Time to stop babying Randy Moss

Like most followers of football, I was troubled by the performance of Randy Moss on Sunday.

I was even more troubled by the excuse-making and ass-kissing demonstrated by Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and former teammate Cris Carter on Monday.

So I wrote this on Tuesday.

And you shall read it on Wednesday.

47 responses to “ Time to stop babying Randy Moss

  1. LEAVE RANDY ALONE!!!!!!!!! (Yeah, I’m gonna make a video ala “Leave Britney Alone”).
    Can’t the guy have a bad game and not be crucified for it? So Tom and BB didn’t throw Randy under the bus and that’s a bad thing?

  2. That’s not babying Florio. It’s called supporting a player. If New England was babying Moss they never would have sent him home.
    Belichick said he had a discussion with Moss after LateGate. Do you think he was babying Moss in that discussion?
    No, he was telling it like it is.

  3. Haven’t you heard Florio? It is society’s fault. There is no such thing as personal responsibility.
    Get with the program dude!

  4. I could not agree more. You nailed the target dead on! I know people that can’t even buy their kids one present this year, because they are out of work. Why should anyone defend this rich spoiled brat, who thinks he is so good he can collect his money without effort any time he wants.

  5. Well appreciate a team, especially that team, coming out to support it own player, but Randy hasnt been playing hard all season, I think its time his team calls him out and now, and tells him ,to step the hell up!!!
    Maybe Belichick sent him home because he saw Randy acting more like T.O. the less he got the ball

  6. I didn’t watch the game so I cannot comment on Moss’s performance or lack thereof……but…..
    From what I read in that story that Lord Florio about Moss, one thing I came away with was: Any time a player has a bad game, they don’t deserve their paycheck.
    I gotta wonder if that means that any player, any worker no matter what job they do (yes, this includes you Lord Florio) should give up that days pay just cause it was a bad day?
    Just sayin……

  7. Something bigger than Moss is going on in New England. Adalius Thomas, Richard Seymour shipped out just before season starts, insane 4th down decisions of Belichick.
    You don’t think these players think it’s completely insane to go on 4th and 2 on your own 28 leading by 6 with about 2 minutes left in the game – a decision made by the coach they hear the media call a genius?

  8. Come on Mike!
    Why do you fail to mention his per game income vs. other “comparable” receivers or his stats vs. them. Instead, you point the finger directly at his paycheck and pass judgement. For the first time since joining your site years ago I now find myself joining the ranks of those who declare you, sometimes, quite laughable.
    You come along with these comments regarding the state of peoples mortgage’s, bills and Christmas gifts and his not earning his pay. Well here’s something for you.. have you done anything REMOTELY close, for the community, with your money??
    Did he take plays off? Most likely. But save the finacial finger pointing.
    The whole “Late Gate” was leaked and not blown into something by the team. Are you sure this hasn’t happened in the past and if so should you revisit it and it’s possible consequences?
    Moss has had some serious PR issues in the past and he’s been rehabing that for a few years now. This one “aww shiat” with the late thing happens and you and everyone else pigeon-hole him into the “same old Moss” thing.
    He is a key player on the team and with N.E. trying to survive for the playoffs Brady, BB and the rest of the team will stick with him. There’s a difference between “babying” and encouraging a playmaker to keep focused.

  9. I agree with this assessment. It’s time for Moss to grow up. Tom Brady embarrasses himself with his fawning over 81.
    He is hurting the team, but also himself. I would argue himself more than the team. He cares about stats, etc and he is not going to break the records that he is capable of when he behaves like this. He hurts the team less because teams are still forced to double team him everytime he is out there.
    I think BB would have sent Brady home, but it is a moot point. He made it to work on time so speculate all you want. I will tell you this though – he couldn’t send AD home and not the others and I think that that was the end goal there.

  10. Judging from the comments below your story at, most people weren’t impressed with your assessment of Moss.
    If I had seen a clip on NFL network of Moss doing other things besides dropping a pass and fumbling the ball, I might agree that he was dogging it. But they showed a number of plays where he was blocking for Welker on bubble screens and blocking on running plays.
    Someone dogging it would not be doing those kind of things.
    Just a word of advice, Mike, don’t judge a player on three or four plays from a highlight reel. Players do have off-weeks.
    And no…..I’m not a Patriots fan.

