Seahawks apparently willing to let Holmgren walk

Former Packers and Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren hasn’t been coy about his interest in returning to the Seahawks in a front-office capacity.  One day after G.M. Tim Ruskell resigned, Holmgren said he’d “absolutely” like to talk.

But the feeling apparently isn’t “absolutely” mutual.

ESPN’s John Clayton reports that the search firm lining up candidates for the General Manager position has not contacted Holmgren.  Though it’s possible that Holmgren has been contacted directly by the Seahawks, the fact that the Seahawks are moving slowly and the reality that Holmgren wants to move quickly suggests that the Seahawks aren’t interested in Holmgren, and that they’re trying to avoid saying so.

If that’s the case, it’s not a surprise.  As we recently pointed out, CEO Tod Leiweke might not be inclined to sit through an encore of the Big Show, given that Leiweke is now in position to finagle top billing.

Though the failure to pursue Holmgren might not go over well in Seattle, he’s smart enough to take the hint.  And with the Browns ready to give him the keys to the franchise and by all appearances no non-football guy like Leiweke in a position to have his turf threatened there, Cleveland makes the most sense for Holmgren.

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  1. I really am stunned the people of Seattle would even WANT to give Holmgren another chance. Didn’t he have like seven years to prove himself as a GM there? Fat lotta good that did…

  2. It was 4 years as a GM and he did make mistakes, but Holmgren the GM built the 2005 offense that led us to the Super Bowl and Ruskell was the one who let Hutchinson walk and allowed the OL to be reduced to a steamer.

  3. OK, I know it’s the BROWNS, but this would be the dumbest hire in the long history of dumb hires, even for them..
    Holmgren FAILED as a GM horribly and was removed from duties. He spent his career building the west coast offense and the 4-3 defense. Cleveland is trying to build an identity and it’s roster with a power running game smashmouth offense and a 3-4 defense. Square peg, round hole.
    The Walrus is old and complacent and just looking to collect a pay check. Seattle wisely wants nothing to do with this fat tub of goo. Cleveland is completely lost and have no idea what they want, aside from a big name that might fool their dummy fans into thinking they are righting the ship.
    If they hire him, I give the whole the 2 or 3 years tops. They may actually regress if that is even possible.

  4. Since he’s not under contract, “letting him walk” is kind of like entering the Ford dealership, kicking the tires, and leaving before the sales person can corral you into buying a car.

  5. Oh Santa – puh-leeze let the ‘stains hire the ‘walrus’.
    ‘He’s so good at what he does!’
    (That’s a bit o’ satire for the dum-asses on site.)

  6. What about the minority candidate? Seems as if Florio mentions it in every one of these types of articles but nothing here.

  7. The Seahawks are now in a serious rebuilding stage. Hasselbeck is starting to break down due to a shabby O-Line.
    The secondary is a complete mess, the running game is a joke.. only bright spot is Forsett.
    They have no depth and injuries and have wiped this team out the past several years.
    Seattle should bring “The Walrus” back on board so we can move forward in the right direction.

  8. The Browns fans (While I am not an official spokesperson )will be happy to have him. We can go nowhere but up.

  9. lurch says:
    “What about the minority candidate? Seems as if Florio mentions it in every one of these types of articles but nothing here.”
    Isn’t a Walrus, a minority of some kind? I don’t think there are many walruses in Cleveland. If he applied for the San Francisco job, he would have to compete with all of the walruses at Pier 39.

  10. I will always take a guy that made his mistakes elsewhere. Now I get the more polished and experienced person.

  11. @ jpeezy
    “The Walrus is old and complacent and just looking to collect a pay check. Seattle wisely wants nothing to do with this fat tub of goo. Cleveland is completely lost and have no idea what they want, aside from a big name that might fool their dummy fans into thinking they are righting the ship.”
    You have succeeded at nothing other than looking like a complete fool.
    A. You don’t take a GM/Czar type of position to collect a paycheck. The amount of time and hard work you have to put into that job doesn’t exactly attract the “lazy-but-still-want-to-be-rich” types. If he wanted to just collect a paycheck, he’d sign with NBC.
    B. I think to the intelligent football fan, it’s obvious the Holmgren wants to enhance his legacy. Becoming the HC and GM of Seattle was a mistake and now their are mixed opinions of Holmgren. I am thinking he wants to fully restore his legacy by taking on the challenge of the Browns, a team that can go no where but up, has a ton of draft picks and salary cap, and an owner that won’t step on his toes.
    C. To call an entire fan base dummies is just ridiculous, especially when you point it at one of the top five fan bases in the league. You, sir, are a shmuck.
    The opportunity to become the “czar” in Cleveland may be too much to pass up. Lerner is essentially say, “hey Mike, if you can take the pile of steaming dump and mold it into anything that resembles something other than dump, then you will become become a hero to millions of people. Oh, and you’ll make $10M a year doing it. Deal?”

