Falcons receiver Weems arrested

The days without an arrest meter needs to be set back to zero again.

And once again, an Atlanta Falcon is the one in trouble.

Falcons receiver Eric Weems was arrested on November 16 and charged with a DUI.  He was out of jail the next day, and scored a touchdown against the Giants the following Sunday.

Weems’ teammate Jonathan Babineaux was arrested last week for felony marijuana possession, and was found to have lied to police repeatedly.  Then he lied to the public.

The latest Falcons arrest happened a month ago, but the team apparently didn’t know until Tuesday.

“We became aware of Eric’s situation on Tuesday morning,” coach Mike
Smith said. “We don’t like these kinds of incidents and
we’re disappointed.”

UPDATE: Weems has released a statement: “Unfortunately, I was involved in an incident on November 17, 2009. I am embarrassed about the situation and I sincerely apologize to the entire Atlanta Falcons organization and our great fans.”