  11. This story is staler than week old chicken. Sure, the Pats should stop babying him during a playoff run to and turn to Sam Aiken as their only deep threat. Makes sense.

  12. Troubled? Seriously, you were troubled by Moss’ performance? You’re kidding right? How about “Gleeful” , Florio? C’mon man, You were gleeful. As was every other scribe in the USA. Webhits! Revenue! Braces for the kids!
    It sickens you that Belichick and the rest of the Patriot organization aren’t being forthright? Try holding yourself to the same lofty standards that you would espouse to others, bro.

  13. 71 of 75 offensive plays. Seems to me, had he been dogging it the coaching staff might have chosen to not play him every freaking meaningful snap. Straight up Florio, and the rest of you haters, did you actually watch the game or just the 4 bad lowlights that were shown on ESPN? That was rhetorical. I know the answer.

  14. Florio, you are dead on. Everyone has bad days, no doubt, but MOST people dont make $300K a week. If i was, i would give 100% EVERY DOWN. I am getting really tired of people enabling these morons to continue to act this way. Honestly, until teams stop putting up with the crap and cutting these so called “HOFamers” then they will never get the message. It makes me sick to think that these idiots, Moss, Owens etc will get into the hall of fame with the likes of Rice. But to be compeletly honest, I am loving this for the Pats. Well deserved for one of the “premiere” a-hole teams in history. Good luck with your baby Moss Pats!!!

  15. The man has been playing hurt most of the season. At one point his back was so bad he reportedly couldn’t raise his hands above his head, but he played. He wasn’t going up after balls, but he couldn’t. Still, he showed guts by playing.
    But yeah, he quits. Amazing how you get one shot of a player seemingly not going all out after a pass and he is somehow not earning his paycheck. You have absolutely no idea what he was doing most of the game, or what his role even was, and you pass judgment.
    One could say the same of Florio. He doesn’t want to do any REAl work, so he parrots a couple of other articles written during the week with absolutely no investigation.

  16. The only reason this is a story is because the Panthers players felt the right to call him out for some reason. Reason being? I have no clue. On a serious side.. I don’t understand how you had to attack how much money Randy Moss makes and talking about how people cannot afford to buy gifts for XMAS.. So what do you want Randy to do? Give the whole world his money? I grew up hard. I had a terrible up bringing. But I don’t think a Football player or any athlete should pay for my Christmas presents when I was young! l That article was pathetic Florio.

  17. To those that keep saying things like “he had a bad game” or “he’s leading the league in receiving yards”…., please stop. You simply don’t get it.
    When you get older, and life changes on you, you’ll understand.
    There’s not an ounce of hate in my words when I say that any professional athlete, especially of a team sport like football, that doesn’t go all out all the time, is ripping off his teammates and stealing his pay.
    The fact that he’s the most gifted WR in the history of the game, only makes it worse, not better.

  18. Moss was sooooo bad that the Panthers double teamed him all day, giving Welker a great day. Looks like a team player who doesn’t care about his stats. Just the media running to make a story out of a non story. How many in the media actually know what they are watching?? Leave the guy alone. The hoodedone is right 71 of 75 offensive plays. Enough said!

  19. Don Florio said : Like most followers of football, I was troubled by the performance of Randy Moss on Sunday.
    Really ?
    I’m willing to bet most people outside of New England don’t really give a flying hump what Moss does. This is another story blown up way out of proportion by ex-football playing meat heads turned ego feeding studio jocks.

  20. I’m no Patriot lover by any means, but come on Florio, you can’t compare a professional athletes to the common person. I saw some of the game and the highlights that were shown and yes it did look like he was playing at half throttle. This has always been Moss’s attitude when facing adversity, it’s nothing new. But to compare his paycheck to mine and everyone else’s is ridiculous.
    We don’t have millions of people wathcing us to do our jobs. If you or anyone else is worried about how much a pro athlete makes then maybe you should have pushed yourself harder to become one. Men being being jealous of another man isn’t a male trait Florio!!!!!!

