Ochocinco, Merriman could be on a collision course

Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco and Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman have been trading pleasantries via Twitter for months.  With their respective teams playing on Sunday, the chatter between them shifted to the spoken word.

Specifically, Ochocinco told San Diego reporters that he wants to fight Merriman, according to 10news.com. 

Merriman took the high road, explaining that he’ll apply a legal hit to Ochocinco during their game, if he gets the opportunity.

Though we’ve seen Ochocinco get up after taking some solid shots, we doubt that he’d be able to beat up Merriman.

But we’d pay to watch him try.

40 responses to “Ochocinco, Merriman could be on a collision course

  1. Haha good ol’ Chad. Hasn’t he said that he wants to fight a few guys now? He still has to get the guys ahead on the list. lol, but Chad is one funny dude.

  2. As much as I get a kick out of stinko’s pre-arranged crap, the guy is an entertainer and a darn good receiver. With that said, he’s putting a bigger and bigger target on his a$$ every single week. Sooner or later, someone’s gonna find the bulls-eye of it.

  3. It’s hard to imagine #85 thinking about anything but Chris Henry’s fight to live. I think this will prove to be a non-story.

  4. After Jones-Drew put him on his ass I don’t think it’s a stretch to say Chad can’t either considering out of the 2 of them Chad is the only one who’s shown up on the field this year.

  5. Don’t know if Chad has been training to “real” fight, but just to let Florio know… a trained fighter can take down a guy almost twice his size. I know I’ve been training jiu-jitsu for 7 years and I’m 270 pounds and I got taken out in the beginning by a guy 170.

  6. I hope Chad JOHNSON comes across the middle and gets his clock cleaned!! What an ass he has been….and I used to watch all his beaver games….Hey Chad…your new name means eight-five in spanish…not eighty five you jackass!!

  7. He’s been boxing in the offseason, and with the way Merriman got lit up by MJD two seasons ago I wouldn’t put it past Chad to rip him a new one.

  8. Let’s bring back Celebrity Boxing for this one!! ” Get’cho Popcorn ready for this one folks!”

  9. I saw Brian Russell send 85 flying to the turf. (and I loved it) I watched it 20 plus times on you tube. Could you imagine what Merriman would do to him?

  10. Florio-
    The Merriman/Ocho storyline dates back quite a while now…and given tonight’s other Bengal related events – not the best metaphor to use.

  11. Would be an interesting fight. OchoCinco has the reach and speed advantage while Merriman has the strength and weight advantage. I think OchoCinco could make the fight very interesting if he uses the whole field wisely, uses his jab, and sticks to his strengths. Shawn Merriman should tire relatively quickly. OchoCinco is no Tila Tequila. I got OchoCinco +150 if anyone wants to get in on some action.

  12. Ochocinco got a lot of heart. Got to love the guy. I’m sure Merriman and him are good friends and they are hyping the game up. Chad is just being Chad. As for Shawne, if his roid rage kicks in, Chad might have to scream uncle.

  13. Chad Ochocinco makes a video addressing how he “saw the light” when linebacker Ray Lewis hit him last Sunday. Look closely and you’ll see he has a black eye from the hit.
    Merriman wishes he could do that. Ocho got up from that hit and got in Lewis’s face. Like him or not, the guy is tough.

  14. “Merriman took the high road”
    Now THOSE are five words you don’t expect to hear strung together.

  15. A lot assumes that Merriman can cover, or at least get into place to deliver such a hit. His play does not indicate that he could get close to 85

  16. Goading someone into fighting usually happens in elementary or high school. The question to me is why is this relevant to football? I don’t think it is. It is relevant to MSNBC for revenue generation, and indirectly the NFL.
    Ochocinco interest in fighting could be news worthy if he expressed an interest in fighting real fighters.
    Think of it, you are at work, and some moron who you have had conflicts with says he wants to fight you. NFL is a job, football is football, if he wants to fight, he should go find people that practice fighting for sport or profession, not his work colleagues.

  17. SFTitan:
    Though it is true that experience and fighting knowledge can make up for physical strength and other deficiencies, it is seriously doubtful that Johnson has enough skill to make up for over 80 lbs of muscle.
    For all the morons that think getting blocked on one play is indicative of anything, you’re right, it shows that leverage often wins in the NFL… every player in the NFL (Reggie White, Ray Ray, etc) has had their moment where they were knocked on their tail by a guy smaller than them. Get over it, I don’t even like Merriman and his stupid Light’s Out act but I’m not an idiot that doesn’t realize that even the best get beaten.

  18. I’d love to see Merrimann pound the crap out of that attention whore Ocho-Sucko. I’d love to see him lay out Sucko with 20 Brian Russell type hits.

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