Chris Henry is on life support

Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer has confirmed with the Bengals and Charlotte police that wide receiver Chris Henry is still alive following a serious car accident Wednesday.

Still, the news surrounding Henry is not good. 

Alex Marvez of Fox reports that Henry is on life support and the situation is being described as “dire.”

A fake Twitter account led to multiple outlets from newspapers to major sports and news blogs to repeat information that Henry passed away.

The fake account purported to be by a Dallas Morning News reporter, but it clearly is a fake. 

We previously passed along reports that Henry’s injuries were “life-threatening” and came after a “domestic situation.”

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  1. How do we know it’s “clearly a fake?” I mean it only has like 80 followers, yes…are there any other reasons?

  2. this guy is one of the great football succes stories as far as turning his life around. hope he pulls through and recovers

  3. Prayers going up for Chris from all over.
    Lord please spare this man so that he may be there for his children and continue to turn his life around.

  4. sad to hear this…another crazy chick causing problems for NFL players. Its sad because it seemed henry had finally cleaned up his act and was ready to develop into a superstar wide-out in the NFL. Hope he recovers and is able to play soon

  5. Well I would really like to know more about the situation before I jump to any conclusions here, but what kind of domestic dispute was this? I hope he pulls through, but the story I heard is he had hit his wife and she was running away when he jumped in the back of a truck to chase after her. If that story is true, which we may never know, I really wont feel that bad for him. How ever it could easily be that his wife hit him for all we know so I am not passing judgement yet, I just really wanna know what happened.
    btw good job Mike, I am very impressed at your accurate reporting. I am not kidding, you guys have been much more carful lately and I appreciate it.

  6. Unfortunately they are reporting here in the local Charlotte news that Chris Henry has died from the injuries. Very sad news no matter what team you root for, he was a young man.

  7. I hope he’s going to be okay. I’m not much of a religious person, but my thoughts are with him, and his family.

  8. Wow and you guys didn’t report he died also? You’ve come a
    long way since the Terry Bradshaw story.

  9. What scumbag would make a fake Twitter to report someones death while they are on life support. The lows of humanity never cease to amaze me.

  10. Just too bad, what a waste. Hope he recovers. Yoou gotta wonder what the hell was going on in the back of that pickup.

  11. As a Mountaineer and Browns fan i hope he pulls thru this and atleast lives. in the end football doesnt matter altho he was such a talent at WV.Now just hope he pulls thru

  12. Oh No!!!
    I am in prayer for this young man. He is a wonderful athlete though obviously high strung. I have always thought that if he would outgrow his impulsiveness his future in the NFL was his to write. I sincerely hope he will be able to recover.
    Sincerely from Cincinnati

  13. @montsta
    Yeah thats pretty low to misleadingly say someone has died. Last week this kid form my high school told a bunch of people I was in the hospital as a way to get back at me for saying soccer sucks compared to football (yes thats really how it started). But the worst people ever I think came in a story a month back. I live in the bay area and awhile ago a family was killed while driving after being hit by a drunk driver. It was a huge story in a lot of bay area papers, and this couple read the story and went to rob the house of the deceased family. They took credit cards, and a blu-ray player. The only reason they got caught is by getting pulled over for expired plates or something like that. I think that is the lowest of the low. Some people are just evil people.

  14. OH Lord, My prayers are with he and is Family,
    please give your healing powers to Chris in his time of need.

  15. Montsta says: December 16, 2009 7:33 PM
    What scumbag would make a fake Twitter to report someones death while they are on life support. The lows of humanity never cease to amaze me.
    There are some posts on other threads that are not to be believed. Stories like this bring out the losers in droves.

  16. You’re right Bigtrav425…football doesn’t matter at this point….though I can’t believe how easy people are to forget his dozen + times he was arrested and/or charged with something. Seems easy to forget that and his menace to society. Yes, he was turning things around….how long would you have given that? Also, I have seen reports the past 5 mins that claims he has died

  17. I wish him and his family the best. Hope everything turns out ok. It seemed like he was turning it around.

  18. I don’t really want to lose sight of the tragedy of a human life here.
    But, these injuries were not the result of a “car accident”. I expect a little more journalistic accuracy.
    There’s a reason most of us haven’t attempted to jump into the bed of a moving pickup and being ejected by the driver being highly upset is just one of them.
    I give the guy props for turning his life around to maintain an NFL career, but part of that responsibility is making sane decisions that don’t put your body in unnecessary harm.

  19. Looks like the wedding may be postponed.
    He was already on IR and will still get paid.
    Her actions or the destination she was driving toward must have been upsetting enough for him to leap from a moving vehicle.
    Her lawyer will some explaining to do.