  21. I’ve read this site for several years and enjoyed it for its rumours, and sometimes witty posts. But like others, Florio is starting to come across as a joke who thinks he is superior to the world. Your game is weak, this article was way off in my opinion, and I am putting profootballtalk on probation.

  22. Call me biased, but I think the Patriots are taking exactly the correct tact right now. Yes, Moss was sent home last week, justifiably so, in my opinion. Did he “dog it” on Sunday? That’s debatable.
    But when members of another team take the bold step publicly call a player out, you really have to be kidding me if you don’t think the star QB and head coach are not going to side with their own player. And if you really think that Brady/Belichick should go on record as agreeing with those two clowns who called out Moss, then I don’t really think I would ever be able to take this site seriously any more.
    For starters, you don’t know that Brady or Belichick haven’t pulled Moss aside behind closed doors and talked to him. By supporting him publicly, they are not only showing the essence of “team” that has defined the Pats this decade, but they are also putting the ball in Randy’s court. If he wants to play, he will, if not he’ll be out the door. And thqat’s not to mention the other 52 guys in the locker room. Think they appreciate knowing that they’re coach will have their back?
    I have a feeling Moss has a huge week in Buffalo.

  23. I hate the Patriots and for the most part hate Randy Moss. Just a disclaimer. However, this is lazy reporting….err…pontificating.
    First of all, is it Moss’ fault the NFL player market allowed him to command the salary he gets? No
    Is is Moss’ fault people are out of work, many of them hurting to pay their bills? No.
    Do these two concepts have anything even remotely to do with each other? No.
    Mike, I think you mailed it in this day with this effort. You certainly did Sporting News no good as every comment is anti your article.
    You need to refund 1/365th of the paycheck NBC gives you and 1/??? whatever of what Sporting News pays you to a homeless shelter or some other sort of charity. Only if you do this does it prove you are willing to walk the walk you accuse Moss of not walking.

  24. I have to disagree with the hoodedone for the exact reason specified. The Pats were dissing Moss by sending him on the field for 71 of 75 plays and Moss knows it. Moss only wants to be on the field when “it counts.”
    As for LateGate, Foxboro school kids went to school that day on time. It wasn’t that bad, especially for NE.

  25. First, I didn’t read the story, sorry. I know the premise. I’ve heard it all before (being a Vikings fan). I’m part of that group that thinks it’s ridiculous that professional athletes, many of them practically children when handed millions of dollars, are spoiled and HIGHLY over paid while valuable members of society largely go unsung, like teachers. But, I think there’s another perspective.
    Coaches are paid to win games, and ultimately try to rasp that prize we call the Lombardi trophy. So, let me see. Baby Randy Moss and watch him put up 1600 yards and 30 touchdowns (I’m being figuratively extreme here). That certainly helps in that winning thingy coaches try to accomplish. Or, yell at Moss, tell him to grow up, send him home from meetings, and watch him sulk and not help your team a stitch. I’m kinda thinking some coaches and/or GMs might just put up with the former, pay Moss big for his talent, and try their best to make a run for the Superbowl.
    We can piss and moan about Moss’s attitude. But the guy has m@d skillz! (Or however the youngsters are spelling it these days.) He could have been the best, better than either Rice or Carter. That’s not what he wants. If I’m a coach, I baby him until he’s no longer productive then dump him and let him go elsewhere to be someone else’s problem. Perhaps one day there won’t be a coach/GM who’ll give him another chance.

  26. Moss had a bad game. It happens. Until I’ve watched all the game film and compared it with his other performances this season I’m not going to say he quit or did anything that dramatically different than usual, other than play poorly, which happens.
    The media gets whipped into such a fervor over anything they can make into a story. Sorry if I don’t follow like the other sheep. I watched the guy for years in Minnesota and he did this stuff openly. But in the end he is a very good receiver. Not what he was during his prime but still very good.
    Just because it is Pats and Moss. As a Vikings fan I am just now learning what it is to have a true media favorite in town and it gets disgusting at times how they can make so many stories about just another jock millionaire.

