Chris Henry passes away

Charlotte police have confirmed that Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry died Thursday morning at 6:26 A.M.

Henry suffered injuries after he “came out” the back of a pickup truck following a domestic situation.  Henry was found roughly half a mile from the house where the dispute is believed to have started.

Henry was 26 years old.

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis is expected to speak to the media at 11 A.M. ET.

On Wednesday night, while the Bengals were praying for Henry’s health, they reflected on his path.

“He’s a big part of what we are,” guard Andrew Whitworth said to the team’s website.  “I really admire how he carries himself,
how he’s changed his life, and how he’s made his career his passion.
That’s what this team has done. He’s one of the guys that has helped
give this team that attitude. We’re worried about him and praying for

The Bengals sent their director of security Rusty Guy to Charlotte to assist the Henry family.  Guy was known as a big supporter of Henry and a reason the Bengals kept him in the franchise.

“A lot of teams would have just thrown him away,” former teammate Willie Anderson said Wednesday night. “You
can say a lot about the Bengals, positive and negative. But you have to
commend what Mike Brown and the Bengals did for this kid. They believed
in him and it turned out that’s what he needed.”

Henry was scheduled to be married in March.  He spoke with the Cincinnati Enquirer about his family and the changes in his life in a video interview in September.
Mike Brown said over the summer that one reason he agreed to tape Hard Knocks on HBO was to showcase players like Henry.

“Chris Henry is a good example. If you knew him only by hearsay you
would think he is some kind of ogre,” Brown said.. “It’s
not true. He’s a good person. When you see him up close, you’ll find
that you’ll like him. He’ll be soft spoken and a pleasant person.
People who understand him to be different (will) now know better.”

Throughout all his off-field troubles, Henry’s teammates often said similar things.  That he appeared to settled his life down makes Thursday’s news all the more tragic.

We send the entire Henry family and the Bengals our condolences.

448 responses to “Chris Henry passes away

  1. Unbelievably sad story. Hopefully people don’t use this freak accident to draw any parallels with the NFL in general. Crazy shit happens in life

  2. That sucks…..brings up an interesting point. What are the salary cap implications when a player dies???????

  3. Damn…..Every year I would ink him on my fantasy squad, cause he had real talent, like Moss, Rice, talent…..Hope your happy now bro….God bless….

  4. golongboyee says:
    December 17, 2009 10:05 AM
    That sucks…..brings up an interesting point. What are the salary cap implications when a player dies???????
    Really? No it doesn’t! Dick!

  5. Damn that’s some shitty luck right there. Henry goes and gets his life on the right track after all his screw ups only break his arm and end up on I.R. and now to die in this way just before he gets to really show the world he was a new man. Condolences to the family, and i’m sorry I won’t get the opportunity to see just how much he had grown as a man and a player.

  6. To the jerk Ravens fan – I hope something like this doesn’t happen to a Baltimore player. It is horrible – where is your compassion?

  7. Such sad news for a guy who was getting his life turned around.. Prayers go out to his family and the Bengals organization.

  8. They still count against the cap I believe – us Skins fans had to go through this when Sean Taylor passed. Sad story.

  9. As a 30 year Bengals fan Im shocked and saddened…Chris was making a turn around and a great 1…..I have prayed or his family especially his kids who will never get to really get to know their father…..RIP Chris Henry…..

  10. This is really sad. His talents and career don’t matter. He could have been the 53rd man – it doesn’t matter.
    My prayers are with his children and family. Tragic that this is so close to Xmas, I hope they can pull together for themselves and the kids and celebrate despite the hole in their lives.
    Having said all this, I am really interested to hear what happened here. Something in the milk ain’t clean.

  11. @golongboyee, really? that’s what you think about when a NFL players dies?
    FYI, he was on IR and it was his last year under contract, so there are no cap implications. Even if he were in a big contract, it wouldn’t matter because there’s no cap next year.

  12. Very sad. I am so disappointed to hear this. The man had amazing talent. My thoughts are with his 3 kids and family. What a tragedy.


  14. This is tragic news. Prayers for Chris who was “young, gifted, and black,” in the famous words of Lorraine Hansberry. ” When you feel really low / Yeah, there’s a great truth you should know
    When you’re young, gifted and black / Your soul’s intact.”
    Pray that Chris’s soul is intact. Too tragic for him and his family that his body is not. He should be remembered for his greatness, on and off the field, and his willingness to keep trying again after mistakes in life.

  15. Tragic, especially for the kids. If the mother is charged for something (driving away from the scene of an accident? could it technically be a hit and run? I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know), they’ll have lost both parents for substantial amount of time.

  16. This is the one of the most disappointing things I have heard in a long time. The kid had his troubles early in his career and I feel he really showed that guys can turn it around. He was a spectacular talent and will be missed. My heart goes out to his teammates and family.

  17. Our hearts go out to his friends, family and all of Bengals nation today. May he find peace.
    Steeler Nation

  18. That’s sad.
    I know that he was in hot water for legal issues.
    His girlfriend should be charged with manslaughter. I don’t care how pissed she was, that’s reckless endangerment. The minute he hopped on the back, she should have stopped.

  19. The lesson here is don’t jump into the truck when your crazy ass girl is driving like an asshole.
    it’s a truly sad story, but her role in his death needs to be addressed.

  20. @ SirSuperSouthern,
    believe you and me, if I was @ home I would be sippin’ on the coldest Bud Light in Mississippi as well!
    I thought this kid was finally shaking his demons and then thsi happens.
    So that is two deaths the Bengals had to deal with this year! It is late in the season and they are pretty much playoff bound, will they use this as motivation to propel into the Super Bowl? They definately have the running backs and defense to do it!

  21. How sad. I’m so sorry to see him go. He had a great future ahead of him and 3 beautiful children.
    At least all of his troubles are behind him. I hope all of his family, friends and the team can take some comfort in knowing that is in Heaven now.

  22. if he does not break his arm, he does not die. really too bad. will pacman put chronic in his coffin [seriously]?

  23. People need to use common sense in their lives whether they’re rich or poor. I do judge people by the kinds of people the surround themselves with, by the kinds of people they date and the kinds of people they marry. What was Chris doing in the “back” of a pickup? Like I tell my mom all the time-if someone is determined to jump off a cliff, get out of the way because they always want to grab someone on the way down. Translated means you can’t keep stupid people from doing stupid things. I am sad for Chris but …. hell man, what were you doing in the back of a pickup, no less wih a crazy person somewhere around (your woman) was she driving?

  24. To any asshole who gets on here and says he deserved this or deserved that, grow the hell up.
    If you really dont have anything nice, or productive to say, dont leave a comment. This is a man’s life, and weird things can happen to any player, any time, its life, things happen.
    Don’t be a tool and get on here, who cares about division rivals, and salary caps. its a Man’s life!
    Patriots nation send our regards!

  25. As a Skins fan, this opens up the wounds from Sean Taylor’s murder.
    Chris Henry was seemingly getting on the right path in life, and had matured. We needed a positive story like his. And now he’s gone.
    My prayers are with his loved ones.

  26. Terrible/sad – makes me want to hold my loved ones extra tight tonight.
    Hopefully the NFL can use Henry’s efforts at improving his life and behavior as an example to in the rookie meetings.

  27. Man, now my day is ruined. I saw this last night before I went to bed and knew it was bad. I pray for his family through this tough times.
    To think about all the players the Bengals have lost in the last 5 years makes me wonder if we have a cloud over the team.
    RIP Chris
    My heart and prayers go to the family.

  28. RIP Chris Henry. Wha a lousy way to go. Prayers go out to his family (yes, even SATAN loves jesus and prays to him).

  29. Prayers for his family and 3 beautiful kids. He will be missed… longer a screw up….was a good man and father.
    We will miss you Slim……Bengal fan.

  30. With the death of Zimmer’s wife, this now makes two tragedies within the Bengals organization in a year. Hope they can all pull through it.

  31. I feel horrible to be reading this today. I know he’s been in hot water quite a few times but he finally seemed to be turning his life around.
    My thoughts and prayers go to his family and especially to his young children. May he rest in Peace and I hope they can still muster some smiles for those children this Christmas.

  32. This is simply sad…
    This puts into perspective how futile the game of football really is when real lives are at stake.
    Chris Henry was one of the most talented wide recievers in the NFL when he was healthy and playing focused.
    I wish his family and most importantly his children the absolute best.
    God bless im and may his soul rest in peace!
    RIP Slim

  33. To alter a saying from Tony Caridi : It’s a sad day to be a Mountaineer, wherever you may be.
    I really hoped I was going to wake up to reports that he had taken a turn for the better, but it wasn’t to be.
    He seemed like he had finally gotten some of his personal demons behind him and before the injury had revitalized his playing career as well.
    My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
    RIP Chris, you will be missed.

  34. For all of you who arent Bengals fans, thanks for being classy and praying for henry’s family. We all say dumb stuff on here, but when it comes to life its not that important, well except for Ravens Fan. Say what you will as a person he made terrible choices, but was on his way to getting back on track. Hope he made it right with the man upstairs. You’ll be missed Slim!!!!!!!

  35. Chris, you had your back against the wall, and by most accounts you took it head on. For those who choose to chastise him without knowing him, remember your place. For those who loved him, may God give you strength. Love or hate one another, we are a football family, and let’s not argue over whether he was a good or bad man. Few of us know the answer to that, and really it’s irrelevant right now. We need to rally around one another, cause this loss will be felt around the entire league. Rest in peace, Chris.

  36. I am curious if his girlfriend/fiancée will be charged. How irresponsible? Fighting in a car is not acceptable, others could be killed also.
    RIP Chris!

  37. Horrible 🙁 Always sad to hear of something like this happening at any time. Only makes it worse for the family being at Christmas. Christmas will never be the same for his family. Truly sad 🙁

  38. Its crazy how someone you’ve never met makes your stomach feel so weak. This is an extreme blow to the NFL community and society in general. The way he was turning everything around was admirable to say the least and a great role model to other troubled NFL players. The league will miss him as an outstanding talent and a person the doing it right. God bless his family…RIP

  39. Very sad news. I was hoping he’d somehow pull through. 🙁
    My deepest condolences to his beautiful children and the rest of his family.

  40. As a Skins fan who watched Sean Taylor turn things around in a similar fashion, only to lose his life soon after, my heart and prayers goes out to his family, friends and fans. May God be with them thru this difficult time.

  41. Very tragic…my heart goes out to the Henry family and friends.
    Also, to Bengals fans out there, I as so sorry for your loss as well.
    skol vikings…

  42. This sucks, and I feel very bad for his 3 children. Especially this time of year, awful.
    The guy was turning his life around, was playing decent this season until the injury and now this.
    I disliked this guy in the beginning of his career as he was wasting his talent, but he was a bit of a feel good story this year as he was making a hell of an effort to pull it together.
    RIP Chris Henry, and I am sorry for the Bengals’ community.

  43. I’m getting Sean Taylor flashbacks already. Goddamn I miss that kid.
    RIP Slim, may the Lord bless and keep thee.

  44. R.I.P. young man. He made his mistakes, learned from them and turned his life around. He was a human being first, a dad, son, fiance and being a football player fell way down the list. Who cares how this impacts a football teams salary….its a game. I believe all things happen for a reason and God will turn tragedy into triumph.