  20. I am Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News. I had nothing to do with the posts concerning Chris Henry. Whoever is impersonating me is a sick and demented individual.

  21. As a Steelers fan I couldn’t stand the guy on the field. That being said, it is a shame and I hope he gets better really soon. It is a testament to his talent and his ability to change that he was able to redeem himself and become a respectable and productive player again, hopefully he will pull another turnaround here.

  22. Similar situation to Sean Taylor, turned his life around(apparently) and something like this happens. Hpefully, he pulls through.

  23. I hope the young man pulls through. Man, it’s been a hard year on the Bengals… first, the DC’s wife passes away and now this. I’m not a Bengals fan, but my prayers are with Henry and the rest of Bengal nation.

  24. Florio, you removed my comment? Hopefully people aren’t bashing me for “misinformation” considering Jesse Hayes, son of Jay Hayes (defensive line coach), says that he is on life support and will not make it. I would consider that a better source than Fox sports, or any other source.

  25. Thoughts and prayers with Chris and his family.
    @DeuceDuece13 …
    The police report posted online says his fiance was running from him and he jumped in the back of her truck. It’s a pretty big leap from that to “another crazy chick causing problems for NFL players.” Please don’t pepper this tragic story with your own mysogyny.

  26. Why in the hell would any lord give special healing attention to Chris over the millions of starving babies in the world?
    Don’t misconstrue this missive as any ill will toward Chris. I hope he turns out OK from this mess. But c’mon, people. Use some common sense.

  27. >>May the God of his choosing be with him. I certainly hope he pulls out of this ok.
    I’ve never heard a more retarded statement in the whole world. ?May the God of ‘his’ choosing????
    Um, our Creator chose “us”, not the other way around. Sorry.
    My prayers go, “right now”, to God “our” Creator for Chris Henry’s life. In the Name of His Son, Yahshuah, the Messiah. Amen.

  28. So sad. I have some questions. I keep reading he was ‘found’ on the road.
    Well, where was the GF?
    Did she stop and stay with him after he fell out?
    Was he run over by another vehicle?
    This happened during daylight, so no way she didn’t know he jumped in the vehicle and then fall off?
    If he is on life support (coma and ventilator) after head injuries his career is over for sure. Brain inflammation and swelling is a million times worse than a single season ending concussion and the main focus for the medical staff is to restore any minimal functioning if lost (like swallowing, eat, drink, sit, walk) not football. I hope no neck/spinal injuries.
    The NFL needs to have continuous seminars with these men (I don’t care if it sounds paternalistic) about relationships just like they do with rookies. If you cannot easily reconcile with the woman you are with, best to let them go. I guess easier said than done, but look what happens.
    My prayers for Chris and family.

  29. Man, he has made mistakes….but this on top of a broken arm it’s too much. Let God make him pull through.

  30. From the empire state and many giant fans we all pray this young man pulls through. Our prayers and thoughts to chris and his family.

  31. Sucks for him, I hope he’s ok. I can’t think of any good reasons to jump into the bed of a moving pickup truck though. Seems like this was pretty avoidable.

  32. Well since Lord Florio pulled my previous comment, for reasons unknown to me, I still want to wish Chris’ family, friends, and football team the best. If he is still alive, I sincerely hope he pulls through, but I too have seen many sources claiming that he has passed. I really hope that they’re not true.

  33. May God be with him and his family at this time,
    I hate to hear this about any player. I hope that he recovers from this. He is a very talented player and i agree Poo Flinging monkey , Football mean nothing at a time like this.

  34. Wow you religious people are crazy. If there really is some invisible guy somewhere watching us and actually giving a crap, I’m sure it’s got better things to do than heal Chris Henry.
    If he pulls through, which I hope he does, you should thank his medical staff. Not some make believe invisible beings.

  35. @Bob Nelson …
    Your comments about the wedding and the fact that he’s already being paid on IR seem in very poor taste right now. The police report says that he jumped INTO the flatbed as she was leaving the house, then at some point apparently fell out of it. I doubt he jumped out to avoid some horrible mystery destination. Where do you come up with this stuff? Let’s just pray he pulls through.

  36. @divine
    maybe it seems retarded to you to be respectful of someone’s religious beliefs being unknown, but I believe that was the thrust of nashville seahawk’s post.
    Regardless of your proseletizing, if you want to pray to your God to help him, that’s the right thing to do, I’ll pray to mine, and he’ll pray to his, end of the day, we all hope he pulls through.

