Frank Gore named NFC offensive player of the week

San Francisco running back Frank Gore had a huge game on Monday night in leading the 49ers to a surprise 24-9 win over the Arizona Cardinals. Today the league announced that Gore has been named NFC offensive player of the week for his efforts.

Gore had 167 rushing yards, including 104 yards on 13 carries in the first half to help the 49ers jump out to a 17-0 halftime lead in a game that they’d control from start to finish. His two-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter sealed the win.

This is Gore’s fifth offensive player of the week award, and his second in 2009. He was also received the honor in Week Two of this season.

Despite missing two games because of injury, Gore is 165 yards away from his fourth consecutive 1,000-yard rushing season.

12 responses to “Frank Gore named NFC offensive player of the week

  1. “Despite missing two games because of injury, Gore is 165 yards away from his fourth consecutive 1,000-yard rushing season.” – That’s because he is a beast. He is a typical “The U” product

  2. He’ll have only played, really, in 13 games this year – he went down on the first play in the Minnesota game.
    On another note, that Samsung ad that you can’t turn the audio off of is one of the most intrusive ads I’ve seen a website ever run. I know money’s important, but come on guys.

  3. Frank Gore is an elite back in this league. I did not start him in the fantasy playoffs this past week and it cost me big time. I started him all season and decided that pierre thomas would have a bigger game. Boy was I wrong. I love Frank Gore as a RB. I am an Eagles fan and I wish we had him. A pure RB that can do it all. Wow, he is just amazing. SF should think about trading him while he’s worth something. He’s 26 going on 27 and I’m sure he would like to win one day. Or get a QB in SF that can play. Smith is not the franchise QB they all are expecting, he stinks. A decent backup.

  4. @scrapdawg12
    I’m in the same boat as an Eagles fan and fantasy owner. I did play him last week, and he made up a hefty deficit that I was in against my opponent. Although the Birds host the Niners this Sunday, I can’t possibly bench him. Hopefully he’ll get a score in garbage time, making the score 41-7 with a win for the Eagles.

  5. Thank you Frank, I stuck with you this week. I was down by 20 and had Gore and Vernon Davis. My opponent had Warner. Sometimes, life is good.

  6. scrapdawg12 you are just a moron, why would the 49ers trade one of their best players? This isn’t fantasy football or madden 2010, no way in hell the 49ers would trade him and what sense does that make?
    Judging by your “fantasy football” managing just goes to show you how much of a moron you really are.

  7. I traded Frank Gore for Matt Ryan and Big Ben… But it is a keeper league so at least I have two young QBs. I was hoping Dashon Goldson would get defensive player of the week with a pick 2 forced fumbles and 6 tackles but Gore is just as good.

  8. Merton Hanks – try using firefox with the no-scrpit plugin, it does wonders for all forms of advertisement.
    Frank was great this week, I just wish we had gotten him more involved earlier… this is a season of shoulda coulda.

  9. SteveC- I agree 100%… I think the league really underestimates the niners, people think they will be blown out but I don’t see that happening… Don’t forget these eagles are the Same eagles that could only manage to score like 10 points against the Raiders… This wouldn’t be a surprising upset

  10. I think Gore is a great player, but I have one problem with him.
    He doesn’t take off his helmet and stand in respect of the National Anthem as do all the other players and 60,000 fans.
    With two wars and 100,000 troops overseas they deserve that respect.
    I am not saying he is a bad guy, but I am sick of him walking around, sometime sitting, as they rest of us salute the Flag.

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