  27. While I agree that Moss’s performance on Sunday was disgusting, the idea that the solution is to stop babying him NOW is laughable. It should have been done years ago and now it is too late. There are only two solutions at this point- keep on babying him and enjoy the benefits he provides you when he decides to play hard, or get rid of him. Getting tough with him now will only make him shut it down completely and make him utterly useless to the team.
    The Randy Moss you see today is the product of years of multiple organizations kissing his ass for as long as they can stand, and then shipping him off to another organization who lavishes him with a bigger contract and kisses his ass for as long as they can stand. And mark my words, if the Patriots dump him after this season, there will be another team out there who will, you guessed it:
    Why would he change?

  28. What about people babying Vick?
    Commentators jump all over him saying good things when he has done very little. McNabb or Kolb could have done everything he has done so far and probably looked better doing it.
    Salary is pretty fitting for the position as is 3rd string QB, but people jump first chance he does anything positive and pretend he is a pro-bowler.
    He must have cried his skills out in Leavenworth. I bet Big Al enjoyed that while they were spooning.
    Sometimes a man doesn’t come out of prison the man he once was, if he comes out a man at all.

  29. @patsfan1776. Are you really a Pats fan? Moss plays that amount every week. Look it up. Why don’t you jump on the Saints bandwagon. They’re having a good year.

  30. Weak argument, Florio. A lot of people in this world do a lot less at their “jobs” for a lot more than Randy brought home on Sunday. And to all who are “disgusted” by the amount of money Moss makes, here is your solution: Stop supporting the NFL’s sponsors. Stop buying jerseys, hats and team merchandise. Stop attending games. Stop giving hits to NFL related web sites. It is a consumer-driven industry, if you don’t like it, don’t support it.
    That being said, Moss’ attitude is a huge problem for the team. How can you pump up your teamates on the sideline when you have to stop your “c’mon! lets get moving!” rant when you reach #81 and revert to “You’ll be ok Randy, everything is going to be fine, buck up trooper…”. It doesn’t work, it’s a big let down and the whole team knows it.
    With THAT being said, don’t look for Belichick to abandon a guy that helped to give him a record-breaking undefeated season and has done nothing but come to work and give everything he can week in and week out. Randy will continue to be a Patriot and will continue to be himself. It is what it is.

  31. theres no way to win. if they criticize moss, they’ll get ripped for not keeping the drama in house. if they don’t, they’re babying him. stop looking for drama where there is none. this stie and its ridiculous gossip articles are turning into espn lite.

  32. Moss’ punishment should be that he has to videotape the other team’s defensive signals on a really cold day.

  33. hayward giablommi says:
    “Call me biased, but I think the Patriots are taking exactly the correct tact right now. Yes, Moss was sent home last week, justifiably so, in my opinion. Did he “dog it” on Sunday? That’s debatable.”
    It’s as debatable as saying a floating turd is caused by eating fatty foods and/or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol…oh, and you’re biased.

  34. Hey Florio… why don’t you link these responses to your masterpiece over there on the Sporting News??
    Or better yet, respond to the overwhelming criticism of your article. Seems like an awful lot of people are calling YOU out.

  35. Everyone tries to make Randy Moss out to be different than Owens which is BS.
    The only difference is that Randy cried his way into a perfect situation.
    I think Owens, Chad Johnson, etc would be pretty content in New England, dont’cha think?
    Best owner in Kraft, best coach in Billichick, best QB in Brady, best supporting cast in Welker, Galloway, and Co.
    What could he possibly complain about?
    That things haven’t gone HIS way again.
    Just like in Minnesota and Oakland.

  36. You’re just pissed because you love it when teams in turmoil generate lots of material for you to write about, and the big Patriots ‘scandal’ you’ve drooling with anticipation over isn’t materializing like you hoped.
    Moss’s teammates, former teammates, coaches and team owner stood by and defended him so there’s slim pickings at the juicy name-calling, hurt feelings, in-fighting and gossip buffet.
    Guess you’ve chosen the name-calling response as opposed to the pouting or admitting you have no idea what your talking about route.

