Chris Henry suffers "very serious" injuries in car accident

Bengals receiver Chris Henry has suffered “very serious” injuries in a car accident, according to a release from the team.

Henry is currently on injured reserve with a dislocated forearm. He was in Charlotte, North Carolina at the time of the accident.  His girlfriend’s parents live in Charlotte.

We’ll update Henry’s condition when more information is available.  We wish Henry and his family all th

UPDATE: Charlotte police has confirmed Henry is injured, but did not reveal anything more.

UPDATE II: Henry is in serious condition in a Charlotte-area hospital.  Bengals team spokesman Jack Brennan said the team is “on standby” to offer help for Henry’s family.

UPDATE III: 700 WLW in Cincinnati cryptically tweets that “sources now say it doesn’t look good.”   KY Post writes that “Preliminary reports indicate Henry may have also suffered severe head injuries.”

While we wait for the facts to come out, we’d like to send our thoughts and best wishes to Henry and his family.

46 responses to “Chris Henry suffers "very serious" injuries in car accident

  1. Prayers go out to him and his family at this time of need…
    Not that we know the cause of this yet, but Adrian and Berrian – this could be you – please be more careful!

  2. Hope he’s okay. Just goes to show that what ever you do to get your life straight, you can’t control everthing. Godspeed.

  3. Who Dey Nation is hoping for a quick and full recovery. He has made great strides in his life in recent years. While we need him ready for next year, and hopefully they aer able to sign him, this needs to be his #1 priority. He is to be married soon as well.
    Get Well Slim!

  4. Hope he is alright. Trouble seems to follow around. His talent/trouble ratio reminds me of one Darrell Russell.

  5. “You can’t drive a car with one arm in the sling and the other rolling a joint.”
    Florio tried that with a still. Didn’t work.

  6. @RaiderChile: I think I speak for most of PFT when I say ‘go play in traffic yourself, @$$h01e.’
    I was always pulling for Henry to turn things around. A very talented guy. Pull through Chris.

  7. The Bengals saw last Sunday how much they need that deep threat to make their offense work at its best. He seemed to be doing really well in all areas on and off the field this year until he was injured. Let’s pray this isn’t a matter of life and death.
    Excellent take cusoman…for those two, and for every other young guy who thinks he is invincible.

  8. Bonnie D, he isn’t fighting for his life. Serious condition doesn’t mean he’s fighting to continue living…..

  9. I hope he winds up ok. Serious is “less serious” classification than critical. I hope I understand that correctly and that this isn’t life threatening. Poor dude… changing it all for the better and then this?

  10. no shit, what a piece of crap, this dude needs our prayers more than ever. Last year after he blew his shot he was living in some of the worst projects in Cincinnatti, he got another shot and did his best to turn things around, he knows he’s blessed with another opportunity to “make it” and he made the most of it. Good guy at heart and a very unfortunate accident.

  11. @ The Wishbone
    Which Chris Henry?
    Ummm…. the very first word in the article is “Bengals,” you moron. That should tell you which one.

  12. For the record… I do hope he gets well.. I was just pointing out the flaw in the “writing” of the blog

  13. We’re praying for Chris all over Bengal nation. Please, Lord let him be okay.
    We are hearing everything from serious to life threatening to death, and we don’t know which is true.

  14. The fact that homicide detectives are investigating the accident doesn’t look particularly good. Hopefully they aren’t needed in the end.

  15. According to local 12 (live), Chris Henry was thrown out of the bed of the truck, was seriously injured when he fell to the street and his injuries are life-threatening. Furthermore, Charlotte homicide detectives are investigating the case as a possible homicide attempt.
    He and his fiancee were planning a March wedding and he has three children, I believe, with this woman.
    It’s not necessarily that Chris was the problem in this case and assumption, even based on prior incidents, means nothing here. He also decided to “walk the straight and narrow” and totally changed his ways. In other words, he matured.

  16. Wow chap, with that information corroborated, this could make the Tiger Woods scandal look like a walk in the park.
    Regardless of the innocence surrounding this, no human being deserves to be seriously injured, so have some compassion as this continues to unfold people…

  17. What horrible news….I’m praying for him and his family.
    This is such a horrid reminder of hearing about ST and waiting 😦

  18. People in this country have no souls – making jokes while at a persons expense while he may very well pass away.

  19. Have (had) a friend who drowned this fall. Same kinda shit always in trouble doing something stupid. I asked him what his goal was in life … said make it to 30 … he made 20. Some people just can’t handle an organized society. That being said RIP Dave and Godspeed Mr. Henry.

  20. This thread is the quintessential example of why these boards need moderation.
    How anyone could come in and write some of these classless messages is beyond me, but for PFT to post them is just as bad.
    Shame on you PFT. This young man may be dead or dying, and you allow morons to crack jokes.

  21. An update in the Charlotte Observer posted 15 minutes ago said the injuries ARE life-threatening.
    When police arrived, they found him lying unconscious on the ground after somehow falling out of the the flatbed. One report said homicide officers are investigating the domestic dispute/accident, but others just said police are investigating.
    Situation sounds very serious. I pray he pulls through with no lingering medical problems.

  22. It finally looked like this kid turned around his life. He was a grade A twit for his first few years in the NFL and this year he finally started to grow up and put it together. What a shame and what a waste of talent. As a Raven fan, I was more concerned with Henry that with Chad Johnson. I thought him to be their most talented receiver. With G-d’s help he will make it through this and return to a productive life and career.

  23. People it really does not matter if it was his fault or not, at this point just pray as hard as you can for him to make it. Outside of being an athlete he has family and friends that care about him whether he ever plays football again or not.

  24. Be an adult and know when you should and shouldn’t make jokes. This is a man who was trying his best and finally having some success at turning his life around. Now it sounds like he is fighting for his life, WLW says it doesn’t look good. As a Bengals fan, through his ups and downs, he has always been one of my favorite players. I have been so happy to know he was doing better. My thoughts go out to him and his family.

  25. chapnasty says:
    December 16, 2009 6:14 PM
    After reading the Charlotte Observer story you start to stop feeling sorry for the moron.
    I see, so because he jumped in the back of a pickup truck, that means you’re OK with him dying. That about sums up your usual contributions to this board.
    Back to the more important issue: Best of luck, Chris.

  26. Chris, get better my man…great turnaround story, hate to see it end like this…hopefully its just another bump in the road.

  27. That sucks. Hope he comes back I will miss how he wear’s that black mask when it is cold and you can only see his eyes. He looks like he has a little asian in him and kind of looks like a ninja…. A ninja who will pull a gun on you and drop a clip! Yeah I will really miss that 😦

  28. So this confirms it then. He WAS a Crackhead. Live by the sword die by the sword. No sympathy here sorry.

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