Leonard Weaver talks about his career year

If Seahawks fans are looking for a reason to feel better about the departure of G.M. Tim Ruskell, here’s one.

Ruskell let fullback Leonard Weaver walk away in free agency.

Weaver signed with the Eagles, and in his first season with the team he’s having the best year of his career, with 249 yards rushing (a non-fullback 5.5 yards per attempt) and two touchdowns.  Weaver talked about his new circumstances Tuesday night with Todd Wright of Sporting News Radio.

“I think a lot of it has to do with Brian [Westbrook] being out,” Weaver said.  “Obviously, coach [Andy Reid] needed some guys to step up to the plate a little bit.  I kind of went to Andy and said if you trust me enough just lean on me a little bit.  I’m here for you to do whatever you need me to do and he’s trusted me with the opportunities and I’ve taken the best advantage of it with the offensive line doing a great job.  I couldn’t really do it at the beginning of my career because I was a young guy and wasn’t trustworthy at the time, but later on in my career Mike [Holmgren] had to lean on me a little bit because we had injuries so that trust and that leadership just set it.

“I felt real comfortable going to Andy [Reid] because I know it was time to step up into that role, just in case. I went to him, and said, ‘Coach, I don’t want to infringe or anything,’ and he accepted me and we talked about it, and it went from there.”

And it has gone well.  Weaver is helping to pump up an offense that is firing on all cylinders, despite a lot of moving parts.

“I definitely feel the momentum,” Weaver told Wright.  “This is historically a time where the Eagles do particularly well and its great to be a part of it.  I feel like we’re where we right we need to be on the mountain and we’re climbing and climbing and we will get to the point where we’ll peak.  I think it has a lot to do with the leadership up front with Andy [Reid] and Marty [Mornhinweg].  Those guys do a great job being consistent in what they’re teaching, the playcalling and their techniques and just being consistent in what they do.

“Anytime you have consistency with the fundamentals, you’re going to be successful.  In 2005, when I went to the Super Bowl with the Seahawks, that’s one thing that Mike Holmgren did in getting back to the basics.  When you get back to the basics in fundamentals, everything takes care of itself.”

Things are taking care of themselves nicely for the Eagles, and even with Westbrook apparently coming back as soon as this weekend, Weaver has done enough to justify an ongoing role in the roll that the Eagles are enjoying.

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  1. If there was ever an unsung hero on a team, it’s Weaver. He’s picked up a ridiculous amount of slack with the absence of Westbrook and has been functioning for us as a blocker, runner, and receiver, and excels at all three. I don’t remember us ever having a fullback this good. I can’t see any way he doesn’t end up in the Pro Bowl.
    Well…unless the Eagles are in the Super Bowl.

  2. A big part of why the eagles’ offense is peaking now.
    I hope they get a contract worked out for the long term.

  3. I loved the signing of Weaver…nows the time to lock him up long term…Philly hasn’t had a good fullback since Jon Ritchie…Weaver is the answer to the Eagles short yardage and goal line problems

  4. Hopefully this has opened eyes about Weaver on the Philly coaching staff. He is a strong compliment to the smaller quicker backs, the best sort of change of pace.
    Another added weapon.

  5. Leonard, you’ve done a great job, been fun to watch and seem like a good dude. I hope Banner does the right thing in the offseason and gives you a fair contract offer to stay. You have been a welcome addition to this offense.

  6. mike_311:
    Rankle rankle rankle. I’ve got an idea: How about instead of trying to spread the notion that there’s some league-wide officiating conspiracy that is allowing the Eagles offensive line to hold more than anyone else, you concentrate on how much fun it is to have a corn-fed yokel and Lesser Scion pretending to be your franchise quarterback? Maybe if you didn’t spend your time dwelling on perceived mass-rulebreaking you could head over to New Jersey and offer to help Eli rehab that persistent foot injury.

  7. mike_311 says:
    December 16, 2009 7:43 AM
    it helps when your o-line holds all the time…
    Are you still crying about your vaGiants getting their asses kicked 5 times in a row by the birds? Get the hell over it. It happened, nothing you can do about it now.

  8. mike_311, still bitter about the Giants game?
    Re-watch the game. Trent Cole was held every play.
    It was going both ways.

  9. There has been only 1 play where I’ve seen weaver not fall forward. He is a beast and is our best runner between the tackles, including westbrook.
    On a side note, andy has some real trickery up his sleeve for vick too, I’ve been saying it all year, he’s saving it until the playoffs. Teams are in trouble

  10. @ mike_311: you know how you can tell if there is a holding penalty? The referee throws a flag. If he doesn’t throw it, then it doesn’t count.
    Same goes for any other penalty. Celek got raped in the end zone……no flag……no penalty.
    Simple as that.

