Henry has "life-threatening" injuries after "domestic situation"

New information is rapidly coming out about Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry’s serious car accident.

The Charlotte Observer reports that Henry is facing “life-threatening” injuries after falling out the back of a pickup truck in Charlotte Wednesday.

Police say Henry was involved in a “domestic situation” with his fiance.  As Henry’s fiance drove away from the home where the situation occurred, Henry jumped into the bed of the truck. 

He fell out the back of the truck at some point after that and was found half a mile away.

We’ll continue to update Henry’s story as we learn more about his condition.

35 responses to “Henry has "life-threatening" injuries after "domestic situation"

  1. Danm man it only gets worse for this guy. Who Day nation sends its heart out to him and his family. Get well Slim!

  2. Tragic. Prayers for Chris, his family and Bengals fans. As a Redskins fan, this brings back painful memories of waiting for news on Sean Taylor.

  3. Oh my God. This is so horrible. Prayers are going out to Chris Henry, his family, friends, and the Bengals. Whatever the situation was with his fiancee, it is additionally tragic now.

  4. TMZ.com has some updates as well.
    I hope he comes out OK. He was really turning everything around. God speed.

  5. He has had so many problems in his past and seemed to be coming back from them. Seemed like a good guy on Hard Knocks. Hope he makes it through this ok. Very sad.

  6. That is an insane story. Hopefully he will be okay, but I don’t see how that is possible if he fell out of a moving vehicle.

  7. It looked like he was sort of maturing this season with his second chance. Hopefully he’ll make it through this. Thoughts & prayers to the family and the Bengals.

  8. Sad……truth is his issues are directly relevant to this incident; the same stupid crap that got him in trouble in the past has led to a tragic and unnecessary end….to die over a stupid fight….life’s just crazy sometimes my prayers go out to him and his family

  9. It’s being reported now by a few sources that he has passed away. Hope it isn’t true, but its hard to stop a floodgate like that.

  10. Bigbluefan: Ummm, he had a fractured arm, so he was on IR. He broke it in the Baltimore game.
    That would not prohibit someone from jumping into the back of a truck.

  11. its amazing how many classless people in this world and posting these horrible comments… a human and a father,can possibly be dead, if not seriously injured and you joke about it?? i pray you dont have to go through such tragedy in your lifetime. maybe if your father was on his death bed others can poke fun about his downfalls!

  12. Prayers with Chris henry and his family. He seemed to be getting his life back on track. This is so like the Shawn Springs situation. Remember how everyone jumped to conclusion then? Let’s just hope for the best here and wait for more facts.

  13. You people that are making jokes right now are disgusting. That is all I can say to you. You are disgusting.
    Still praying hard for you Chris.

  14. The Huffington Report is saying that a reporter for the Dallas Morning News has said on his twitter account that he spoke to the Bengals director of public relations, Jack Brennan, and was told that Chris Henry has died and they are waiting for his family to be notified prior to releasing news of his death.
    I was a supporter for Chris to turn his life around. I am disappointed if the reporting is true and he was in a domestic dispute and jumped in the back of a moving pick up and fell off being the reason for his death. My feeling will be that of sadness but also that he just never learned.

  15. Some of you people are just plain heartless
    God bless Chris Henry and his loved ones, I’ll be keeping them in my prayers

  16. Wow some of you people are horrible.. the dude has life threatening injuries and all you can do is joke about Tiger Woods and stuff.. typical American trash in this country… hope he recovers well and doesnt have a bunch of idiots around him like the ones that post on this site..

  17. Why do people always have to measure someone’s injury or pain ?
    Seen it coming, tragedy following tragedy, etc. Those kind of comments nauseate me. Nothing personal against who wrote them. Those are reflections on how a lot of things in a TMZ world are dealt with. That’s the way fellow human beings are looked at. Like news stories or caricatures. Like people in the news are no longer breathing, loving individuals with their own problems, ideas, feelings, etc.
    A horrible incident has happened to Chris Henry. You don’t need to comment on the past or what happened beforehand. That’s none of our business. That has nothing to do with us. That’s his life. It’s not your life, nor did it have any effect on you. You should feel for Chris Henry as a person, & leave it at that. #15. I hope these reports don’t go to the next level. This is some rough news. Rough news. Especially when you read that they were working through some wedding plans…..rough.

  18. It was a car accident. Nobody knows how or why it happened. Even if he was in a fight with his girlfriend that may have nothing to do with the accident. Get your priorities straight people and stop ripping on a human being while he’s on life support.
    Many people on here are pure trash.

  19. For anybody who thinks the biodome twitter account is real, why don’t you follow the link to his “DMN blog” and see how real the account is…

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