  12. @JPeezy,
    How did Holmgren fail HORRIBLY as a GM, as you put it? He had a better track record than Ruskell. Granted, he laid some eggs like Jerramy Stevens and Koren Robinson, but he also drafted Hutch, Alexander. In free agency, he traded for Hasselbeck and signed Tobeck. Holmgren had to wear both hats (coach and GM).
    Ruskell’s record? He let Hutch go by applying that stupid transition tag, cut Alexander and replaced Alexander with Julius Jones while never ever finding a replacement for Hutch. And didn’t even bother to try to find a running back for Knapp’s run-first offense. And he overpaid Oh, and he also gave up a first rounder to NE for Branch. THAT was productive!
    That aside, for whatever reason, it seems that Lieweke views Holmgren as toxic to his front office. As Lieweke put, “they will be joining us, we will not be joining them”. Tells me that Mr. Non-Football Guy Liewke thinks he some kind of football expert. Makes me wonder how many other egos are in that front office that could prevent Seattle from getting a good quality GM?
    Lieweke and Ruskell were good friends, as were Ruskell and Mora. I would get rid of Lieweke as well, if I was Paul Allen. Seems that the Seahawks organization went from being one that cared about winning to one that cares about appeasing their office buddies.

  13. I bet CEO Tod Leiweke reads PFT and saw all of the comments about Holmgren and decided to open up the search process a bit.

  14. @ JPeezy – I have to agree with you.
    Over at the Plain Dealers Browns forum, I have the same concerns.
    Even though Seattle made it to the superbowl, they played the Steelers and lost?
    I know what I am saying is hypothetical, but he would have to face three bangers 6 times a season, Bengals, Ravens, Steelers. When he built up seattle – he had a weak conference to go against?
    Here are the stats from that Super Bowl –

  15. I believe Holmgren was a mediocre GM in Seattle because he was trying to be a coach and GM…and both jobs require all your attention…he obviously devoted most of his time to the coaching aspect of things and we saw him GM skills struggle. I think if Cleveland were to hire him he would do great because being GM would have his full undivided attention which is a big thing. The guy has a great football brain, and has built up tons of contacts and friends throughout the league. He hates the Steelers since that superbowl was stolen from him by the zebas, building the Browns is a good way for him to get back at Pittsburgh twice a year.

  16. Holgrem was always a great coach, but it never seemed like he cared much about the team or the fans. It was about him. Maybe a good personality disorder for a head coach, but a bad one for a GM.
    Lieweke isn’t a football guy, but he gets the city and the fans.
    Ruskell didn’t inspire awe, but don’t blame him for problems he didn’t create. He couldn’t afford to keep Hutch because of the cap, and he couldn’t afford the bad PR of letting him go. Simple solution: Let the Vikings “steal” Hutch and look incredulous after it happens. And blaming him for cutting Alexander? Alexander was toast. Keeping him as long as they did was merciful.
    Holmgren needs to get a commentator job, and work on losing 100 pounds. The Seahawks need to rebuild from scratch with a new guy.

  17. HaHa stillworker!
    Still sore about the beat down your boyfriend Big Jen took last Thursday?
    Get ready for more of the same in years to come from the Browns, troll!!!

  18. holmgren was not a game day coach. he got lucky with some of his staff but his decisions in his 2nd & 3rd Super Bowls doomed his teams. at the end of his tenure, he didn’t adjust quickly enough to win close games. He played in a weak league for many years. Az was a joke along with the Niners.
    as a GM, jury out. He just had a so-so tenure.
    However, being a die hard Pack fan, I still hold a grudge for losing to Denver back in 97 (I tend to forget losses). He lost track of 1st downs and time outs. It cost the Pack the game. Denver was prepared, Holmgren was thinking, I have this in the bag…won’t forget that.

  19. @BorisBulldog …………
    Time will tell …………….
    ………….bulldogs just lay around and lick their nuts.

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