Bengals confirm that Chris Henry suffered "grave injuries"

The Cincinnati Bengals have issued a statement this morning regarding the condition of receiver Chris Henry.

“Chris has suffered grave injuries in an accident in Charlotte,” owner Mike Brown said in the release.  “We are monitoring the situation and awaiting further word on his condition.  We are stunned to have learned this news, and our prayers are with Chris.  Rusty Guy, our director of security, is arriving in Charlotte this morning.  He will be in close touch with the appropriate parties and will offer the club’s assistance to Chris’ family gathered there.”

We’ll be monitoring the various news reports throughout the day, and bringing the latest information to you as it comes.

81 responses to “Bengals confirm that Chris Henry suffered "grave injuries"

  1. To Raven’s Fan:
    I can understand not liking another team but to say something like that about a person who might die just shows what a pathetically small nutless wonder you are.

  2. I don’t understand the comments here. Mine never show up right away, but always show up later.
    So it would appear to be moderated.
    Yet it is amazing what people post here. I like the free-for-all nature, but I would draw the line at the people cheering for death, etc.

  3. Ravens Fan your a deuchbag……wish it was you on the back of the Truck instead, you insensitive prick.
    I’m from Oakland and can care less about the Bengals. But what does it say about Humanity that Pieces of shit like you can really care less about Human Life and think it’s funny to make a joke about another man possibly dying.

  4. Raven’s Fan, very classy bro. He might not the smartest person in the world, but I guess coming from an asshole like yourself I wouldnt ask for anything else. What did he skip past you asking for autograph at a game or just mad cause your team got beat twice by us. Go talk to your male cheerleaders, I’m sure they’ll give you a shoulder to cry on.

  5. I hope for both Chris Henry and the truck driver that Chris pull thru and is able to get his life back.

  6. Ravens fan you really have got to be kidding me you are a human being have some damn respect you piece of sh*t why would you not have the common respect for human life whether you hate the as you put it bungles sorry i love them he is fighting for his life and that is what matters right now not football you sick fu*k you need to rot

  7. Raven’s Fan,
    Seriously man, its just a game! You can answer for that when you meet your maker. Florio, how can you let posts like these get through? It goes to show that you are just as heartless and I am sure NBC would not approve of this!

  8. I hope Chris Henry pulls through this, I hate to see him go like this after he been working on bettering himself.

  9. Typical moron Ravens fan not caring about players as people. Try to have some class. I know it is hard but try for once. And no- I am not a Bengals fan- but I am not a total jacka@$ either.

  10. As a Browns fan who hates the Cincitucky Bungles, I pray to God that Chris Henry pulls through this and pray for his family.

  11. Hey Ravens fan! Me being a Ravens fan and seeing that comment makes me sick. Fans like you posting comments on here is the reason why alot of people hate Ravens fans. Have a little class dude. I hope Chris pulls out of this. Hate to see this happen to anyone.

  12. I am not usually the one to take a “holier than thou” stance on any situation, but this is atrocious. Raven’s fan, do you realize we’re talking about a human being? He has family that loves just like you do (hopefully). You are exactly what is wrong with the world today. Because you can hide behind a computer like a little weiner, you think you can say whatever you want. Just imagine if you had a family member or loved one in the same situation and someone who didn’t like that person said something to the effect of what you just said. I’m not a very religious person, but may God have mercy on your soul, you are a clown.

  13. That’s the level of class a typical Ravens fan has. The guy could die, to you it’s just football. Get a life and move to a city that doesnt lead the nation in illiteracy.

  14. Raven’s fan, I can only hope that you are some stupid kid that doesn’t know any better. What a fantastic job your parents did……what a shame.

  15. Well I hope he pulls through.
    Kids — don’t get married til you are at least 27, and don’t have kids til you are at least 30!!!

  16. Hey Raven’s Fan,
    We aren’t talking about a stupid Bengal anymore. We are talking about a human being who may die. Have some respect. You are the reason I am glad I hate the ravens and root for the Bengals.

  17. “Who cares,? just another stupid Bungle.”
    classy, dude. life is way bigger than our favorite football teams

  18. That “Raven’s Fan” DOes not speak for all of us Raven’s fans… in fact he is a jackass.
    Hope Chris Pulls through

  19. Raven’s Fan, where do I even begin!! How would you feel if your wife or husband was laying there dying and someone said to you, aww who cares its just your wife you can find another. You would probably want to rip there head off for saying that. Anyway I have wasted enough time on your stupid opinion, God bless Chris and his family, and I hope he pulls through.