  45. I wonder if the wife has any signs of abuse on her from a domestic dispute and how that would affect the possibility of any charges against the fiancee relating to the death. NO one deserves to die this way but Chris Henry was a reckless human being in many ways so this type of tragedy is not surprising despite it being so sad.

  46. Chris was an incredible talent who was just starting to turn his life around. On behalf of Vikings fans everywhere our condolences to Chris’s family.

  47. Let’s not talk about money, bash other fans, or talk about what should happen to his GF.
    Someone died…and even if we didn’t know him personally, we felt like we did because we saw him play.
    Only good thoughts and kind words. Think about his children and say a prayer for them.

  48. R.I.P Slim and god bless his kids they should know that there dad was a good man, and to that no good stankin hoe he was with she should go to jail. I’m not a Bengals fan I’m a Redskins fan and I know what it’s like to loose a great player. So to all the Bengals fans sorry for the lose of another great player, father, and person.

  49. Does getting your “life turned around” involve domestic violence?
    If so, maybe I’ll just stay the way I am.

  50. Just said a little prayer for him in the office as well. Will pour out a little liquor for him later tonight and hope that the mans in a better place.
    It seemed like he had changed his life around after all the crazyness the past few years. Its sad to see him go. I hope he is at peace now. R.I.P Chris

  51. I wonder if he was trying to get to her to calm her down or if he was after her to hurt her, since they keep saying domestic dispute.

  52. God bless his family and friends. I was always waiting for Chris to have that break out year we all knew he was capable of.
    Ohh and “Mnmaverick,” thanks for your legal opinion. You clearly have a good grasp of the law. Sigh..

  53. mnmaverick,
    Though I think it may be natural for some, especially fellow Bengals fans to initially, want some sort of consequence or action against his fiancee or it to be her fault for some sort of closure, but I think in this time you have to hope with all your heart that it was a freak accident and there was no malicious intent from his fiancee. Those kids have just lost their father and they need all the support they can get right now. The last thing they need is her going away for a while too or even belief that their mother is the cause for their father passing away.
    I’m also feeling for the Bengals organization, this is the second very tough loss this year

  54. It’s a sad day here in Cincinnati. Just as he was turning his life around this happens. I guess some people just can’t catch a break.
    Rest in Peace Chris Henry.

  55. Very sad. Me being a Redskins fan and how sad it was when Sean Taylor passed I cant even begin to imagine how hard this will be for his family, friends and teammates. RIP Chris.

  56. Man, what a sad turn of events. I feel so sorry for his family. He was one of my favorite Bengals now, since he had seemingly done so much to turn his life around. Slim, you’ve inspired people who make bad choices into turning their lives around. In death, you will inspire even more, your friends, your team, your fans, and especially, you’re family.

  57. Chris Henry was a bad person that put himself above his team
    I feel bad for his family but this guy was a true piece of dogshit

  58. It would have been a great story had Chris stayed healthy and put some numbers and how he turned around and so forth.
    Unfortunately the story ended tragic.
    May his soul rest in peace.

  59. It’s sad how this always happens to good young people who are in the middle of turning their lives and careers around. Hopefully the NFL and the players’ association will reach out to his family and make sure those babies are taken care of. RIP Chris.

  60. First Sean Taylor, now Chris Henry. Two guys who had a history of trouble off the field turning their lives around, and suddenly they’re both gone. A sad reminder of how quickly things can change for any individual.
    RIP Chris Henry. I’m not a Bengals fan, and hadn’t really been following him this year, but I always knew he was a very talented guy. It’s just a shame he was starting to put things together off the field as well.
    I would like to see what happens to his wife when they gather more evidence regarding the case. I am not a detective nor a legal expert, but I am under the impression he jumped on the back of a pickup and she allowed him to fall off, then sped away? Doesn’t add up.

  61. Tragic, especially for the kids. If the mother is charged for something (driving away from the scene of an accident? could it technically be a hit and run? I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know), they’ll have lost both parents for substantial amount of time.
    Accident pictures show the truck around the scene of the accident. Doesn’t show where the accident happened, but it doesn’t appear she drove away, or far away.
    His girlfriend should be charged with manslaughter.
    No. Bad time to bring it up.
    Was a domestic dispute, she leaves and he chases her. He may or may not be screaming any number of things, but the fact that she kept driving means it wasn’t anything nice.
    Homicide detectives got involved due to circumstances surrounding the incident. If he was riding in the back on a normal drive on a happy day and she swerved and jumped a curb then it might implicate her. If the story that has been told to the press is true it is a bit far fetched to expect charges.

  62. Everybody describing the situation described it as a domestic dispute and a squabble, not violence. Based on that assertion, I can only assume they mean to say they were engaged in an argument, she tried to leave, he got in the back to say she wasn’t getting rid of him, and then he fell out as she tried to speed off.
    Obviously, I have no inside information, so my statements are mere conjecture, but from everyone’s description of the events that transpired, it doesn’t sound like he was beating her and she tried to escape to safety.

  63. All TRUE Ravens fans (not the f’ng idiot who posted before) send our condolences to Chris’ family, friends and the entire Bengal organization.

  64. This is a very sad and tragic story. A young man, 26 years old with his whole life ahead of him has died.
    It has nothing to do with what team you root for or the salary cap implications. I would hope that at this moment we can ALL be fans of the “Human Compassion Team”.

  65. so what exactly did his fiance do?
    is there somewhere i can get the real story?
    p.s. at least he left as a good man

    To my dearest family, some things I’d like to say.
    But first of all, to let you know, that I arrived okay.
    I’m writing this from heaven. Here I dwell with God above.
    Here, there’s no more tears of sadness; Here is just eternal love.
    Please do not be unhappy just because I’m out of sight.
    Remember that I am with you every morning, noon and night.
    That day I had to leave you when my life on earth was through.
    God picked me up and hugged me and He said, “I welcome you.
    It’s good to have you back again, you were missed while you were gone.
    As for your dearest family, They’ll be here later on.
    I need you here badly, you’re part of my plan.
    There’s so much that we have to do, to help our mortal man.”
    God gave me a list of things, that he wished for me to do.
    And foremost on the list, was to watch and care for you.
    And when you lie in bed at night the day’s chores put to flight.
    God and I are closest to you….in the middle of the night.
    When you think of my life on earth, and all those loving years.
    Because you are only human, they are bound to bring you tears.
    But do not be afraid to cry: it does relieve the pain.
    Remember there would be no flowers, unless there was some rain.
    I wish that I could tell you all that God has planned.
    If I were to tell you, you wouldn’t understand.
    But one thing is for certain, though my life on earth is o’er.
    I’m closer to you now, than I ever was before.
    There are many rocky roads ahead of you and many hills to climb;
    But together we can do it by taking one day at a time.
    It was always my philosophy and I’d like it for you too;
    That as you give unto the world, the world will give to you.
    If you can help somebody who’s in sorrow and pain;
    Then you can say to God at night……”My day was not in vain.”
    And now I am contented….that my life was worthwhile.
    Knowing as I passed along the way I made somebody smile.
    So if you meet somebody who is sad and feeling low;
    Just lend a hand to pick him up, as on your way you go.
    When you’re walking down the street and you’ve got me on your mind;
    I’m walking in your footsteps only half a step behind.
    And when it’s time for you to go….from that body to be free.
    Remember you’re not going…’re coming here to me.
    Ruth Ann Mahaffey

  67. Thanks Steelers Nation and Vikings Nation for the thoughts and prayers.
    Bengals Nation
    R.I.P. Chris Henry. Rest Easy Slim.

  68. so what exactly did his fiance do?
    is there somewhere i can get the real story?
    p.s. at least he left as a good man

  69. Thank God the media has learned from Sean Taylor’s death. As you may recall, nearly ALL of the initial reporting, even right after he passed away, carried a “he had this coming” vibe. Also, some crazy similarities: both had turned their life around for the better, were away from their teams due to injury, and their deaths happened nearly at the exact same point of the season.

  70. @steelersmichele: Well said!
    @JoaquinFenix: You must be one of the investigating officers if you know about domestic violence there. All we know so far is that there was a dispute, which can mean a lot of things. Quit making assumptions without knowing shit!

  71. Bummer. No one deserves to die like this. My sympathies go to the Henry family and the Bengals organization.

  72. RIP Chris…
    My condolences to his kids. This is truly shocking, I really liked this guy as a player. After watching Hard Knocks i got the feeling he was going to turn it around, he always had immense talent to be if not elite definitely above average. Even with the injury this year you knew the Bengals were going to resign him… Its so sad it almost makes me mad!!! Dumb Bitch… yeah i said it.

  73. I’m pretty sure Henry’s fiance’ is the sister-in-law of DT Peko, because oft-credited (around the Cincinnati media, anyhow) with helping Henry’s turnaround was how he was embraced by the close-knit Samoan players on the team. Supposedly Henry had dumped his gangsta/thug buddies from Louisiana (some of whom moved up to the area after Hurricane Katrina), and was spending all his off-the-field time with the Peko and Fanene families, along with the new guy, Rey Maualuga. From everything I’ve read and heard in the Cincy media, being embraced by those folks was the key to “Slim” finally getting his head out of his ass.
    RIP #15

  74. Brings up a lot of the emotions we skins fans went through with Sean Taylor. Too young and right after the guy had made some major changes in his life for the better. Tragic – RIP.

  75. this is terrible and very sad. this guys career was about to take off he reminded me a lot of TO and randy moss he was going to be a great talent. My thoughts are with him and his family.

  76. # JoaquinFenix says: December 17, 2009 10:30 AM
    Does getting your “life turned around” involve domestic violence?
    If so, maybe I’ll just stay the way I am.
    Classy. The man is dead. No charges are being filed. And you are an idiot. It was obviously a freak accident, and people argue at home everyday. I’m sure no one was expecting it to turn out like this. Thoughts and prayers for his teammates and especially for his 3 children…

  77. The hearts and prayers of so many go out to the family, friends, the Bengals Organization and to their fans!
    R.I.P. Chris
    No doubt you’ll be missed!

  78. So Horribly sad. RIP Slim. Like Sean Taylor before him, who had seemingly turned his life around, and then something like this happens tragically. The NFL is losing way too many young stars.

  79. What a heartbreaking story. He had just turned his life around.
    Now with the girlfriend probably being charged with manslaughter, those children will lose their father and their mother.
    Rest in peace Slim. May God be with your children and family.

  80. West Virgina fan, RIP Chris you will be sadly missed. your are in heaven now and you will finally have peace. We will all miss you!

  81. I wanted to go to Bengals training camp next August just so I could shake his hand and tell him I was proud of him. Now he’s up in heaven catching the deep ball from Unitas. RIP Chris.

  82. Uh… has anyone checked Chris Henry’s picture is on the main page, but then a car insurance (Liberty Mutual) pop-up appears over the page asking if you’ve been in a car accident (looks like a broken windshield). I can’t make this stuff up.
    THAT needs to be taken down.

