"No timetable" for Holmgren-Browns decision

Browns coach Eric Mangini says he isn’t worried about the team’s flirtation with Mike Holmgren.

But maybe he should be.

After two days of meetings, talks are ongoing between the Browns and Holmgren, per the Associated Press.  And there’s no timetable for a decision.

It’s not unsettling, at all,” Mangini said Wednesday.  “What I’m focused on, and what I asked the players to be focused on, is the task at hand, the opponent at hand.”

It’s a smart approach, even if Mangini knows in his heart that Holmgren will run him out the door.  Mangini’s long-term interests are best served by winning as many games as possible between now and the end of the season, and a winnable game is coming up on Sunday at Kansas City.

If, in the end, he exits Cleveland with a four-game string of wins, Mangini’s chances of landing his next job will increase significantly.

And if Mangini does get fired, it won’t happen because he failed to kiss the ass of the new boss.

“I’m all for anybody that can come in and help us organizationally be more successful,” Mangini said.  “That’s a great thing.  The more smart people, talented people you can put in the building that have the same approach in terms of being focused on winning, that’s the best thing you can have.”

Right, as long as Mangini and not any other “smart, talented people” are calling the shots.

5 responses to “"No timetable" for Holmgren-Browns decision

  1. You know, Holmgren has not told anyone he will fire Mangini should he take the czar job. As a matter of fact, Holmgren is on recent record saying he felt a new coach deserved more than one year. Either way Florio, you tell it as if it’s a done deal. I think the last three games will have some impact on any evaluation. The word evaluation is the key word here. I feel Holmgren will perform an honest impartial evaluation of all areas of football operations.
    In addition, I think it’s at best 50/50 that Holmgren takes the job. He said that he’d probably give his decision the week after Christmas. They have (Browns) offered Holmgren 8-10 million per year. This allows other teams to jump in the game so to speak if they desire.

  2. What was his record as GM/Coach in Seattle? Not very good I think which is why he was forced to give up the GM duties. $8-10M? What a waste of money. Holmgren is not worth it.

  3. he didnt have success as a GM/Coach. not too many guys have had success at that, it’s spreading them thin. him JUST strictly as a GM could work out so who knows.
    at worst, i cant imagine he’ll be any worse then Butch Davis or Mangini would be as a GM…

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