the cab (like in the movies) and either couldnt or she prevented him
    via driving maneuvers or just knocking him off herself.
    might be hard to get in the cab with a broken arm
    hate to say it, but all this talk of how he turned his life around merely looks convenient and may not at all really reflect reality.

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