  37. Sounds like this is what Florio wanted.
    Brady: “Yeah, I think he dogged quite a few plays out there today. In fact, that interception shouldn’t count against me. Not finishing routes, alligator arming, not blocking… you name it, he did it today. Days like today make me miss Bethel. Good thing I have Wes because I obviously can’t rely on Randy. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore I’m so disgusted.”
    Belichick: “Well, everyone saw what I saw today. One of the most talented receivers in the league playing with no heart. It is what it is. I would have just kept Reche Caldwell if I new we were going to pay $10mil for a performance like that. In fact, one more game like today’s and Aiken’s starting the rest of the season.”
    This sounds like a beneficial approach.

  38. I think it is funny that some of you a@@clowns think that you can’t get on a guy and that just because he has better stats than CC or make more money than Florio they can’t criticize Moss.
    I am a Viking/Steeler fan (weird I know) and have always like Moss. But in this case, and as I have seen in Minny, he takes plays off. There is a guy that I watch every Sunday who doesn’t take any plays off, even those that aren’t coming his was. Hines Ward, but he is called dirty because he plays hard on every play (even blocking). I don’t hate because Moss makes so much money, but I can see Florio’s criticism. A guy that makes that much money and is paid from all of you who go watch him. So those fans like me that get on planes and travel to watch my favorite players and stay overnight, spend money on tickets and food. You don’t think that when you spend $1000 on all of this that some should be mad when they finally get to the game and the guy they came to see isn’t trying his hardest? You guys are fools. Do you know how much money Randy makes an hour? Let’s say 22 games a year (4 pre, 16 reg, 2 playoff) x 3 hours x $4,5m=$68,000/hr. He only has to ‘work’ 66 hours a year, is that so much to ask?

  39. Cris Carter’s take on it’s being disrespectful to Moss to send him home while I guess it was just fine to send the other guys home is stupid. If you are “babying” someone, doesn’t that mean you WOULDN’T send that guy home, hence setting him ABOVE his teammates? I am glad he sent all 4 home. RM gets to sit practices as vets day off (as have other Pats through BB’s tenure) which I have no problem with, so yes he does get some special treatment. But that can’t and shouldn’t always apply.
    Remember, no one in the press would know about this at all had A-FAIL-ius Thomas not put it all out there publicly.
    I agree that Moss is a bit fragile. He seems to be an introvert which is not common for WRs. I think that leads to his being more stung by criticism etc than a more extroverted player would be. You do have to treat different people differently sometimes when you are managing people. It’s just smart management. Some respond to an ass kicking…some an ass kissing. You just better know which one is which and act accordingly.

  40. the part that sticks out to me, is when was the last time you ever heard B.B. come out and respond to reporters questions about a player. He never gives a crap what any writer has to say. Seems to me like he is worried about losing Moss’s interest, so felt he had to come out and stroke his ego.

  41. 66 hours? A year? Are you stupid? Have you forgotten about practice, minicamps, and offseason training. Plus whatever training he might do on his own? Football is a year round sport now, idiot.

  42. So let me get this straight…you don’t know what’s said behind closed doors from coach to player (and you know you’re dealing with the Fort Knox of the NFL), and BB sends him home just like the others for being late. So your conclusion is the Pats are babying him because they are not coming out publicly for your amusement, to bash the guy?
    I am not defending the way he played this past Sunday and the way he has taken ‘time off’ during games at times throughout his career, but for you to say the Pats are babying him because they don’t come out publicly to bash him is just as irreponsible as Moss’ effort on Sunday.
    You don’t need to know everything that goes on in the locker room ladies, leave the gossip to the women.

  43. Twindaddy, Actually it’s less than that. They don’t get paid to play in the preseason. they don’t get paid to practice or watch film, or offseason training, or anything besides the 3 hours on Sunday or Monday or thursday or whenever the hell they actually play the game. Get your facts straight.

  44. When did Cris Carter kiss his ass? I heard him say the same things about Randy as everyone else excluding current Patriots, which your right they were kissing his ass.

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