  37. Gotta love a religious nutcase like divine using the word retarded in a good luck wish to a possibly dying man. Good job D-bag….
    I hope he’s ok if everything was truly an accident…but if he was chasing her to hit her (again possibly) then well you know…

  38. @ doomsday
    I don’t know how anyone could find humor in these comments but you sure pulled it off. Good work.

  39. Deb says:
    December 16, 2009 8:30 PM
    @Bob Nelson …
    Your comments about the wedding and the fact that he’s already being paid on IR seem in very poor taste right now. The police report says that he jumped INTO the flatbed as she was leaving the house, then at some point apparently fell out of it. I doubt he jumped out to avoid some horrible mystery destination. Where do you come up with this stuff? Let’s just pray he pulls through.
    @ Deb –
    You may not read many Vikings or Packers posts, but most of the time, anything that comes out of the mind and fingers of Bob_Nelson is in bad taste.

  40. Could you not turn this into an argument over whether God exists or not? Could you jerks look beyond your own self for a minute and think about someone who has two little kids who could very well lose his life? Thank you.

  41. Ross’sSweetMinus says:
    December 16, 2009 8:24 PM
    What kind of stupid ass post is that? Between that and your Hate PervyHarvin rants,you are the biggest idiot on PFT.
    Best wishes to Chris Henry and his family. Hope it all turns out ok.

  42. Not to change the subject, but I think DoomsDayD75 and chapnasty should move to Vermont and get married.

  43. Thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. He was really starting to turn things around for himself.
    And a big thank you to the PFT writers and staff. I’ve read a few comments about harsh and classless comments, but haven’t seen any. Thank you for clearing away the rubbish. Rivals or not, there’s no reason to joke about a man’s life.

  44. I’ll join the many football fans across America in praying for Henry, his friends and family and the Bengal oranization & fans.

  45. GiorgioMustica hey idiot its been 2 years he hasnt gotten into trouble and had been spending his offseason with carson practicing so yes god forgave him for his sins i guess yoyr the allmighty and didnt whatever jerk.Chris hope your ok and im proud of what you did to improve your life unlike some D-bags on this site

  46. DoomsDay is right. Unfortunately, religious people only tend to think of the medical staff when things take a turn for the worse.
    So let me get this straight: the media is using random Twitter accounts as sources? “Journalism” (if you can even call it that anymore) has hit a new low. I am reminded why I never watch the news anymore.

  47. WOW….That sux.
    Stay strong. ..Prayers go out to you.
    He’s done nothing to deserve death..
    Think it through haters.

  48. My prayers are with him and his family. He was making great strides in redeeming himself and his teammates and coach saw him mature over the past two years.

  49. Is this the same sort of “critical condition” that Tiger Woods was supposedly in…when he actually had already been back home for hours.
    Let’s not make the guy out to be a saint before all the details are in. If the girl ran away from him and was trying like hell to get away, that should tell you that she had a reason to fear the guy.

  50. Yikes! Being drafted by the Bengals, Suspension from the League, Jail Time, and now this. Poor guy just has no luck! GET WELL SOON!!!

  51. Jack Mioff says:
    December 16, 2009 8:50 PM
    Ross’sSweetMinus says:
    December 16, 2009 8:24 PM
    What kind of stupid ass post is that? Between that and your Hate PervyHarvin rants,you are the biggest idiot on PFT.

    You mean he’s a bigger idiot than the guy who signs in as “Jack Mioff”????

  52. # INVAIDUH says: December 16, 2009 9:50 PM
    Stay strong. ..Prayers go out to you.
    He’s done nothing to deserve death..
    Think it through haters.
    Are you asking for your imaginary friend to help this guy?
    The same God that made him a dick in life?
    The same God that did nothing to stop him from chasing a woman and then jumping into the back of the truck as she fled?
    The same God that let him fall out and bash his head in?
    Get out of the dark ages.
    There is no man in the sky controlling Chris Henry’s life anymore than there is one controlling mine…. or yours for that matter.

  53. Regardless of his mistakes, I certainly hope he survives. What a tragedy. His whole family depends on him. Fight for your life, Chris.

  54. I definitely hope he pulls through, and REALLY pulls himself together and has a nice career.
    This was the act of a guy that is still nucking futs.