  83. what a sad way to end a life……if she is at fault i hope she suffers for the rest of her life…..hopefully the children will be ok…

  84. R.I.P. Chris – Watch over your family and help them heal!! You may be gone, but your legacy lives on in your three beautiful children!! My prayers are with your family!! No mother or father should ever have to live to bury a child, what a sad, tragic circumstance! Go placidly amidst the noise and haste!

  85. Tragedy indeed….grew up outside of New Orleans…played at Belle Chase High School, West Virgina before going on to a career in the NFL with the Bengals. He was a trouble young man who was turning his life around which makes this truly a tragic event. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family on behalf of everyone in the Who Dat Nation ….Who Dey Chris Henry!!!

  86. @Ravens Fan: You’re an actual idiot. Just because he was young and black doesn’t make him a “thug”. The guy worked hard to change his life, he took his licks and got on the right track. If you can’t see how this is a blow to the NFL, then I have a hard time understanding how you’re even a fan.
    @JoaquinFenix: “Domestic Dispute” does not mean “Domestic Violence” — It means at this point the police know there was an argument, that’s it. In all honesty, even if it were Domestic Violence, he didn’t deserve to die.
    As far as the wife being charged — it’s going to depend on Ohio’s Reckless or Negligent homicide statutes. She wouldn’t be culpable for a homicide charge, but maybe one of the others.
    The most important part…
    RIP Chris, you truly were a great story of how someone can turn it around and I hope you inspired others following in your footsteps. They say the good die young, but I have a hard time thinking you couldn’t have been more use down here. My thoughts and prayers are with the Cincinnati Bengals, Chris’ family and friends and those poor kids.
    From Lions Nation (I know there aren’t many of us)

  87. Terrible when a young man dies so young. Children who get robbed of their Father. A terrible tragedy indeed. Condolences to the kids,family,friends and the Bengals-Pervy

  88. lukestrass says: December 17, 2009 10:34 AM
    Chris Henry was a bad person that put himself above his team
    I feel bad for his family but this guy was a true piece of dogshit
    You are one of the true pieces of dog shit in this forum!

  89. As possibly the only actual living Lions fan left I say sorry. Terrible….. So young and just got his life on track.
    I will now be cheering for the Bengals a little bit more in the playoffs. Seriously, I know San Diego’s a great team. In fact, they’re one of the teams I picked from the AFC. But I would not want to be them this week.
    RIP Henry

  90. My prayers go out to the family and children of Chris. He was truly an example of how a young man can go wild and then reform and change is life around.
    Truly a sad day. His Fiancee needs to be charged with leaving the scene or something. I don’t know if it would have saved his life, but she should have at least gotten him help.
    This touches me so much because my son is a football player that suffered a head injury back in March. He’s only 13, but he loved Chris Henry.
    Jets Fan

  91. Wow, I thought that the idiots on this site were confined to the Packers/Vikings threads, but it looks like Bengals fans have their own assholes to deal with. There are no words for some of the douchebags in here.
    Human life is sacred, and shouldn’t be a right reserved for just those who play on the teams we support. I’m not a religious person, but it is times like these I find myself glad that people who are religious have that support system to turn to. In lieu of my prayers, my thoughts and best wishes are with his friends and family and the Bengals’ organization in such a terrible time.

  92. Yes this is a sad story.
    But were is everyone that was crucifying him what… about a year ago?

  93. 3 yards and a cloud says: December 17, 2009 11:01 AM
    @Ravens Fan: You’re an actual idiot. Just because he was young and black doesn’t make him a “thug”. The guy worked hard to change his life, he took his licks and got on the right track. If you can’t see how this is a blow to the NFL, then I have a hard time understanding how you’re even a fan.
    See my point above.

  94. Wow, what a tragedy… prayers for the family in this grief filled time 🙁
    Some might say “why is this such a big deal, people die every day!”, but when something like this is in the spotlight, it tends to make a whole group of people feel for the family and reach out to them, which showcases the human penchant for compassion in times of need.

  95. hahah i love how people were saying that Chris Henry was “turning his life around”
    yet he was speeding down the road in the back of a pickup truck in a domestic disput

  96. @Gabby- “To the jerk Ravens fan – I hope something like this doesn’t happen to a Baltimore player. It is horrible – where is your compassion?”
    This fan does not reflect a good image of Ravens fans. He’s an idiot. And there are plenty idiotic hearltess fans in every city. But from this Ravens fan I say R.I.P Chris, you were an outstanding football player. I pray for the family and his kids.

  97. What a tragedy. Henry was starting to get back on the right track and he deserved to be given that second chance.
    May God be with the Chris Henry family, and Rest In Peace Chris.

  98. I’ll add my condolences on behalf of Cowboy nation to those already here.
    As a fan of football, I love the sport first and my teams second. And any time tragedy strikes in the NFL, it’s good for us all to remember that we love the game because of the guys like Chris who make it so enjoyable to watch.
    Every fan across the country, I’m sure, wishes and hopes for the best for his children.

  99. R.I.P. a guy who seemed like he was finally getting his life turned around and staying out of trouble then dies in such a way. Athletes need to do a better job picking their women. McNair gets taken out by a psycho chick, now Chirs Henry gets taken out by a psycho chick.

  100. RIP Chris Henry…
    As a Ravens fan, I always feared his big play ability. I know his last game was against the Ravens, and I didn’t like to see him leave the game with a season ending injury. As a football fan, you never want your team to play against a rival without their best on the field, and Chris was one of the best. It did seem that he was trying to turn his life around in an admirable direction. It saddens me to see that a life with a potentially bright future has ended too soon. My sincere condolences go out to his family.
    Godspeed Chris.

  101. is there a shrin down at paul brown i want to go and do somthing
    Head coach Marvin Lewis and Bengals president Mike Brown planned to meet the media at 11 a.m.
    About the time I post, but that seems the likely place with the incident being away from Cincy.

  102. From the bleeding green nation
    Nobody is perfect, but this isn’t right
    ” i would never wish death upon no body cause no what im sayin cuz there aint no comin back”

  103. It just seems like such a unnecessary death, so avoidable. If the reporting is true, his life ended because of his own bad decision making and his inability to control his passions. I always supported Chris and was very supportive of Mike Brown’s decision to bring him back over Marvin Lewis’s objection.
    He had turned his life around.
    My main feeling is disappointment. His life should have been so much more. His children deserved so much more.

  104. Sad day for football in general. I was hoping the ravens would grab him after he was cut. I’m a diehard ravens fan but slim was one of my favorite players… He’s a starter in my ravens franchise on madden. My regards to his family and the bengals fans/org

  105. Its very sad that these kids will be left fatherless at such young ages and right before Xmas.
    I hope Chris Henry will RIP.

  106. very sad news this morning…
    it sounds like the guy had been turning his life around…i was rooting for him…
    condolences to bengals fans everywhere from me and all viking fans in our corner of the world…losing a player on your favorite team is depressing for every fan big or small
    my thoughts and sympathies go out to his children, especially during this holiday season

  107. On behalf of all Cardinals fans I send condolences to the Bengals Organization, the Bengals fan base and the Henry family. A brilliant talent taken away and no longer with us. RIP Chris Henry.

  108. Prayers for Chris, his family, the Bengals and their fans. His loss is a real tragedy for all involved.
    He always had my respect on the field as a talented receiver and it sounds like he had gotten his life on the right track.
    As a Redskins fan who remembers the Sean Taylor tragedy all too well, my sincere condolences to all those who’ve been affected by his passing.

  109. Such a sad loss on so many levels. The end of a young man who was trying to turn his life around. The loss of a talented player. The loss of a teammate and a rising star for the Bengals and their loyal fans. But my heart especially breaks for the parents who’ve lost a son and the children who’ve lost a father. May God be with all who are mourning Chris. R.I.P.
    From another member of Steeler Nation

  110. I’m a Ravens fan and this is truly a tragic lost. Not only to his family, but to the Bengals and the football world in general.
    RIP Chris Henry

  111. Not too long ago PFT posted an article saying this is regard to Vikings speeders.
    Guys — especially those of you with wives and/or children — we’re begging you. Slow down.
    Or, you know, to live at all.
    Please click this link and read this article from the Sports Illustrated vault regarding a trio of NFL players who died during the 1992 offseason.
    To an Athlete Dying Young—A.E. HOUSMAN
    The time you won your town the race
    We chaired you through the market-place;
    Man and boy stood cheering by,
    And home we brought you shoulder-high.
    Today, the road all runners come,
    Shoulder-high we bring you home,
    And set you at your threshold down,
    Townsman of a stiller town.

  112. This guy was a sack of crap in life … and if not for a “domestic issue” involving the really smart idea chasing and jumping into a moving vehicle, he’d still be alive right now.
    I hate to see anyone pass away, and I do feel for his kids, and I didn’t wish him to die in pain before his time … but no more so today than when this sack of crap walked the Earth.
    No, Chris Henry did not appear to be “reformed” or particularly motivated to sustain a transformed life … but how could he be?
    He was uneducated, a product of his ghetto lifestyle, enabled by his enablers in high school, college (ya, a real example of the “student athlete” here), and by the Cincinnati Bengals, NFL and NFLPA, and everyone who made money off of him — and in spite of the suspensions, etc, which were just for show.
    It’s too bad, but Chris Henry (perhaps to an extreme degree) represents an image that is probably mirrored by 60% of the NFL Players Union and probably 95% of the NBA’s (and by what I’ve been reading here, at least 96% of PFT readers).
    I read all this eulogizing … it’s not like we’re talking about a freak vehicular accident that “somehow” occurred. Was he chasing his “fiance” with a golf iron, by any chance? A bat? A handgun? Was there booze or drugs involved?
    Wake up people and stop projecting sainthood on a walking freak show. He doesn’t deserve it.

  113. The low class posts by some of the people here are disgusting. Hell has a special place reserved for you. A man has died today, regardless of his past, or what team he played for, he still has a mother and children who love him.
    Slim, you were truly an inspiration to many troubled young people. Even though I did not know you, it is amazing how this tragedy is so heartbreaking. It really makes me think about my own mortality. Your life was cut too short. God bless you and your family.
    Love and prayers to your family and the whole Bengals organization. They have been through so much this season.

  114. RIP Chris Henry
    Really ashame…
    I’ll be pulling for the Bengals now, after my eagles of course.
    I do have a question, the cops say they found him, did the woman driver not know he was in the truck bed, or just not care since it seems she drove off.?

  115. This is a very sad Shakespearian end to a tragic life. Up until this year, it was marked by one of the saddest things, wasted talent. He had so much potential, but could not get out of his own way to let it out. Finally this year he was putting it all together (at least in the public eye) and then this tragedy strikes. Very sad. My best wishes go out to his family and kids. Everyone else I have heard from in Steelers Nation feels the same way.
    We are sorry for your loss Bengals teammates and fans.

  116. Here’s a call to all NFL fans, regardless of team, to wear #15 on your person somewhere this Sunday. In honor of Chris, and more importantly his kids.
    I for one will have #15 somewhere on my body Sunday.
    Somewhere up above, Vicky Zimmer is cooking up Chris’ favorite dish, and both are looking down on the Cincinnati Bengals.
    God Bless the Henry and Zimmer family.

