Chris Johnson says Ted Ginn didn't show for a footrace

We’re trying to scale back some of the Seinfeld references because, after all, the show has been off the air for nearly a dozen years and the early seasons are starting to look like they were made in the ’70s or something.

So we won’t mention any possible comparisons between an offseason race that was supposed to go down between Titans running back Chris Johnson and Dolphins receiver Ted Ginn, even though there might be a couple of episodes that might contain some similarities to this specific situation.

Johnson claims that talk of a race against Ginn started while Johnson was attending during the offseason a party with other NFL players, including Ginn and Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter. 

“Him and Joey were talking about how he could beat me,” Johnson said Wednesday.  “When it came down to it, he was a no-show. . . .   We were going to race down Ocean Drive.  I walked down to the street, and he never showed up.”

Asked whether he’s faster than Ginn, Johnson said it’s “not even a legitimate question.” 

Johnson also boasted that he would beat Usain Bolt “in the 50.”

We’ve got a feeling that Bolt wouldn’t be a no-show for that one.  And Ginn might be willing to fire the starter’s pistol, which would be acceptable.  As long as he doesn’t drop it. 

Or aim it at Porter’s ass.

76 responses to “Chris Johnson says Ted Ginn didn't show for a footrace

  1. Forget Ginn, although he has long speed he can’t accelerate like Johnson. DeSean Jackson vs Chris Johnson, that’s the race I wanna see!

  2. yawn.
    40 yard dash (combine):
    Chris Johnson: 4.24
    Ted Ginn: 4.31
    100m dash?
    Chris Johnson: 10.49 seconds
    Ted Ginn: 10.5 seconds
    I’m seeing Johnson as faster. I will add that Ginn’s speed is more top-end. I’m sure Ginn would probably out-last Johnson if they ran more than 100m, but everything under 100m, it seems that Johnson is faster.
    But more importantly, who cares? Johnson is undoubtedly a better player, and 10 coaches out of 10 would rather have Johnson on their team.

  3. Johnson also boasted that he would beat Usain Bolt “in the 50.”
    What is up with football players thinking they can dominate the best athletes in other sports, MMA, basketball, and now sprinting…

  4. No soup for you!
    Now this is real sports tabloid journalism!
    Heck with all that Tiger banging waitresses stuff.

  5. Johnson also boasted that he would beat Usain Bolt “in the 50.”
    So, because Chris Johnson is really fast compared to a bunch of 280+ pound linemen and 250+ pound linebackers, he thinks he can’t beat a sprinter who is REALLY fast compared to other world class sprinters?
    This guy’s a schmuck.
    And who the hell judges any race by”a 50?” 50 what? Yards? Meters? 50 of Andy Reid’s waistband?


  7. I don’t know if you can trust Ted to hold on to anything. Better let Troy Williamson fire the gun…oh wait.

  8. Just curious if you had the opportunity to watch ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ with the Seinfeld reunion episodes (2) this season? It was classic Seinfeld with the main plot of the show within the show being about Costanza having his I-Phone ‘App’ stolen from him. What was his I-Phone ‘App’ idea? It was going to show the best public restroom places nationally. Ahhh hahaha. Plus it had Larry David trying to win his ex-wife back by giving her a part on the show without consulting with Jerry or the other Seinfeld members…hilarious. Anyway, I’m a die-hard as well and love the references as I still make them daily. THE greatest show of all time…Seinfeld.

  9. Hey Florio, how about you call Chris Johnson up and ask him if he’d like to race Duncan Meyer. Maybe we can get Mr. Bevilaqua to fire his starter pistol.

  10. Yes, it is an almost absolute certainty that Johnson could beat Bolt in the 50, definitely the 40, and could be right there in a 60. Bolt is not a GREAT starter but he has unbelievable build-up speed and at top speed he moves faster than any human has ever moved (not in free fall). Chris Johnson has a fantastic start (which is where .15-.2 of a second are won and lost in the 40, and most olympic sprinters are not great starters but great finishers) and excellent speed.
    Bolt, at 6’5, has such long longs and thus a long (but powerful) gait that really eats up ground. Bolt is the fastest human ever, but I have no doubt that Johnson can beat him in the 40 or 50.