  55. This thread right here is America in a nutshell. A true commentary to everything that is wrong and right. What is wrong and what is right, who the hell knows. I will take the higher path.
    We are a country of different religions and beliefs. Many say we will pray to God for you and others scoff of the idea that a God exists. We all want to throw stones at the other guy,the guy that don’t think like us. No wonder the hate that fuels violence and negativity runs through the American culture like an incurable cancer.
    Many say”Well,she was fleeing.Must have been a reason.” Others,”He rode the trail of the bad,he gets what he deserved.” Who here on PFT is perfect?? Will the few,and liars all,please step forward!” Have we not all made bad decisions and got away with them? Got caught in them? Got second and third chances because we didn’t know better the first time? Maybe still hide what we do?
    Chris Henry is but a man. Regardless of his past or present, to lose life is not a joke. It is an end we will all face.Like it or not,seeing the train coming or unexpected like his. Why make light of this?
    What is wrong?What is right? All I know is that a man is in a bad way but the crowds in the coliseum still choose which way to point their thumb. What is wrong with this picture? Evolution is still a growing process evidently.

  56. @Karl
    Dude, you’re a douche. And you’re going to hell. Why? 1. You’re a douche, 2. That’s blasphemy, 3. Anybody named Karl that spells it with a “K” is automatically inducted into hells HOF, say hi to Rae Carruth for me.

  57. Chris Henry is a criminal – Period! He has had other arrest for possession of a weapon, threatening someone with a gun, drug possession, DUI and other charges that have been dropped in plea deals. Rumors are that he was assaulting his finance and she was obviously afraid of him or she wouldn’t be trying to get away from him. Some of the post here make it sound like he was such a great guy – What a load of bull! It would seem if you are a professional football player you are considered above the law and should be allowed to do as you please. The reality is that a very large percentage of these professional players are nothing but thugs – Criminals who belong behind bars. I feel sorry for his parents and for anyone who may care about him, but I don’t feel sorry for him. I’m just glad his finance got away from him, otherwise we would probably be hearing about his arrest for assault or murder as he seems to be progressing in his crimes.

  58. Chris, get better so I can keep you in my fantasy league next year like I planned…I knew you were headed for great things so get better soon man–

  59. Posted: December 16th, 2009 at 10:56 PM
    Quote | Edit Thread
    Don’t get me wrong nobody deserves to die.Chris Henry
    Another Black Athlete acting like a freaking thug…Imagine That…SHOCKING
    Yet we will have to listen to politically correct America put this thug up on a pedestal.How he turned his life around blah…blah…blah it is quite obvious he has not turned his life around.Just because you go a few months or even a few years without getting arrested does not mean you have turned your life around.Just means you didn’t get caught.Guess this time he got caught.Seems he beat the hell out of his girlfriend and jumped in the back of her pick-up as she was trying to get away and slung from the back and made into a big black grease spot in the road.Hey maybe Brojungles can re-use it for chicken grease that would beat the hell out of KFC’S original recipe of 14 herbs and spices.
    [+] New ThreadReply

  60. Realityonetwo:
    I believe the “biggest idiot” award has already been bestowed upon Karl. See his above posts.

  61. I’m praying for you and you and your family i hope you pull through and everything works out. God Bless, Nikko

  62. Chris,
    You’ve made some stupid mistakes in life (really stupid, let’s not kid ourselves), driven me crazy with some of your inopportune drops on the field, and really made made me question just WTF goes on in the Bengals management hierarchy at times (even beyond the usual questions that any sane being has for Bengals management). That being said, when you were on, you were ON, and you really seemed to get it lately, on and off the field. As much as you drove me crazy, I always secretly felt better when you were in the lineup, and will miss you like hell. I hope with every fiber of my being that I will only miss you in your capacity as a Bengals WR, and that you somehow manage to recover and lead a normal life with your beautiful children.

  63. This here Broncos fans wishes a full recovery for him.
    May your thoughts as you drift in and out of consiousness, remain on your family to help pull you out.

  64. I hope the kid pulls through too. As a Cleveland Brown fan, you want to beat’em on Sunday’s – respect them and wish good health for the rest of the year.

  65. Hopefully, he gets through this….but he’s suffered much while on this earth. Only time will tell. Good Luck, Chris Henry.

  66. Well what can I say…I attended High School with Chris and he was NOT a bad person AT ALL. He was very quiet and stayed to himself. LOOK, “he who is without sin cast the first stone”. You people should be embarrassed about some of the things you are saying. How dare you criticize and ridicule a young man that has done petty misdemeanors just like we ALL have and now you want to praise his DEATH. You say that he is paying for what he has done, well guess what…I am not your judge, but the man I serve “sits high but looks down low” and with that being said…SAY YOUR PRAYERS!! From my understanding Chris Henry is no longer with us, I pray that he is with his maker entering his eternal rest. Chris, worry not about the people who speak badly of you. No one knows your life and how you have changed it but YOU and GOD and he is the only person who’s words I would be concerned about.
    To you heartless ingrates…. may GOD be with you and your family, because we never know what tomorrow may bring for us……

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