  20. It continues to amaze me that people like Raven’s fan walk this planet. It’s a human life you piece of trash.

  21. Leave it to a douchebag Ravens fan to open up the posts. Little does he know, that franchise is going nowhere this year.
    Henry was a remarkable talent with a ten cent head. I can’t say this news, and what happened surprises me. This guy was trouble the minute he arrived on WVU’s campus and during his tenure in the NFL. The words “domestic dispute with fiancee” and “falling out of a truck” leave me sitting here thinking “it figures.”

  22. Raven’s Fan: You are an a** Who the hell approved his post? We are talikng about a human life here…He has 3 kids, man…Sad story. God Bless him, and I hope he pulls through. It would make an awesome story!

  23. Ravens Fan your the lowest piece of shit on the earth. This isn’t about football it’s about a mans life. I never wish death upon anyone but god forbid you deal with a family member going through what he is going through. Burn in hell you asshole.

  24. The views of Raven’s Fan do not reflect the views of all (or probably more than a handful of) Raven’s Fans. Most of us have a little more class than that.

  25. Sad story all around. No matter how you feel about the guy, he has little kids. Thoughts and prayers to his family.

  26. You stay classy Ratfans! Typical of a classless, know-nothing fanbase.
    Best wishes to Chris Henry and his family!

  27. Raven’s Fan, you are a real douche bag. I can’t believe you would even consider posting a comment that insensitive and void of thought, much less clicking the “submit” button.
    Read the site…this isn’t a story about football, “your team” vs. “my team”, it’s a story about a man not even 30 years old with three small children that is in grave condition.
    Please do us all a favor, window licker, and fall off the face of the earth.

  28. Who cares? This man is critically injured and just might not make it. If it were you, would you take kindly to someone saying “who cares”. The funny thing about on line comment posting is that people can hide behind a screen name and write whatever they want, positive or negative, hateful or kind. I am not a fan of the Bengals or Chris Henry for that matter. He has had a sketchy career with the Bengals and in college at West Virginia. With that being said tho, I would never wish any harm or wrong doing to him. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. It’s not a surprise that a cowardly Ravens fan wrote such an ignorant and inappropriate comment. You should be ashamed. You guys don’t even have a real football team anyway. You stole yours from Cleveland.

  29. Let me preface my thoughts by saying this is sad and unfortunate, especially since he has kids.
    Now that that’s out of the way, WTF is a grown man doing jumping into the back of a moving pickup truck? As much as people want to claim that he is a changed man, grown up, etc, clearly he is not, this was an extremely stupid act by someone who clearly did not care that he has small children, and someone who obviously had some bad intentions for his fiance.
    I suppose I should give the token “he’s in my prayers”, but truth be told, I just hope that his children can manage as normal a life as possible and make better decisions than their old man did. Darwinism has struck again.

  30. Really classy Raven’s Fan… this isn’t about football its about life…Get a life or get close to losing one and i’m sure your statement changes. People like you make me sick

  31. I can’t believe there are people that have absolutely no compassion for a human being in a time like this.
    Raven’s fan, are you completely unable to put aside your rivalry when a man’s life is at stake? It sure doesn’t say much about you as a human being!
    Thoughts and prayers are with Chris Henry and his family during this tough time!

  32. Hey Ravens Fan.
    I hope we are notified if you are on life support so we can say…
    Who cares,? just another stupid Ravens fan.

  33. @ Raven’s Fan
    Gee, did you use up your humanity defending a murderer like Ray Lewis.
    Or is it that you are just bitter the “bungles” swept your team and will win the division, while you have to hope you win the next 3 for a chance to get into the playoffs. Of course that just gives the “bungles” a chance to beat you a 3rd time, like PIT did last year.
    Comments like yours help make the ravens one of the most hated teams in the NFL.
    Your comment ranks right up there along w/ the idiot blasting florio for adding “god crap” to the discussion b\c in anotherarticle he mentioned keeping Henry in people’s prayers.

  34. wow, classy raven’s fan. no wonder one team already left b-more.
    i think tmz and some other sources are reporting that Chris Henry did in fact pass away this morning due to the injuries.
    best wishes to Slim and his fam.

