Cole, O'Hara fined $15,000 each

New York Giants center Shaun O’Hara and Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Trent Cole were both fined for their fight during Sunday night’s game.

Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger reports that Cole and O’Hara were fined $15,000 apiece.

The confrontation started when O’Hara shoved Cole in the face mask, and Cole escalated it by punching O’Hara twice. O’Hara then ripped Cole’s helmet off.

Both players were penalized, and Cole was ejected. Cole was apologetic when asked about the incident, saying, “I embarrassed myself and my team.”

29 responses to “Cole, O'Hara fined $15,000 each

  1. Ohara deserved to get punched for his repeated cheapshots on Babin. I suppose you really cant expect much more out of a NY Giants players. They are too easily influenced by trashy NJ/NY fans.

  2. Really though, O’hara is sadly the pride and joy of my high school. Too bad he was throuwing around cheapshots all game. He deserved to get punched twice

  3. Jesus, $15,000. You know how much that is to us? What, $20? Yeah that’d be quite an incentive to not to rip someone’s helmet off.

  4. @KingJoe: Calling Giants fans trashy? I don’t think they ever had to build a jail in one Giants stadium (let alone two) to handle classless fans.

  5. its funny that giants fans have been whining all year about how dirty the cowboys are but as soon as one of their players repeatedly throws cheap shots during a game (non tripping ones that are apparently dirty nowadays), you dont hear a peap. hmmm, im sure there just as livid about this.

  6. @dave j
    great point, also to note, a criminal judge was on site for all home games as well. The judge was always busy for the eagles/cowboy game.

  7. I live in NJ and can tell you neither of these team’s fans have much right to complain about which one is worse. I’d say they are both about where most fans probably are at NFL games. I’d say the same about JETS fans but they are so downtrodden knowing they’re going to lose that they get angry blasted before games even start and leave at halftime…

  8. All I see when people are whining about “classless” Eagles fans are tears. Nothing but crying and whining. Grow a pair of balls. Waaa waaa. Hey, guess what? Giants fans were throwing beer bottles at Eagles players and fans last game. That’s so classy!
    Newsflash: Every team in the NFL has classless fans… and guess what else? All those teams also have classy fans.

  9. Calling Giants fans trashy? I don’t think they ever had to build a jail in one Giants stadium (let alone two) to handle classless fans
    No, the giants just over serve some idiot and let him kill a young girl after the game.

  10. Thank you Reginald. Couldn’t have said it better mysefl. Eagles fans get screwed by the media, but like with any team, there are jackass fans or classy fans.

  11. I guess bigbluefan is too busy commenting in the Cowboys threads to have time to post in a Giants thread.

  12. “We are Eagles fans here”
    Well, a big ####ing piece of your puzzle just fell into place.:P

  13. “All Eagles fans: until you win a super bowl please just shut up.” – blue2007
    OK. We’ll be quiet. Is it alright if we text? How about sign language?

  14. Trent Cole lives down the road from me and I have met him a couple of times at the wawa(its like a nicer 7-11) by my house. He is a really nice guy he doesnt act short with people and is very polite. So it was a little strange seeing him throw a punch but he was provoked.
    Before the whole fight even started an Eagles player was walking away from the play and Ohara swung and hit him in the back I think it was Chris Clemons that got hit. The whole thing started b/c of a cheap shot in the back from a Dirty player so Cole stuck up for his teammate. Ohara being the dirty player that he is went for Cole’s face so Cole reacted to it and throw a couple punches.
    Obviously it was dumb thing to do b/c it got him ejected and fined but I understand why he would do it.

  15. WAAAA ,WAAAA,WAAAA Eagles fans are mean WAAAAA.
    Grow a pair and stop CRYING You LOST get over it

  16. it cracks me up after we beat every team in the east the fans get all bitter and throw out the win a superbowl comment. not our fault you suck. if you cant win you can always complain. giants fan is a crybaby just like dallas fan now. wacthing the game again on nfl network last night ohara holds on every play so no wonder poeple get pissed at him. giants suck i hope we face them again in the playoffs so we can send them home again this year. cry all you want giant fan we beat you like red headed step children and all of you know it. you lost………

  17. Yes the Eagles beat the Giants, convincingly though? C’mon. They won by 7 and their defense gave up 38 points. But I guess when you can’t win the big game these victories seem like a Super Bowl.
    eagles_2031 not our fault your team can’t win a Super Bowl. But hey if you can’t win one you can always complain.

  18. chunky soupy sales says:
    December 16, 2009 11:58 PM
    I guess bigbluefan is too busy commenting in the Cowboys threads to have time to post in a Giants thread.
    Sorry Ahole was busy working so the goverment can take my money to support you lowlife rowhouse dwellers
    You won a game I am so happy for you
    As always the egurls will crash and burn
    Cant wait for Shawn to get his hands on your punks next year
    We have 3 Trophys you have ZERO
    We have a SB MVP QB you have Donavan Mcpuke and a Convicted Fellon
    So Chunky is it soup or the chunks that mcscab throws
    How are we cry babys eagle2031 we just state the truth we win big games you puke plain and simple
    Also I would rather never win a SB then live in a crap hole like Filthy

  19. Bigbluefan, you say you state the truth after saying that Giants fans aren’t CRYBABIES
    you can’t have it both ways !
    Obviously you haven’t been reading the posts on this site since Sunday night after the giants lost again. It has been nothing BUT crying from giant Fans. please stop its Thursday already!

  20. Dave J says:
    I don’t think they ever had to build a jail in one Giants stadium (let alone two) to handle classless fans
    You’re right. The Giants would prefer to have their stadium run without any rules, allowing spectators to throw beer bottles at Desean Jackson while in the endzone.
    To all Giants fans: Seriously, how hard is it to man up, admit your team lost and start focusing on the next game?! You should stop dwelling on the past and worry about being able to make a wild card spot.

  21. Lessons on being classy from Philly fans. Wow, I’ve seen it all now. Both Cole and O’Hara deserved the fines they got. Let’s move on.

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