  117. 26 years old. No one should pass at this young age. Chris had great potential, he was on his way to becoming a great WR, and a great man. And to think if he never got injured, this would’ve never happened. So sad. My condolences go out to his family, the Bengals organization, and the Bengals fans.
    Browns fan.

  118. One of those incidents that helps put it all in perspective. Today life itself is far more important than football. As for any of you who choose to be insensitive to the situation, don’t let the anonymity of the internet get the best of you. Pay your respects to Chris or best say nothing at all.
    God bless Chris Henry.

  119. As a Vikings fan, I would like to send out my prayers to the Henry family. A person always wishes the best for a guy who has turned his life around. The Henry family and the Bengals organization will be in Viking’s fans prayers tonight.
    R.I.P. Chris Henry

  120. 26 years old.. So freaking young.. Whatever problems this guy had, he had children who are now fatherless. RIP.

  121. That sucks. I will miss how he wear’s that black mask when it is cold and you can only see his eyes. He looks like he has a little asian in him and kind of looks like a ninja…. A ninja who will pull a gun on you and drop a clip! Yeah I will really miss that 🙁

  122. I was sad when he broke his arm and would have to sit for the season, knowing how hard he worked to get his job and life back on track…. and now his life has been cut short. Sympathies to his friends/teammates, his family, and his children.
    RIP Slim. Who dey.

  123. I’m sorry to hear about this tragedy. Things were finally starting to look upbeat for Chris. He finally took that step forward and got rid of the bad things in his life that were holding him back. I am not a huge Bengals fan but I wish the team the best of luck and I hope they win the AFC and face my Eagles in the Super Bowl. RIP Chris

  124. @ lukestrass says:
    December 17, 2009 10:34 AM
    Chris Henry was a bad person that put himself above his team
    I feel bad for his family but this guy was a true piece of dogshit
    It takes an extremely low class person to write something so heartless after such a tragedy. He was getting his life turned around, and I think you much more described yourself than him.
    RIP Chris Henry

  125. R I P Chris may God grant the peace we all deserve.
    My hearts and prayers go to his family and his children ..May God give them peace and comfort .

  126. Slim you showed everyone your ups and downs. No one is perfect and we all supported you through your struggles. We are all saddened by this tragic event. I hope that charger fans will take a moment of silence for you before the game. I will be holding a sign for you this weekend in San Diego. Godspeed and Rest in Peace you will be missed every single day by the Who dey nation.

  127. Real sad. Reminds me of when Sam Kinision passed – seemed to happen right after he got his life on track. I feel for his children & his family.

  128. @ Deb- Well said, I feel the same way. I’ll be praying for his family and especially those 3 kids.
    -Vikes Fan

  129. RIP. A tragedy.
    But perhaps this would be best viewed through a more honest lens? He didn’t escape his troubled past. He couldn’t quite turn his life around. And now he is lost.
    Maybe not as compelling as the “just when he had become a Boy Scout” spin, but it’s the sad truth from where I’m sitting.

  130. R.I.P. from Broncos Nation… so went Darrent Williams and Sean Taylor, the NFL loses another rising star far too early. Whatever your team allegiances, this is a tragedy by any standard.

  131. Having known Chris since his days in Morgantown, this is such sad news.
    Honestly, Chris was a troubled young man who had a hard time maturing into adulthood.
    In the end, however, as the Tiger Woods’ story indicates, how well do we really know our athletes?
    The perform for our entertainment and we read and hear things, but only God knows what is in their hearts and minds.
    Chris, as someone who cheered you on for the Mountaineers and then cheered against you when the Bengals played the Steelers, I always admired your athletic ability and obvious passion for the game.
    Your wiry frame cutting through the secondary on slants to make catch after catch on that cold and wintry December 4th against the Steelers as your team basked in victory in a game that would be the last loss for the Steelers on the way to a Super Bowl victory.
    I’ll always remember that game and others I was privileged to see you play.
    My prayer that you are at peace now and that your loved ones will be comforted by their memories shared with so many others.
    One more skinny post with the ball highly arching to the tips of your outstretched fingers as a deafening cheer resounds from the cloud of witnesses with whom you now reside forever.

  132. @ lukestrass (and individually to all you other soul-less shitbags)
    You strike me as the kind of lad who calls a girl a “slut” because she turns you down for a date, when in actuality the title you gave her should work in your favor but doesn’t because you are an idiot as well as a douche.
    It’s called compassion, numbnuts. Chris Henry was a football player to all of us here first & foremost. As a fan of the GAME (which you apparently are too narrow-minded to be), we can all sympathize with the loss of a player from ANY team, and extend our condolences to anyone associated with him as ADULTS. We appreciated what he did ON THE FIELD. He did nothing in his personal life that affected you, me or anyone here in any way, shape or form. For you to come on here to spew your childish drivel shows how feeble-minded of a little guy you actually are. Much like someone blaming all the fans of your hometeam for your misguided immaturity. Go away until your meds kick in, or better yet just go away.

  133. It’s ashame to see someone pass away at a young age. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, children, and his Begal teammates. May he rest in peace.

  134. Thoughts go out to #15’s children may they find some sort of peace in this horrible time.
    This just reminds me that life is about choices. I will have this dicussion with my 15 year old stepson tonight about how choices can change everything in your world in a manner of seconds.
    RIP Chris from Indianapolis and Colt fans everywhere.

  135. also, just because someone dies doesn’t mean that they all of a sudden full of goodness and are immune from factual comments on their life (good or bad). They are what they are. Am I sad when anyone dies, especially that young, yes. But, doesn’t change the fact that he had issues and wasn’t the best person in the word nor the smartest.
    Grow up people. This is a comment board, not a memorial!
    Are you going to be saddened when Charles Manson dies????? (and no idiots, I am not comparing Henry to Manson, just using it as an example)

  136. This is insane. Steve McNair and Chris Henry appear to have both died as a result of an argument or fight with their girlfriends. Maybe with Slim it was truly an accident, but maybe not.
    Why does this keep happening? Is there some combination of fame, money, and sex that inevitably becomes fatal? How close was Tiger to death when he wrecked his car?
    I’m not going to speculate why Slim was involved in a domestic dispute, but in Tiger and McNair’s cases it appears that sleeping around was the crux of the matter. And however wrong and low of a thing that is to do to someone, violence is NEVER an appropriate reaction; there is no justification for the loss of a human life.
    Maybe we need to do a better job as a society teaching our children, and ourselves, about peaceful conflict resolution. We should all be wary of the danger that money and fame breed.
    Fellas, don’t cheat on your wives or girlfriends. Not only does it make all of us look bad, it robs them of their dignity and faith, and may in the end kill you.
    Ladies, please don’t kill your man if he cheats on you. Behave like adults; dump his ass and move on with your life.

  137. In response to Matt’s comment:
    Very bad time to try and bash another team dude………
    RIP Slim…….Sad day in the NFL

  138. I just wanted to say as a Ravens fan RIP Slim.
    I know with the Ravens and any other team there are certain fans that are just total assholes that post on this site. No one deserves to die this young. And anyone that says he had it coming should go F yourself.
    I was really looking forward to his return next season cause he was shaping up to be a great player and would love to see him match up with Reed and Co. next season.
    My heart goes out to your family and especially those 3 children. This might be the last time i ever say/type this but….
    WHO DEY! Chris you will be missed

  139. May he rest in peace.
    I am curious as to what comes out of the investigation into the events that have lead up to this.

  140. From a dies hard Steelers fan….I live in NC and it saddens me to think this young man saw the “light” and changed his ways. This is so sad. No words can describe the pain the NFL players, coaches, announcers and all feel at this time. God speed to the lady and children he left behind. Let’s us all know that no matter who your team is if you are an NFL fan you love them all. For the Ravens fan… are a disgrace to the human race and I hope (like some of the others) that nothing this tragic happens in your life or in the lives of the Ravens. Wonder how the Ravens would feel if they knew you as a fan was disrepecting an NFL player like that?Surely your mother taught you better than that!

  141. Just saw a picture of his family….it’s really bumming me out. His oldest daughter is a cutie, and sadly old enough to understand what happened. RIP.

  142. Please people, it sucks that a man dies but lets not pretend we thought he was this great guy when he was alive. Amazing how “great” people become when they die. And to those that say he was turning his life around, please note that he died of yet ANOTHER domestic dispute, and had the bright idea of jumping onto a do what? To whup the bitch’s ass or what? Its sad, but this is not a tragedy nor an accident

  143. I can’t tell you how great it is to see all of the class act fans on here from all 32 teams offering condolences for Slim! You guys & gals are truly wonderful people…………..
    Then there’s Ravens Fan and lukestrass……Could there be any bigger, filthier pieces of shit in the world than you 2?? A young man died today and leaves behind 3 beautiful and innocent kids and this is the best you can come up with?? Why not just keep your punk ass mouths SHUT? Yeah Chris got into some trouble, hell he was only in his early 20’s, young and dumb and made some bad choices that he paid his dues for and turned his life around. But I’m sure you 2 assholes have NEVER done anything wrong or stupid in your lives??? Wrong……you just did by showing what true idiots you are by posting comments like that in a situation where a man lost his life and leaves 3 babies behind……. PUNKS!

  144. From a member of Steelers Nation – My thoughts and prayers go out to Chris, his family, his teammates and co-workers, and all Bengals fans……this is a terrible story, I dont know what else to say or do…….RIP Chris

  145. I don’t care if you do not like Chris Henry or see him as a horrible person. This is not the time nor the place to voice that. It doesn’t matter if he had some past demons, he was working to rid himself of those.
    People can change and he sure was on the right path. Some of these ignorant posts make me sick.
    Loving regards go out to Henry’s family and the Bengal’s organization. His soul is with God now and he will be missed dearly. Very classy post by PFT, thank you.

  146. From all the REAL Ravens FANS, we wish Chris and all who knew and loved him and all of the Bengals fans our thoughts and prayers. What a tragedy for him and his family. The guy really seemed liked he was turning things around and I was rooting for him… RIP Chris you will be missed.
    To the idiot named “Ravens Fan” do everyone here in Bmore a favor and shut up, it is morons like you that give us a bad rap!!

  147. When Henry was arrested for a fifth time following that season on an assault charge, the Bengals decided they’d had enough. At his arraignment on April 3, 2008, Municipal Court Judge Bernie Bouchard called Henry “a one-man crime wave.” He was released by the Bengals the same day.
    Just another thug. See ya!

  148. RIP Chris … and prayers to your kids and family.
    As a Steelers fan, I never thought I would say this, “Who Dey!”