  35. Are you serious Raven’s Fan? Are you that pissed that we beat you this year that you don’t care at all that the man has died? They just announced it on local stations here in Cincy. He did die. This is by no means a hoax. I wouldn’t mess around like that.

  36. ravens fan to the end here, the comment from @Raven’s Fan is insensitive, moronic and ought to be removed from this post. jackass.

  37. Way to be classy Ravens Fan.
    Fortunately I realize you do not reflect the class of Baltimore residents as a whole.

  38. If your comment to a story like this is anything other than something along the lines of “My thoughts and prayers are with Chris Henry and his family” you are a complete douchebag (Raven’s Fan).
    Vikings fans are pulling for you Chris. You have done an amazing job turning your life around and your talent on the field in undeniable.

  39. The more I see your comment Raven’s Fan the more it pisses me off. Be glad you’re nowhere near any real human being right now as you type this. I honestly think you’d be beat seriously for saying something so ignorant.

  40. Ravens fan-
    You are scum of the earth. This is someones son. Have a heart. The world would be better off if he survives and you get killed in an accident today. The less people like you running around the better off we all are.

  41. Stay classy Raven’s Fan. Of course, as a Raven’s fan, you probably condone murder, at least by your cheering of Ray Lewis.

  42. Raven’s Fan, I sincerely cannot remember a time where I have read such an insensitive, immature, and heartless comment. You’re the guy who cheers when an opponent team’s player is seriously injured. Chris Henry could very well be on his death bed and you have the nerve to say “Who cares,? just another stupid Bungle.” (Nice grammar, by the way). I say this with all the meaning in my heart; I hope something serious like this happens to you very soon so that maybe you can begin to understand that the sensitivity to human life ranks MUCH higher than the importance of a divisional rivalry. You selfish child, please learn to regret your statement. It seriously scares me to think that people like you walk among us. Happy Holidays! 🙂

  43. A sad finish to a long history of bad judgement calls by Chris Henry. An open pick up bed is an unlikely ending for a talented man’s career and no place for a man to hold on to his girlfriend in an argument. To early to speculate, but it would appear alcohol has claimed another young man’s promising future. No one deserves an accident like this and Chris Henry is no exception. May god spare him and return him to hope.

  44. RIP Chris, Steeler fan here wishes you and your family Gods blessing. Some Packer fans I work with here wish you the best also…

  45. @ Raven Fan – if you really are a ravens fan, you should be banned from watching football because you are an insensitive jerk.
    @ all the other people jumping all over Ravens fans because of this idiot, guess what – you are just as bad as he or she is. Any real fan of football would be sick over this tragedy. Chris Henry was a human being. Have respect, say a prayer and act like a human being.

  46. I am not trying to be a jerk but you do stupid stuff and you are subjected to bad things happening. Like hitting your fiancee and jumping in the back of a moving truck. I am not saying he deserved to die, but it is a cause and effect relationship. He should have been more careful.

  47. Well, Ravens Fan, I hope you’re happy about Henry’s passing. Just remember, what goes around comes around.
    My condolensces to Henry’s survivors, teammates and fans.

  48. Florio…I highly recommend and request you pull that post from Raven’s Fan and ban him from the site to post any further.
    I am serious…trolling for his 15 minutes of fame or not that post shouldn’t have made it through.

  49. I am a WV fan and Chris you will be sadly missed. And as for the Raven’s fan you are a complete idiot, it is a game and this was a man’s life you were throwing away, now he is gone and i hope you feel like crap for saying what you did. I hope you never have to experience that kind of pain his parents are going through right now. If i was the Raven’s i would not even clain you as a fan. I watched Chris play while at WV and he was a great player and i am sure he was at the Bengals we will be miss by all. Especially if kids and his parents. RIP Chris.

  50. Good job dummies… guys spent 70 some odd posts going off on raven’s fan and not thinking about what really matters…..this kid dying. I don’t believe in heaven but I hope CH can find peace.
    Raven’s fan, congrats on the attention.

  51. @Ryan- A domestic dispute does not mean he hit his girlfriend. For all you know it could of been an argument. TMZ reported there was no signs of physical abuse on his girlfriend. Wait till the facts come out before you jump to Conclusions.
    R.I.P. Slim-my thoughts and prayers are with the Henry Family, and his 3 children right now.

  52. I live in Morgantown and can say I have watched every WVU football game to date. Chris will always be known as one of our greats. This news has hit this town like a hammer. Everyone is sad to learn of it but know that it comes at a time that he seemed at peace.

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