  11. “We’re trying to scale back some of the Seinfeld references …”
    Izzy Mandelbaum just looked at you and declared it go time.

  12. “Johnson claims that talk of a race against Ginn started while Johnson was attending during the offseason a party with other NFL players”
    Are you retarded Florio? My god how are you a writer?

  13. Bolt would rape him. OSU Ginn was epically fast as well…or at least he looked like it vs college players.
    Does anyone else think Chris Johnson runs like a rabbit? The quick on the dime cuts and acceleration?
    He is from Florida…I wonder if he chased rabbits and if so how many cotton tails he caught? lol
    Video explains it all.

  14. LOL.
    Chris Johnson cracks me up.
    I’d love to see him race Bolt… If he can, it would be an interesting micro economics question.

  15. This used to be funny, but now Johnson is just being annoying. Ginn would smoke him, and Bolt would embarrass him.

  16. This guy’s inflated ego is going to get him killed. He may be fast and talented but that doesn’t mean you can or should be a dick about it. One day hes is going to say hes the strongest guy in the NFL and have a fist fight with Richie Incognito on the streets and he will head butt Chris to death.

  17. I’m a big Eagles fan but no way does DeSean beat Johnson in a footrace.
    If I had to pick one NFL player to race against Johnson, it would be DRC.

  18. What’s with NFL players wanting to be track stars?
    It’s like movie stars wanting to do public access TV.

  19. He’s doin’ a lot of talking but haven’t accomplished sh@t. He makes plays on the field and definetely makes Vince Young look good. It’s kinda easy to look good when all VY has to do is throw the screen pass for a 60 TD every drive. Win something first playa!!!

  20. It would be great to see one of these dickheads hurt themselves in a street race… that would be excellent.

  21. Ginn is faster than CJ. Nowhere near as effective a football player, but he is faster.
    Remember the NFL’s fastest man competition? That was awseome, they should bring it back. As long as its not on sand (poor Robert Edwards)

  22. I would love to see Bolt dust Chris Johnson. I don’t hate Chris Johnson, I just think he is a moron. Only because everything he says is moronic. Besides that he is a great football player.

  23. Ginn should challenge him to an iq test.
    I have no idea how intelligent Ginn is but I’m pretty confident he’d win.

  24. None of these guys ran faster than that “Frank Burns” blowhole did from this site when his crap-ass stillers went into the tank. New world record!

  25. Chris Johnson is a bad dude as far as the 40 goes, with or without pads, but he needs to leave that man Bolt alone. Usain Bolt is far and away the fastest man in the world PERIOD

  26. “Ginn didn’t work out at the combine because he had a mid-foot sprain. Not sure where those numbers came from. He reportedly ran the 40 in 4.38-4.45 seconds at a private workout a few months later — with a sore foot. He was still a month or more shy of full recovery at that point.”
    Didn’t know that, but point taken. I just got the numbers off ESPN & SI websites when I did a search. I did get chris johnson’s numbers off the combine info and didn’t see Ginn’s there so I just did another search, didn’t update where I got it from. :Beer:
    What is with all the “Ginn chose not to” comments? Did something happen in the news that I missed? 😀
    But yes, I laughed with the poster that said “no surprise that Ginn didn’t show up, he hasn’t shown up all year” – haha, that was great!

  27. Chris Johnson HANDS DOWN OVER GINN. Bolt may have long strides and be a great finisher but he always lets up in the end. I guess so he can beat that record during his next race. DJAC or the rookie on the Bears would give CJ a better race then Ginn. Is it safe to say that Ginn is a bust yet? Happens to most Ohio State players. Being a bust that is. Anyone who picked or picks Ginn is a Ohio State loser or Dolphins loser.