  149. 15’s death has absolutly 0 effect on my life. Yet I’m sitting here in my office feeling like I got the wind knocked out of me.
    Maybe it’s because he’s my age. Maybe it’s because I was hoping he’d sign with Miami next year. But most likely it’s because his three innocent children will be spending Christmas morning without their dad.
    It truly is a sad ending to what was shaping up to be a remarkable story of redemption. My deepest sympathies go out to his family and all of Bengal nation. Who Dey!
    A Dolphins fan in Jersey

  150. To Chris Henry’s family, friends, Bengal Fans, Bengals organization this Steeler fan sends my deepest sympathy on your loss. May God be with you Chris. And may God Bless and watch over your precious children.
    To the idots who think we are making a saint out of Chris grow up and shut up. A person’s life has been lost. It doesn’t matter whether it was to carelessness or accident. It doesn’t matter what kind of a person he was or became. He was loved by his family and friends and he deserves to be treated with respect. Which you do not deserve. And I’m not sure there is even a special place in Hell for you — not sure the devil would want you.
    RIP Chris.

  151. Didn’t expect to be this sad about the news, it’s wierd. I feel like whatever affinity I had for him because he was simply a Bengals player (and a good one at that) was enhanced by his retarded decision making and the apparent effort to turn it around given a second/third chance by the organization. I say this as a man who has made some REALLY bad decisions in the past and, decided that enough was enough, but I needed a second/third chances too. All my condolences to the family and kids, you broke my heart Chris.
    NFLisBeginning2ReallySUCK, I’m gonna give you the edited version so this actually gets posted.
    F*ck you you f*ckin f*uck, what do you know about this kid? What you read in papers and had talking heads tell you about him? What the F*ck makes you so high and mighty? Are you the person that never made bad decisions? Am I a person that deserves to die or have things posted about me post Humous that indicate that (if I were to die) that I got what I deserved? Does every drunk driver that dies in a car crash deserve to die? Does every kid that picks up a hand gun and dies tragically deserve their fate? Well the answer is obvious, and while I’m tempted to tell you, you sorry excuse for a human being, is that YOU deserve to die, but I don’t honestly feel that way. I am however extremely hurt by your post, you’re a B*tch.

  152. Viking fan – Would have loved to see #15 in purple rather than Housh when that courtship was going on.
    Great deep threat and a person turning around his public image, sad loss.
    God speed C. Henry

  153. I am amazed by how cold some people really are on this site. I know it’s the internet and you can say anything you want without any consequences but from a moral standpoint, some of you make me sick.
    No matter what was going on his life, we are talking about a death of a 26yr old young man. I myself don’t agree with the way he lived his life but to read these bold comments of hate is disgusting.
    May the family and more importantly the children left behind without a father live healthy lives from here on out. I wish nothing but the best for everyone hurt by this loss.
    Skol Vikings :'(

  154. @CincyAllDaWay- Agreed. But don’t let those guys get to you. They have zero class and should not be takin seriously.

  155. Damn It sucks to hear this shit. We were all pullin for you Chris. I’m a raider fan, but I’m also a big fan of football. We lost one of our own players this offseason in Marquis Cooper and it sucks to hear about Chris Henry. On behalf of the raider nation our hearts and prayers go out to the bengal organization and the family of Chris Henry. R.I.P.

  156. This Panther fan house, extends our deepest condolences to the Bengal nation, and the family and friends of Chris Henry.

  157. he was too young to die. he did some bad things but he got past it and tried to change.
    rest in peace chris, you will be missed.

  158. bian8-oh, so it is YOUR decsion where or when I can voice my opinions……..oh, I see. Like I said, this is a comment area, not a wake!

  159. …..i feel sorry for the truck more than anything else…… be owned by these two morons is unbelievable. Can I start a fund for the benefit of the TRUCK!
    and to Rachel Uchitel, EAT ME……..

  160. @ golongbyee
    Can’t wait for that TRUCK to put you where you belong, MAC style. Karmas a bitch, keep on talking.

  161. @CurseofBoJackson …
    Hang in there. I know it’s disheartening when small-minded people use one person’s tragedy as an opportunity to spout half-baked judgments about other people’s lives. But they’re not worth your energy.
    None of us is saying Chris Henry was an angel. But we recognize that he was a human being who, by all accounts, was trying to do something positive with his life. He leaves behind grieving family, friends, teammates, and fans. I can’t help wondering how many would mourn those who come to mouth off where people are posting condolences.
    If their hearts are too small or hard to feel compassion for other human beings regardless of the situation, maybe we should just pity them.

  162. mixman34 says:
    December 17, 2009 3:36 PM
    @ LoganSF2
    Karmas a bitch…. fool.
    Karmas a bitch you freaking clown for criminals. And Henry was nothing more than a thug criminal. Stupid hurts fool.

  163. @CurseofBoJackson
    Yes every drunk driver who dies in a car crash deserves to die. Why? Because they are selfishly putting them selves and everyone else at risk. No one in the world doesn’t know that drunk driving is dangerous for every one so if you get drunk then drive and die no one should feel bad. Feel bad for the families? Yes, of course. What drunk drivers had to do with Chris Henry is beyond me. As far as we know he wasn’t drunk and him jumping out of a car doesn’t really in danger anyone else so it is different.
    Who ever asked about the salary cap, its a fair question. Does his family get the money he is due? If not shouldn’t they? And further more shouldn’t the team be exempted from cap space punishment if the money is going to the family?

  164. My god the IGNORANCE of some childish little brats on this board is amazing.
    Dude died unexpectedly leaving three kids behind. And you just got to open your ignorant traps don’t you?

  165. On behalf of the Ravens community, we send our deepest sympathy to the Henry family and Bengals organization and fans.

  166. It’s funny that other than that one tool earlier today that most of those who are damning Chris Henry and pointing to those like us sending our condolences as projecting sainthood weren’t around until afternoon.
    What’s the matter fella’s, tough morning shaking off that bender or were you just waking up and staring another day without a job?
    Seriously, why the anger towards this dude who was just killed? The guy wasn’t an Angel, but I don’t think he was a murderer or a rapist either. Save your anger for them…

  167. mixman34 – are you really this stupid?
    He didn’t die unexpectedly, he jumped into the back of a moving vehicle in a domestic squabble…….give me a break……did he have cancer? no……did he get hit BY a car? No…….did he get injured in a football related injury? No……..he died doing something boneheaded and stupid……….so stop berating those who think he is a fool and has proven so during his entire career…… is our opinion that he is a piece of crap……..and you all in here have no facts to base an opinion otherwise.
    We should all be thankful his foolishness hurt only HIMSELF and not other innocent people. What if this idiot fell out of the truck and landed on a 5 year old and killed him/her. Would you be praising this person then??????????
    Give me an F’ing break!!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. OMG good one golongboyee LOLZ! LMAO!
    If this wasnt a post to celebrate a young man’s life why are you one of about three douchebags trying to take shots at him? No I can’t tell you how to voice your opinion but for the sake of the people who care for this kid why don’t you stop talking and crawl right back into the pile of shit you came out of.

  169. I didn’t even know this young man, but I have 2 sons, both 26 & 27 and this really makes me sad and weepy!
    Chris Henry, like the jerks who use this blog to spout off evilness, was not perfect, but neither am I which is why I would never throw stones or say mean and hateful things about a person, especially when their Spirit is still fresh in so many people’s minds.
    I once was told by my elders that God takes those who seem to have changed their life for HIM….HE took Chris and now he is playing for God! Love to the Henry family, the Bengal players and staff! This is hard for me, like I said, I didn’t know him and never met him, but he was a human being.

  170. bian8
    1) I don’t recall this “comments” area having its name changed……(see…….comments……right above the box). Until Florio changes the title to “Praising of dead NFL deadbeats and losers” this is still a comments area, not a religious experience.
    2) I just squeezed you out about five minutes ago and flushed……..hope you aren’t dizzy from the twisting! LMAO

  171. LMAO! golongboyee your pretty good at stealing jokes. You know I just made a joke about how you were shit and now you come back and refer to me as shit. Real original. Keep the gutbusters coming. Or do you need me to give you some more material?

  172. We in the Bengal Nation will miss you Chris. We were cheering you on as you became a good man and father of your three kids. We are saddened that your life was cut so short. My prayers go out to your kids

  173. @me so horny …
    Speaking of bad decisions: Is the last line of your post supposed to express what a classy, upstanding guy you are? Anytime a couple argues, it’s considered a domestic dispute. Considering the lovely disposition you display in your post, if you have a life partner of some kind, I imagine you’ve had more than your share of domestic disputes. Then again, considering your screen name, maybe it’s just you and the computer.

  174. Hey Florio… for real… you got to start censoring the language on this site. The opinions are fine either way but the language needs to stop. Just a thought.

  175. me so horny
    I don’t feel so bad as to how he died either because it seems like he brought it on himself but fell bad for his children is all. To come out and stupidly say what you spit every post is moronic.
    Go back to school, get an education and become something of worth to society.
    It is a sad story 99% of the time including this one, when anyone dies young. You have no clue what he went thru his whole life…
    I’ll be waiting for your smart a$$ remarks tomorrow so take all the time you need clown

  176. It’s difficult for me to read through these comments and see all of the negative things that people have felt compelled to write.
    Chris Henry had, by ALL accounts, turned his life around and was, as Chad said, on the right path. This, more than anything that he had ever done, seems to have been a mistake.
    I would ask you people who have written these things “how many of you have not been involved in a ‘domestic situation’?” But I’m sure the answer is zero because you obviously lack the life experience necessary to even have a chance at that. Sure, it’s obvious that he shouldn’t have jumped onto a moving truck… but who has even corroborated that story? The woman who was driving?
    Unfortunately in this world, children lose their fathers every day… Twenty-six year olds (and younger) die every day… friends and family from all walks of life are lost each and every day.
    This was a 26 year old, however, who had his entire adult life play out before our eyes. Every mistake he made was magnified because of his profession. Unlike many who have come before him he took advantage of what was likely to be the last chance he would ever get and started to live life the way it should be lived.
    The biggest tragedies in this are that Chris Henry should have served as an example to show young adults that change is possible… that “redemption” is more than a word, and also the fact that he was just starting to see how amazing life can be when you work every day to live it the right way.
    You will be missed…

  177. @golongboyee – Well,well. So by judging those posts of yours, you are a classless POS. Why don’t you quit trying to disgrace this thread about a young mans death and come match wits with someone who will pound you to the dirt! That be me son,find me on the Vikings thread,I’d be glad to tear you a new one. That is unless you are afraid scum bag? Leave this thread alone,come over and play in my world shitbag-Pervy

  178. I am wondering if he was attempting to assault his fiancee when he died. I really hope he didn’t go down that path again.

  179. @ uncle leo
    It isn’t me. I couldnt care less, I am more worried about any youngsters that might hop on here. I am sure you meant no harm lol.

  180. I hope they put up a Statue of Chris in the entrance of Paul Brown stadium.
    The man deserves this honor!
    RIP Chris Henry, you will be in our prayers.

  181. I feel bad for the fam, but some stuff is gonna come out. I’ve heard stories from a cop friend of mine, and it’s not too good. (live in Charlotte, btw)

  182. FumbleNuts says:
    December 17, 2009 9:54 PM
    I hope they put up a Statue of Chris in the entrance of Paul Brown stadium.
    The man deserves this honor!

