Chargers avoid blackout for Bengals game

Despite a 10-3 record and an eight-game winning streak, the San Diego Chargers still have to burn up stomach acid in the days preceding each home game.

But they’ve been able to sell enough tickets to lift the local blackout for every game, sometimes with the aid of an extension.

This time, no extension will be needed.  The team has announced that Sunday’s game against the 9-4 Bengals has been sold out.

The team also has announced that 5,500 tickets remain for the team’s regular-season finale, on January 3 against the Redskins.

21 responses to “Chargers avoid blackout for Bengals game

  1. I think you’re the only one that burns up stomach acid. The Chargers have a 50 game sellout streak at home. For those laymen out there, that’s over six years. You’d think a six year streak would be enough to avoid burning stomach fluids, but I guess you have to write about something.

  2. What a bunch of pathetic fans, no support from the city, bad ownership group, etc…, blah, blah, blah. Oh wait, I thought this was about Cincinnati struggling to sell out a home game. I just picked up the normal canned response from a moron who doesn’t understand Obama’s economy is tough all over for those who didn’t sell out their stadiums with season tickets and then I slapped it in the comment box.

  3. Why do people call it Obama’s Economy? Anything he’s done has yet to have an impact, 8 years of oppression may have done it however.

  4. It always sells out. Who are you idiots that keep saying move to LA??? We have had sell out games for over 8 years!!! Count them! If you look, its because of 1500 tickets left that are the crappiest seats on the planet out of the 70,000 seats that are already sold.
    Worry bout your own stadium and fan base. This is a non issue…..

  5. I’m not a Chargers fan, but I live in San Diego. I must say that most San Diegans are very supportive of the team, the only problem is that the stadium is an absolute craphole. I went there for the Dolphins game and couldnt believe how absolutely pathetic that stadium is.
    There have been ZERO upgrades since the 70s from the looks of it. The seats all suck and have a terrible view of the field. I was afraid concrete would fall on my head at any moment. And their scoreboards are smaller than my home television set and can barely be seen in the sun.
    Once the Chargers get a new stadium, the place will be loaded. Until then, people will just continue watching from their HD set and strolling to the beach afterward…

  6. “The Chargers have a 50 game sellout streak at home. For those laymen out there, that’s over six years.”
    Wow! Six whole years!
    That, of course, is thanks to local TV stations who buy up your tickets to avert sellouts. So it’s kinda silly to brag about.

  7. It’s a non-issue in Cincinnati, too, but we seem to hear about it. Our streak is comparable, but somehow every Steeler fan on the site comes to the Bengals post and lets us have it about bad fan base, ownership, etc.
    You have 3 posts on yours and you get bent out of shape. Be thankful the Steeler fans don’t read non-AFC North posts, or they decided to quit coming here with their season over.

  8. TheBetterFaulk(33) says: “Maybe they should move to LA, and Jax can go elsewhere.”
    Saw this one coming.
    We don’t want them. Just because the two regions are geographically close doesn’t mean that they are remotely similar. Suggesting that people in the Los Angeles area would embrace the Chargers is akin to assuming that everybody in the Bay Area would embrace the Raiders if the 49ers were to leave. After all, the two stadiums are only about half and hour from each other . . .
    Ideally, we would get an expansion team with its own unique identity — new name, new colors, new logos. Since the League isn’t going to expand any time in the near future, we’re not going to get that. The closest we can hope for is something akin to a Browns = Ravens situation, in which the relocated team leaves behind all elements of its history and becomes a “new” team. There’s no way the Spanos family does that.

  9. @ Nobi
    Way to show your political ignorance….. While the last 2 years of Bush spending definately caused an economic downturn, the last year of massive spending, tax increase and the such have cause unemployment to rise 2 points. Obama has easily destroyed the Economy at a much faster rate. Facts are facts.

  10. I’d like to see an article about the other 15 teams who are hosting a game this weekend. The article would state ‘No extension needed to lift the blackout in the ______ game.’
    In other words, there is no story here.
    Bush was clueless but Obama is arrogant and dangerous. Bush’s term(s) is over but Obama’s reign of terror is just beginning. Don’t worry about what you can’t change. Change what you can.

  11. Empire Jones
    Obstructed. I know, I hate commenting on horrible grammar and spelling, but how can you be so dumb?
    I literally laugh out loud every time a Cincituckian blames Obama for why their fan base sucks. Chad Ochocinco bought a few thousand tickets so you guys would have a sellout, and you’re playoff-bound. It’s been a bad fan base for 20 years.

  12. Yet again Shin brings politics into a football discussion. In rebuttal, eight years preceding, or 11 months, which would have the bigger effect? Seems obvious to me, but I’m reasonable. Don’t respond, I don’t care what you think, that’s why your posts annoy me when they are slanted, it’s pointless, we all know your stance, give it a rest. On the bright side, I DO enjoy your football takes, they’re typically well stated and informed, please please please leave your wingedness out of it.

  13. This is directed to Cecil and the rest of the mindless morons out there who talk about the home sellout streak. Do I have to remind you that every year theres at least 2-3 instances where a local dealership has to buy out the remainder of the tix. so the game can be shown on tv? I have been fortunate enough to have had the chance to have lived in many diffrent cities throughout my life and as much as i like SD i gotta say that the fan base here is the weakest i have ever come across. There is no loyalty whatsoever here and it would be funny to see all the car flags and window decals come down after one or two losses if it wasnt so pathetic.

  14. I find it ironic that the sports hacks constantly jump all over Jacksonville because of blackouts, But the problems really did not start until this year. We get grief all the time because of the tarps covering up some seats even though it is well documented that this stadium is much too big for the market and was built as lagre as it is because of the Florida Georgia game with has been played here for over 75 years. The Jaguars came into existence November 30, 1993 and are not being given a chance to build a tradition like other teams like the Packers or bears or the Giants. These are the oldest teams in the NFL and I feel that in todays ” We want it now ” attitude that the fans here are not being given a chance to build a tradition and fanbase because sports writers have a agenda to get a team in LA even though there is no outcry from the citizens who live there for a team.

  15. People from all over the country move to San Diego for obvious reasons. With them, they bring their football allegiances from all four corners of the nation. So not all SD residents ‘show off their lightning bolts.’
    No disrespect for your hometowns but are people excited to visit and/or move to wherever you people currently live? I was originally from the Baltimore area and I know the answer is ‘No’ when it comes to that city. And after driving through Philly last month, the answer’s the same. Pittsburgh? Cincinnati? Cleveland? Buffalo? Indianapolis? Need I go on? NYC and CHI get a pass due to sheer numbers of inhabitants.
    It’s funny…the only people who seem to care about this subject are those that don’t live in SoCal. It’s all good. Three days of Sunny and 70 are upon us. No time to stay inside.

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