  28. If Chris Johnson was actually faster than Bolt, then Chris Johnson would be competing for the USA on the Olympic level.
    If he’s not, he should, because Bolt beat the United States last time around.

  29. As someone who ran short distance track at the D-1 level, Chris Johnson would probably win the 50. There have been tons of studies to determine 40 speed verses track speed and the vast majority conclude with the NFL player being faster the shorter the race. The flipping point is about the 55-65 meter range.

  30. if you all think chris johnson actually feels he can beat usain bolt then i feel sorry for your mothers.

  31. @texasPHINSfan
    It is a Seinfeld reference where Jerry beats the fastest kid in his class in a foot race in grade school. The rival he beat said he jumped the gun and challenges him to a rematch but Jerry says, “I choose not to run!” When they are grown-ups they race again and a car backfires giving Jerry a head start again and he wins again.
    @Nambla Limbaugh
    I still see Frank Burns on here all the time, but I am guessing you were just trying to take a cheap shot at the Steelers… because you’re an a-hole.

  32. Funny thing is I was at this Party. It was in Miami on the rooftop of a hotel, i forget the name. It was Jeezy’s (rapper) pool party. Ginn was talking to anyone who would listen about how fast he ..What a party tho..People there included Ocho Cinco, Suggs, Johnson, Ginn Jr, VY, Spikes (fla), Porter and etc. Who cares who wins the race, when is the next party dammit..lmao!!!!!

  33. Bolt would win:
    According to IAAF Analysis Split Times, Usain Bolt ran his FIRST 40m in 4.65 seconds. Subtracting his reaction time which was .165 seconds, he ran the 40m in 4.485 seconds. 40 yards is a totally different measurement than 40 meters. 40 yards is equal to approximately 36.576m
    By simple ratio:
    X=( 36.576 / (40/4.485) )
    Usain Bolt’s 40 yard dash would be:
    A blazing 4.100 seconds!!!!!
    and considering the human error in hand-timed timing used in most combine settings, this time could easily be read as 3.85 seconds at the NFL Combine!!!!

  34. Don’t you think you should mention that this item comes from an on-air interview with Jim Rome?
    I mean, you get all pissy when somebody takes your stuff without attribution…

  35. Thats funny something was on one of the sports channels the other day and they were talking about Johnson then they were talking about how fast Desean Jackson is and I was thinking I wanna see whos faster straight up. Not in the combine that means nothing I wanna see them next to each and see whos faster.
    I dunno I think Desean can get him.

  36. stiller43 says:
    50 what? Yards? Meters? 50 of Andy Reid’s waistband?
    LOL now thats a good good one, but that would be in miles my friend..

  37. “Krow says:
    December 16, 2009 4:40 PM
    It would be great to see one of these dickheads hurt themselves in a street race… that would be excellent.

    Fine by us Dolphin Fans, either way we aren’t getting any production from Ginn. At least we’d have someone replace him who can catch the damn ball.

  38. You know, Bolt’s specialty isn’t a short-distance sprint. It’s longer-distances. That’s his specialty.
    Chris Johnson can challenge him in the 50, but why not challenge him in the 100, or something that Bolt actually runs?
    I can challenge Phil Loadholt to a 50 but what does that tell us? He’d probably lose to me, but he’d pancake my ass if i tried to rush his QB.
    Different skillsets, so stupid comparison to draw, the Johnson to Bolt claims that is.

  39. for all the people think johnson is faster because of his 40 time ur wrong ted ginn ran that weeks after he broke his foot in the championship game ted fin would smoke him

  40. Chris Johnson could not outrun usain bolt, he is ignorant to think that he can outrun the fastest man in the world. He is so proud of his 4.24 40 yard dash time that he posted at the nfl combine. However , what most people don’t know is the nfl combine 40s are only half electronic! So you might as well throw the times out the window. It’s bs . They start the times w a handheld watch and then they run through a laser . Mike mayock even admitted it on the nfl network. So all those 40s are not even legit .

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