    No need to be THAT sarcastic…

  183. mixman34 says:
    December 17, 2009 4:14 PM
    @ LoganSF2
    Nothing more? How bout a father of 3. F those kids then? huh lil guy?
    The kids always suffer when dumbasses screw up their lives. His GF is nothing but a thug too. Look at her facebook account. Henry wasn’t the father of these kids. It was some other thug who abandoned them.

  184. LoganSF2 & golongboyee
    you’re right you guys are awesome.. no… the BEST!!! Great human beings, way to go!!!! Your mothers must be so proud, I mean, what great human beings. Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Im just glad there are at least two perfect people in this world. I mean where would this world be without you two who have done nothing wrong in your life. And inspire me to be a better man. thanks.

  185. i heard while he was on the back of the truck, he was screaming to his fiance that if she didnt stop, he was going to jump…..

  186. It doesnt matter who he was what he did noone deserves to die. Three young children dont deserve to lose their daddy anytime but especially this close to the holidays. No mother deserves to lose her son. From a STEELER fan to the family friends and teamates and fans of Chris Henry Much heartfelt condolences to you on the untimly loss

  187. Pervy’sGhost – you are funny. I would gladly grid you up into a smaller piece of worthless, internet-brave, crap that you already are……the fact that you would get mad about someone else’s legitimate comments also shows you have nothing to stand on intellect-wise as well……..shoo-fly and leave you nonsensical, ignorant posts to another forum……..

  188. bian8 – thanks for proving your moron-ness once again. I didn’t realize that you trademarked the term “shit”……other than it being used to describe your pathetic life

  189. Yes moron…….it DOES matter what he did……if he was doing something that endanger OTHER people’s lives (not saying that was the case here but…….) makes a big difference…Drunk driving is a good example. If someone wants to go out and get plastered and wreck themselves…….go ahead. The reason they get extensive prison time in many cases is becasue of the potential for large impacts (other fatalities). If someone dies will driving drunk I have ZERO compassion for them………..NONE. If they kill others in the process I have even less…….death is too good for them. If any of you disagree you are either clueless or have never had anyone die at the hands of a drunk (or both).
    The comparison?????drinking and driving or jumping in the back of a moving truck while having a domestic dispute are both STUPID and easily avoidable AND have the potential for injuring others………..GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. mixman34 = buffoon
    ..and i weep for all the parents out there that raised many of the idiots in here that think everyone gets a free pass and that someone’s untimely death automatically relieves someone of responsibility. Maybe one day when YOU lose someone due to some else’s total lack of regard for personal and public safety or totally negligence and/or stupidity, you might have a different, more educated and mature view of life and the world.
    The moral of this story is…..Henry was a jerk-off and he is lucky him being as such didn’t lead to additional death and saddness of other innocent families……………

  191. You know what?
    When the Bengals brought him back after they cut him months earlier, I was strongly against this decision.
    But what the move taught us was that you can turn around your life and prosper as long as you have a support system.
    The Bengals are a great source for support when you are in need of help.

  192. rbias2- No, the Bengals were desperate for a receiver…….obviously.
    NFL teams are not half-way houses.

  193. to all of you bashing him or calling him a menace or whatever it is that you have to say….you’re pathetic.
    the man died yesterday. 3 young kids were left without their father. you can have your opinions about someone, that’s fine, but keep that stuff to yourself. show some respect for god’s sake. the man is dead.
    i find it funny that so many people in here seem to know everything about him, and people have the audacity to say that he wasn’t getting his act together. how come everyone that knew him personally seems to disagree with you? don’t you find that ironic?
    also, please stop saying that he jumped into a moving truck. we don’t know when he got in the back of it. it sounds like the truck was parked when he got in based on some of the new details coming out, and she probably had the doors locked so he couldn’t get in the cab. my guess would be he got in the back of the truck to try and stop her from driving away, thinking she wouldn’t go with him back there.
    that said, I don’t want to accuse her of anything because I don’t know what really happened. but you know what? cut this man some slack, he went through a LOT in his past, self-inflicted i’ll admit, but he had finally gotten away from all that.
    anyone who disagrees with me, that’s fine, but I really wish you’d keep it to yourself. there’s a lot of people hurt by this situation and you should really show some class and not bash the guy.
    From this one little part of Bengal Nation – we will miss you Slim. My thoughts are with your family, friends and teammates.

  194. golongboyee- Oh,I wasn’t mad. Just seems that you spew so much crap out yo mouth would be fun to shut it. See you never came around. I see your braveness ends hiding behind a computer screen pussy.The moral of the story is… talk alot but nothing comes out. Big talkin chickenshit.

  195. Everyone is blaming his wife here, hasn’t anyone considered the possibility that maybe he was trying to hurt/kill his wife, and that she was trying to throw him from the truck to protect herself? I mean let’s face it the scene here is a dude wearing a cast with no shirt on standing in the bed of a truck moving at a high rate of speed, screaming and banging on the window. Not good at all.

  196. Also didn’t this guy have a responsibility to his kids to, you know, stay alive? I’m sorry, but passing away in the manner he did hurts his children immensely, the real victims here, and so I can’t really “memorialize” this guy who didn’t care enough to stop acting like a jackass and could not manage to stay alive.

  197. golongboyee – how many times are you gonna post here? Everyone gets your take, you hate people who make mistakes and don’t care about people who die when it is in the process of making a mistake, WE GET IT!!!
    I genuinely hope you eat your words, however that may happen, and ultimately become a better person. Until then choke on it you sorry excuse for a human.
    Chad’s press conference was hard to listen to, still feels like I got punched in the stomach. I’ve had easier times dealing with distant relatives passing, and made it through funerals without feeling choked up, but this has continually hit me hard. All condolences to the fam and the team. This Sunday will be a great game by the Bengals, or it will be a huge letdown in the wake of all this. I predict the former.

    People do understand your view points.
    The only thing everyone is trying to do here is pass on their best wishes. That’s it. I’m not making excuses for the way he lived his life, it was childish and self centered but the man just died. No need to bash just because you can, not saying you are.
    If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. He was 26 and we have no clue about how his family lived their lives. It’s a sad story no matter which way this plays out. Bottom line!

  199. Never said I trademarked the word shit. Just said you stole my joke and yours was lame. You call me an idiot and you use the word morn-ness. Couldn’t think of another word?

  200. Pervy’sGhost – like i said, you are the internet pussy….and you should be thankful our paths never cross…..i would wipe my ass with you

  201. ScottThompson1982 says:
    December 18, 2009 9:04 PM
    Peace Chris, I know your up in heaven smoking’ a fatty with God.

    Congratulations! You’ve just made the most idiotic comment ever on this Web site.

  202. @golongboyee …
    You’re angry because people are offering condolences to Chris Henry’s family even though you’ve decided he wasn’t a good person. And yes, you have a right to post what you wish.
    I once correctly commented on how the league votes on rules for its franchises. I’m familiar w/francise contracts and it’s the same whether it’s the NFL or McDonald’s. If you own a franchise, there are rules. But because you don’t think so, with no provocation, you called me a stupid, low-rent, dirt-bag c*nt, slut, whore.
    For some reason, both you and PFT considered it acceptable for a poster to attack a woman in a highly sexualized way that had nothing to do with the football discussion–though others have been banned for posting much more benign rants.
    Men who attack women that way are not good people. Those who come where others are expressing grief and sympathy to deliberately pick fights are not good people. You’re so busy telling everyone Chris Henry is not a good person that you can’t see yourself for what you are: a very angry man crying for attention in very hateful ways.
    Do you think anyone will care when you pass?

  203. LMAO golongboyee just got beat up by a girl!!!! And you want some of me tool?? Deb broke it off in you…your career of PFT stupidity has ended! LOL

  204. Deb, I am an equal opportunity hazer………if you say something stupid (which you did because you have NO CLUE about the NFL and how franchises work), I will criticize it. You have no familiarity with NFL franchises whatsoever because everything you said was incorrect. Yes, there are rules with owning a franchise unfortunately the rules you articulated were flat out incorrect, sorry.
    Bottom line Deb, you are a dumb, pent-up bitch who obviously got f-ed by a number of dudes and was done wrong. Sorry, but it was probably the result of your stupidity more than anything else. Get over yourself and discuss the topic at hand you dumb whore.

  205. and Percy……typical you would need a woman to fight your battles………you are more pathetic than I thought! LMAO

  206. Wow, can’t believe how this thread ended up…
    Florio, start banning some of these fools, its cool to have people argue/debate, but what some of this people are talking about is awful.

  207. Thanks golongboyee for making man dumber than he already is. I am sure God is so proud of his creation right now.

  208. WOW!!!! Keep it up boyee, you’re making quite a name for yourself. If Henry was such a “bad person,” then you must be evil incarnated. I have never seen on any comment board a more nasty, heartless, uneducated, assumption jumping set of posts written by one person, let alone following their death.
    Since we’re making baseless claims and all sorts of assumptions about other people, you must be a castrated sex offender, or perhaps an old man who still laments the loss of genital use. No, wait, you’re in high school and are afraid to change in gym class because all the other kids have developed normally. It’s ok, they have prosthetics now, so you can do an honorable job of pretending with the next sorry slut that regrets sleeping with you. Just remember to tell your mom you’re using her credit card.

  209. Sorry Percy, I was just pointing out how dumb man can be (in particular, YOU……….)not adding to it. Cannot come close to equaling you in that department!LOL

  210. Man I love golongboyee’s LOLZ and LMAOs. They end up proving his point so well. He is so funny and knows so much. Everyone listen to him! LOL! LMAO! hahahahahahaha shut the hell up douchebag

  211. deeboo7 mentioned earlier the similarities in the tragic deaths of Chris Henry and Steve McNair; namely, their choice of girlfriends over family. Both men leave fatherless children. Both men allowed their weaknesses to claim their lives. Their deaths were 100% preventable; if they hadn’t made stupid choices, both would still be alive and spending time with their kids on Friday.
    The NFL should step up and start a campaign promoting sane family life. How about “Fatherhood: More Important than Banging Skanks”.

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  215. Wow. GoLongBoyee its been a week. Let it go. I thought your initial comment was interesting, but no need for all the hostility, you had to know people were gonna be pissed when you hit “submit”. It definitely sucks that Chris died… RIP. Those of you wishing condolences to his family so on and so forth I agree with the sentiment, however I don’t think it’s the appropriate venue, send a card to the Bengals organization and it actually might end up somewhere in a memorial that the family may actually see. Just a thought.
    Happy Holidays to all.

  216. @golongboyee
    Wow! Really?!?! Have you gone and scrolled back to look at what you posted? Chris Henry was not the poster child for law abiding behavior while he was alive. Would the folks in here tell their kids to look to him as a role model? Probably not. However, does that mean you have to lambast when he is gone? Then go on to insult everyone on the comment board for having compassion for his kids and family?
    Dude, seriously go back and look at your posts. Do you think your thoughts are those of a decent human being? You say that Deb has been wronged by guys but maybe you have been abused by men somehow?