  11. The most remarkable thing about Weaver is that he is such a talent that the most stubborn coach in the history of football actually tweaked his offense a bit to accommodate his abilities.
    Since Reid’s been in Philly, the FB has been used exclusively as a blocker & safety valve on passing plays. I’m certain there are several examples where over the course of an entire season an Eagles FB had ZERO carries.

  12. @mike311…
    thanks for demonstrating the stupidity of giant fans everywhere. have fun watching the eagles in the playoffs in january. HAHA

  13. West coast offense fullback. Weaver simply fits into the role provided for him. Good coaches use playes to the best of their ability. Reid just got lucky somehow.
    Seahawks o-line just isn’t comparable to the Eagurls. First game against the Giants he made that 40+ yard TD run without being touched.

  14. # meezle says: December 16, 2009 8:44 AM
    On a side note, andy has some real trickery up his sleeve for vick too, I’ve been saying it all year, he’s saving it until the playoffs. Teams are in trouble
    You, sir, are an idiot.

  15. mike, you need a box of tampons because your cry more then a chick that time of the month…..Get one for Eli while your at it……

  16. Mike 311, You should get a SHAMWOW to absorb all those tears i don’t think a regular hankie or even a beach towel would do.
    LET IT GO!

  17. I’m just enjoying the fact that it only took Reid ten years to figure out that, oh, wow, maybe in those 3rd/4th and short situations, a big back might be useful. This almost makes up for the years of watching him trot out do-nothings like Reno Mahe, Ryan Moats, Lorenzo Booker and Tony Hunt. Almost.
    Does Weaver have a nickname? Because he needs one.

  18. “Does Weaver have a nickname? Because he needs one.”
    I haven’t seen it in any publication yet, but the first one that comes to mind is “Unbeweavable.”

  19. @ Nittandy…Do me a favor…..Name ONE FA Fullback of Weaver’s talent (or even one that is better) that has been available in the last.. say….5 YEARS??? Right around the time we got rid of (because of injury) a REALLY GOOD Fullback that “The Most stubborn coach in history” Used A LOT!
    You act like, there have been Full Backs falling off tree’s since richie was here….the same stupid argument can be said for the WR’s over the last few seasons since TO….was Housh’ worth the money? Was Stallworth worth the money? was Roy Williams worth the money AND the draft picks? Are any of them BETTER then DeSean Jackson??
    Your right, “The Most Stubborn Coach in history” has not used a fullback (recently) since he has not had one!
    Once again, team goes well….it’s the players…..team goes bad….it’s the coach! I guess it was the coaches fault that the defense ONCE AGAIN was ready to give up YET ANOTHER big game…and once again, you would have blamed the Coach! Or The Qb!
    Don’t worry you will get your day, and Gruden will be here soon enough, then i can read all your (and everyone else’s) bitching about not having a QB (or having 7 bad ones) or NEVER drafting a Pro-Bowl player, or NEVER starting rookies, or being sub .500 in 7 seasons! or losing in the first round of the playoffs (except when he has someone else’s team).

  20. Im proud to say most Eagles fan knew what Weaver was capable and were clamering for them to sign him.
    About 2 weeks before free agency started Eagles fan started bring up Weaver as someone they thought the Eagles really had to go out and pick up. The closer it got to the beggining of free agency the more blogs and message boards post were calling for the Eagles to go out and sign Weaver.
    By the time free agency started thats all you heard about was fans talking about signing him. But after the first few days and nothing happened with him fans were starting to become more and more angry. They were complaining about our players leaving and them not signing anyone that can help this team out except Stacy Andrews(The only thing is he hasnt helped this team out at all) some idiots were even complaining that they didnt sign Houshmanzadeh(thank god they didnt).
    Alot of the fans were getting down on the front office wanting heads to roll, but finally a week later after letting some fans stroke out they signed Weaver. Eagles fans were going nuts .
    Usually in philly their are always a group of fans that no matter what the team does they say it was a bad move, but their was no such thing when it came to Weaver. We all knew what he could do for this team and how much they needed him especially after playing a season with Tony Hunt and Kyle Eckel at fullback.

    Andy Reid used Jon Ritchie a lot? News to me.
    Richie had ONE carry during his career as an Eagle. I repeat, ONE carry.

  22. @ mattitude
    Over here in Seattle we used to call him “The Baptist” for a few reasons. One he is heavly involved with the church and two when he uses that stiff arm……..YOU ARE HEALED!!! Palm to the forhead.

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