  217. @BeastoftheEast …
    That’s just it–I haven’t been screwed over by a bunch of guys. I’ve had good and bad experiences like everyone else. I have great relationships with my dad and brother, and most of my closest friends and mentors have been men. If I get hurt, I’m capable of distinguishing between “that” person and “all” people.
    But let’s imagine I did have a ton of bad relationships. What would that have to do with the NFL rules regarding team ownership? My information was accurate. He just didn’t think so. And because he didn’t think so, in his mind that made me a whore who’d been screwed over by men. Interesting the way his mind works. Interesting, disturbed, twisted, sociopathic, and totally self-involved. “If I think it, then it must be so”–whether it’s about NFL franchises, a woman posting on PFT, or the death of a young father of three just before Christmas. Very very sad. He’ll get plenty of attention from all that anger and lashing out … but when he passes, who’ll care?

  218. @ Deb
    well put Deb. Unfortunately, most people around golongboyee probably have no idea of his sick and demented thoughts towards the human race as a whole and god forbid he ends up being one of those people that just walk into a shopping mall and open fires on everyone. if you go into other articles that are not even controversial (not that this story should have been but with the all the postings, it got that way) you will see that this guy posts the most negative and nasty comments i have seen on this site. and if you have read this site for a while, you will see some pretty negative people but this guy takes the cake. what do you think it says that he likes to be called golongboyee?

  219. Sorry Deb, I called you a stupid cunt because of your ridiculous comments about me. Your assinine comments regarding franchising had nothing to do with. I care little about how many randon postmen you have f-ed in your lifetime. But, the fact that you continuosly evade discussing the issues (in this case the NFL franchising issue) and bash me shows you are a filthy, moroninc whore who has a meager IQ.

  220. So, golongboyee, you like to rewrite history, too?
    In the thread in question, I posted a simple comment about franchises. Suddenly, out of nowhere, some guy posted “How STUPID are you?” along with other nasty, demeaning comments. I’ve seen you post similar things to several other PFTers–all without provocation. I guess I was supposed to meekly slink away when you thumped your chest. Sorry, I skipped that course in Girl School.
    Though it bothers you to think so, my comment was correct. The NFL owners meet every year to discuss and vote on various issues. Those issues include certain rules of conduct that they impose on themselves by majority vote. That’s why the members of the Rooney family who own the Pittsburgh Steelers had to get rid of their dog tracks–because the LEAGUE doesn’t allow franchise owners to also own gambling operations. Now I’m sorry that you don’t believe the league can tell the owners what to do under any circumstances and that I’m an idiot for saying otherwise. But, in case you missed it, the LEAGUE fined Titans owner Bud Adams $250,000 for flipping the bird at the Bills. The league can tell the owners what to do in some circumstances.
    When you called me stupid, I fired back in kind. I didn’t call you vicious names. I questioned how bright you were–which was exactly what you’d done to me. AND rather than evading, I thoroughly explained what I was saying.
    You could have answered back in an adult, civilized way. Instead you immediately shifted into something completely sexual: “You’re a slut. You’re a low-rent dirtbag cunt. You’re a whore.” And you keep talking about how many men I’ve screwed.
    The ONLY thing you know about me is my gender and that I stood up to you when you called me stupid. From that you’ve come up with all these vicious character assaults AND some twisted justification for using them. The more people you alienate, the more you seem to love it. I guess negative attention is better than no attention, isn’t it?
    You sad little man. I’ve said all I have to say. Rave on.

  221. Deb, just to set the record straight:
    1)Yes, I called your comments stupid because they were in fact that stupid. Calling you a whore and a tramp has nothing to do with being stupid. (There probably are a few smart whores out there, you’re not one of them)
    2)Yes, the league can tell the owners what to do IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES. That doesn’t mean they can in ALL circumstances. The league CANNOT tell the owners what to do in a lot of circumstances as well. One being moving a franchise. What you fail to understand is the owners are out for nobody but themselves and limiting owners from doing certain things goes against that cause. If you disagree with this statement, name a time when owners have failed to approve a move even when it is documented that a majority doesn’t approve?????Please, prove me wrong
    3)Why can’t you just admit you are wrong and move on.
    4) You are still a dumb whore!

  222. golongboyee……I feel sorry for you. You are like that poor little child who gets beaten by his drunk daddy for not rooting for the raiders. And when the raiders lose, you go hide in the closet with the lights out until daddy passes out. Then you get on websites and take out all of your anger on other people. It’s just words that you are typing, and we know how hurt you are inside. Its ok. I promise. Go play World of Warcraft and let the adults talk about adult games.mmmmkkkk Hope daddy didn’t give you a belt for christmas….

  223. Sad little man golongboyee, let it go! You are embarrasing us weiner boy. This back and forth crap is making you in particular look real stupid, know why? Because you keep ending your re-writes with stupid whore. Honestly dude, it seems like the stupid whore is you. You need to have respect once in a while, you never know who you could be desrespecting on the other side….it could be your long lost mama and that is soooo wrong. Have respect for women, if you dont your down low side is pretty obvious to everyone in this blog sunny boy.

  224. zmcdonald – WAS I TALKING TO YOU???? Ok than…….go back to molesting your 12 year old daughter and licking you dog and buzz off!
    as for Doc Holliday, go blow your mother who also happens to be a stupid whore!

  225. golongboyee :
    You are now shooting blanks, go take a dump, dumb ass. Folks it’s clear we are dealing with a retard, hands off. Give this clown his space, we are not gonna get anywhere arguing with him. Wanna bet? Just go to a commercial and come back…he’ll have rants, whores, mama, all the works up in here…here we go folks 🙂

  226. and Deb…… say I am changing history. Please show me where I said this????
    “……you don’t believe the league can tell the owners what to do under any circumstances”
    I never said this……..please provide proof that this was EVER said!!!!!!!!!!!
    See Deb, this is your problem, you have a problem with DETAIL.

  227. golongboyee, I NEVER said anything about moving a franchise. Period. Pete Rozelle lost that battle a long long time ago. My comment was that when the older owners die off, perhaps the younger owners could vote in a mandatory retirement age at which future owners will be required to pass the reins of direct operation of their teams to a surrogate. That way an Al Davis wouldn’t be able to run a team into the ground. Specifically, I said young men like Dan Snyder tend to vote for things like mandatory retirement because they can never imagine that one day they will be old men who won’t want to stand down. You said I was stupid because the owners can’t vote to apply a mandatory retirement age. But boards of directors do it all the time. And if they can vote on what other businesses they can own, they can vote in a retirement age.
    I’ve admitted to being wrong on many threads and would happily do so now if that were the case. It’s not. And apparently you’ve been calling me all these names without even knowing what I was talking about. Now you’re attacking all these other people. Do you even listen to yourself?

  228. and Doc…….thank your mamma for me for last night……..if you want to smell my fingers, stop on by!

  229. Deb we need to let the child be alone for a while. Ill call his dad and tell him to take away internet previlages for the next week. Becareful go long boy-I dont want da-da to ground you.

  230. This would be the first time you ever addressed me. Such a classy, polite post. The implication is certainly that the league can’t tell the owners what to do.
    golongboyee says:
    November 22, 2009 11:39 AM
    By your stupid comment, it doesn’t surprise me you are a Squealers fan.
    The NFL doesn’t own the franchises, the owners do… would you like it if you owned a Quizno’s and they had a stipulation in their terms that said you had to turn over control when you turned 65????Don’t think there would be too many people looking to own them..
    More impritantly, are you really this stupid?
    You might want to try reading the Quiznos franchise agreement. It’s pretty long and involved. The franchisee may be the owner, but the owner still has to abide by the rules imposed by the franchise. It’s not the same as owning a stand-alone restaurant. But despite all the rules, many people seem to want to own them.
    I don’t have a problem with details. I have a problem with ignorance, rudeness, and vulgarity.

  231. Sorry Deb, no, there is no implication that the owners OR the league office have 100% say……that is not implied here at all.
    I do not even see your point of reposting this information. What point are you trying to make?
    The only “implication” is that the NFL cannot tell the Colts (as an example) to turn over total control to the NFL at ANY point. I can flat out tell you, THIS CANNOT be done period.
    The NFL could not even stop the Colts from moving from Baltimore to Indy and you think they can do this??????????????
    Also, if the Colts decided tomorrow they wanted to move to Sacramento, the NFL would have no power to stop them. Do you undertstand and agree with this?The NFL also didn’t want the Browns to move either but what happened????The point being, yes, they would have a vote on it but it would be a sham vote. They would stay in a room until they hammered out a scenario where the team CAN move becasue they know they would have no choice. They wouldn’t vote to block it mainly because the same owners voting have in the back of their mind that they might need to move down the road for whatever reason.
    Does this make any sense?

  232. @zmcdonald & Doc Holliday …
    Thanks fellas. I actually left this thread a while ago, but had the afternoon off and some time to waste. But you’re right. There are better ways to waste an afternoon.

  233. “My comment was that when the older owners die off, perhaps the younger owners could vote in a mandatory retirement age at which future owners will be required to pass the reins of direct operation of their teams to a surrogate. That way an Al Davis wouldn’t be able to run a team into the ground. ”
    Deb, if he wants to run it into the ground, he can certainly do so (as he essentially has) the NFL has “limited” say in the matter and does not have enough say to do this!!!!!!!!!

  234. “You said I was stupid because the owners can’t vote to apply a mandatory retirement age. But boards of directors do it all the time.”
    Maybe board of directors do but this isn’t a board of directors situation…….has no similarity to this situation!

  235. “And if they can vote on what other businesses they can own, they can vote in a retirement age.”
    Sorry Deb, this is a stupid statement. The owners would never do this. Would you buy a Quiznos if the contract said you had to turn over control when you reached the age of _____????

  236. Yes, golongboyee, that makes sense. As I said, I wasn’t talking about moving teams because Pete Rozelle lost that battle long ago with people like Irsay and his midnight moves and Al Davis and his court battles. I was merely suggesting, somewhat tongue in cheek, that the owners vote in a mandatory retirement age to get rid of people like Davis before they reach the point of being ineffective stewards of their own assets. Although I was half kidding, it is possible for groups like the NFL owners to impose those types of limits on themselves–just as they’ve decide their members can’t own gambling establishments.
    I posted your response because you immediately launched into calling me stupid and bashing me all over the place. When I responded in kind, you called me a low-rent, dirtbag cunt, a whore, and a slut. You keep saying you called me those things because I bashed you. I’m just pointing out that you were the first person to engage in bashing. Calling you illiterate does not make me a cunt who sleeps around. Nor would being wrong about the NFL’s franchise issues make me a whore or a slut.

  237. Deb, I was using the example of moving as proof that the NFL teams are not subservient to the “league”. Regarding internal matters, ie highering of coaches, assistants, picking players, moving, saying who is the owner and who controls what, picking the colors, etc, the NFL has literally almost no say whatsoever. All they have control over is the structure (the draft structure, etc). When a team is up for sale, all owners must approve the new owner sure, but they dont PICK who that owner would be…..given this, it totally goes against the current structure in every way saying the NFL should decide when an owner should step down…….wouldn’t work!

  238. Sorry Deb. It appears that you actually are pretty smart compared to some of the bozos in here. I stand corrected.

  239. Subservient, no. But just as Adams couldn’t flip the bird without facing consequences, the owners do have some control over one another. They don’t pick who the owner would be. But if they refuse to approve an owner, they can have a lot of say in the ownership structure of a team. Dan Rooney knew that, because the other owners hold him in such high regard, they wouldn’t approve a takeover of the Steelers that cut him out as majority owner. That pretty much forced one bidder to drop out.
    We can debate this all day without coming to agreement. Would the owners vote in a mandatory retirement age? Probably not. Certainly not now when many owners are old lions who won’t relinquish control until you pry their cold dead hands off their teams. But could they? Yeah, I expect they could find a way to do it if they wanted to. And some day if most of the owners were young guns who wanted to get rid of the old goats, they might try it. You never know. It was just a silly hypothetical. Nothing to get carried away about.
    The bigger issue, though, is why you couldn’t have had this discussion with me a month ago instead of jumping into all the sexual stuff? Calling me stupid is one thing, and I can fire back with the best of them. But that other stuff was way over the top. To put it simply, I’m not that kind of woman, so I’m not used to having men talk to me that way. Why were you so angry?

  240. Its great when you have a highly educated woman who takes the time (ie weeks) to explain to someone that they are wrong and that person finally admits it. Deb, I am a Whodey fan, but damnit you are awesome. Way to stand up for yourself and call it how it is.

  241. Deb,
    The owners do not have control of one another, the entity of ALL the owners has a duty to do things that are right and just. This entity (we off course know as the NFL offices) can make minor decisions like fining people, etc. But this is because the owners wanted an entity to run the ship. Having an entity dictate how each owner runs his/her team would never fly. The NFL can have some minor say in how the ownership is structured, not much however. You, as an outsider don’t really know what went down with Rooney’s ownership deals and neither do I. But the bottom line is, Rooney could do pretty much 90% of what he ultimately wanted to do. In many cases, they may decide it is not worth the trouble to drive something through. Trust me, if Dan Snyder can be approved to buy a team (Redskins), there isn’t much due diligence going on there. The proof is in the pudding.
    Also, it is not up to younger owners to decide who runs the other teams. If one team was in such disarray that the NFL thought something needed to be done, the best they could do is recommend new ownership. Because, once you are an owner, your power cannot be stripped by other owners.

  242. That’s an interesting point. As a Steelers fan who wanted Dan Rooney to remain in control, I followed the restructuring of the Steelers closely. All we know is that Dan Rooney voluntarily complied with the NFL’s rule that team owners not be involved in gambling. Apparently this became an issue when some of the Rooney brothers, who once held equal percentages of the team, put slot machines into their dog track facilities. Dan didn’t own tracks, and by bringing in minority owners from outside the family, was able to buy out the brothers who did.
    The brothers were eager to sell their shares of the team because they’re elderly, their heirs didn’t want the team, and they were concerned about changes to the tax code that would stick their kids with large inheritance taxes. But what if their kids DID want to maintain ownership of the Steelers and keep their slot machines, too? I wonder what the NFL could have done about it. Like you say, they couldn’t take the Steelers away from the Rooneys anymore than they can strip the Raiders from crazy old Al.
    Guess it would have been a big court battle. But unlike Davis, Rooney would never have done that. Very different men, those two. And historically they haven’t gotten along very well.
    My only point was that the league can and does pass rules governing the owners–like the Rooney Rule about interviewing minority coaching and executive candidates. But whether the league can truly enforce the rules … that’s a different story. Wonder how many minority candidates Lerner interviewed before hiring Holmgren.

  243. Yes, and like if you own one Pro franchise, you cannot own another (i may be wrong but I believe this is an NFL rule, might be a MLB rule). But anyway, you get my point. They can assign rough guidelines and rules mainly because the owners like it this way. It protects the owners from each other in a sense. But, if the NFL ever tried to over-step its bounds……all owners would let them know in a hurry. And since the owners would be voting on many of the drastic guidelines coming down, they wouldn’t pass anyway.
    The Rooney Rule (which is a total ridiculous piece of racist legislation which does more harm than good, but that’s another story) is similar to the draft rules. A team cannot just decide one year it is not going to participate in the draft but if at some point all or most teams said “you know what. this draft thing isn’t working”, they could change or remove it.
    The NFL is an association (like many associations) has reached the point of having to come up with stuff to legitimize itself. The Rooney Rule being a great example. I am sure they spent thousands of hours discussing and crafting this rule. I am sure most owners think it is ridiculous even if they don’t come out and say so.

  244. Never thought about it before but I worked a while at the headquarters of a large association similar to the NFL. All the “clubs” hated HQ and went out of their way to let us know we worked for them. It’s probably the same for league people dealing with the owners. Almost makes me sympathize with Goodell.
    I believe in the spirit of the Rooney Rule–that owners need to broaden their idea of who can be a successful coach or exec. But you can’t legislate an open mind. I’m sure Lerner thinks he hit the jackpot, but Holmgren will never have one-tenth Ozzie Newsome’s brains or skill as a player-personnel man. On the other hand, winning is a powerful motivator. Owners love to copycat. The more successful minority coaches and execs become, the more will be hired. I believe Raheem Morris got his job in Tampa more on the strength of Tomlin’s Super Bowl win than on his own resume–or the Rooney Rule. But the Rooneys have the guts to play their hand and stick w/Tomlin through some bad seasons. I doubt the Glazers will do the same. And if they hire Cowher or Snyder hires Shanahan, without sincerely interviewing minority candidates, I’m not sure what the league can do about it. You’re certainly right about that.
    So … I guess we’ve about covered this subject–and in a civilized way, which is nice. So we should probably exit this thread. I’m starting to feel like someone who’s stayed too long at a funeral 🙂

  245. @Deb
    Hey Deb
    Ok I know I got into this thread late, but saying the Rooney rule is racist? I’m sure I understand your presumed argument about why it is racist and harmful but lets look at numbers. In the first three years since the rule was implemented the number of minority coaches went from 6% to 22%. Anyone who feels the Rooney rule is a bad thing probably doesn’t fully understand it and its profound effect. Let me ask you this, what would be a better solution? Like I stated the numbers are there, with the Rooney Rule in place the percentage went from 6-22 so you can’t deny its effect. Nothing is not an answer because it wont work and over qualified minority coaching candidates will be passed over without even an interview. Don’t believe me? Look at college football where the percentage of minority head coaches is around 6%. If anything we need to implement the rule into college football. We have had more minority presidents of the USA than there are minority coaches in the SEC. The rule is a needed and will be until racism is gone, its that simple.
    If you want to check my facts here is where I got them:
    Here are some articles on both sides of the argument:
    There is really is no solid argument to be made agains’t the Rooney rule because there isn’t one. As long as we assume that we agree that minority candidates are just as qualified, racism is a reality, and equality is a good thing, than the Rooney rule is best way to keep the NFL a league where people of all races can be hired if they are the best person for the job.

  246. “the Rooney rule is best way to keep the NFL a league where people of all races can be hired if they are the best person for the job.”
    If this is the case, no rule is needed period………your arguement is seriously flawed.

  247. The Rooney Rule does nothing to get qualified people into these positions, it simply pushes less qualified people up the ladder sooner than they should. The Tampa Bay coach is a prime example.
    Yes it got more minorites in there (or so it appears) that doesn’t mean it is working.
    Getting minorities in as coaches isn’t (or shouldn’t be) the prime objective, getting the BEST coach in there is, it it will only act to discourage this.

  248. If I am an owner, I am going to hire who I want and I wont let some moronic rule get in my way, period………most will avoid compliance anyway and just do whatever it takes to put up appearances of compliance (as the Redskins are doing right now)

  249. “In the first three years since the rule was implemented the number of minority coaches went from 6% to 22%.”
    So what, this fact alone doesn’t mean it is accomplishing any goal, just means more minorites were hired.
    From 1970 to 1990, % of minorities playing in the NFL went from about 5% to 90%. Why is it a rule was NOT needed to accomplish this? Because the cream rises to the top……regardless…….

  250. “The rule is a needed and will be until racism is gone, its that simple.”
    Very ironic you say this…….racism won’t be gone until stupid rules like this which have any reference to skin color/culture/etc whatsoever are no more.
    Sorry Deb, reverting to my old ways but “this class sucks” is a total buffoon.

  251. “Nothing is not an answer because it wont work and over qualified minority coaching candidates will be passed over without even an interview.”
    Than why did “nothing” work for the league as a whole??????????

  252. Omigoodness! this class sucks, what have you stirred up?!
    You guys are standing on opposite ends of the classic Affirmative Action debate–and you’re not going to resolve it on PFT.
    golongboyee, he’s not a buffoon. He’s very smart, but he’s a student and relies a lot on stats.
    this class sucks, I hope that didn’t sound condescending, but sometimes stats don’t tell the whole story.
    You both make good points–that’s why people have been debating these questions since before we were born.
    If you help one group, are you then oppressing another? If you have to force people to do the right thing, what have you accomplished? Attitudes will change over time–but how long can you expect people to wait for that change? How can the cream rise if no one gives it a fair chance? Can you legislate morality?
    Generally, I support the Rooney Rule because otherwise these candidates would never have a chance. This way, at least a Tomlin can get an interview and the opportunity to sell himself. The owner isn’t required to hire him. He’ll have to make a great sales pitch. And if he gets the job, he’ll have to do it well or he’ll lose it–just like Denny Green, Art Shell, and Tony Dungy (in Tampa) lost theirs.
    But I also know rules can’t change hearts. And golongboyee is right, you only know the rules have worked when you realize you no longer need them.
    As with most things, there are no absolutes.

  253. Yes, golongboyee, you’re right–they didn’t need rules to integrate the league as a whole because owners want to win and needed the talent minority athletes brought to the table. But it’s been 50 years since the league integrated and 40 since college ball integrated and the sidelines and front offices don’t reflect what’s on the field. Owners and college administrators can accept players of color but seem much less able to accept people of color in power or management positions. That’s why it may be necessary to give them some prodding.
    I don’t believe in quotas so I’m not suggesting anything other than requiring people to consider other options. Does it work? Maybe. Maybe not. But it can’t hurt.

  254. @Deb
    Sorry Deb. I am a passionate believer in the Rooney Rule. I didn’t find you condescending in the least, I completely understand what you mean and your right.
    The stats in this case don’t lie. When given a chance minority candidates can be fit to lead but many people assume other wise and they don’t get that chance. I am sure you have a good faith basis for your arguments and if I knew you I wouldn’t consider you stupid but your failure to grasp the point of what I am saying forces me to do this: The Rooney Rule does not FORCE anyone to hire anybody. The responsibility to make good hires falls to the owner or someone the owner has delegated to do as such. If Raheem Morris turns out to be a terrible coach, which I think he will based on his body of work so far, that is not the fault of the Rooney Rule any more than it is the fault of his race. It is the job of the Tampa Bay brass to hire a good coach. You may argue that without the Rooney Rule they would have never hired him, because they would not have even interviewed him. That may very well be true but that doesn’t mean a thing. If Tomlin was hired because of the rule he won a Super Bowl so with out it the Steelers would have never won a Super Bowl.
    As far as your stats regarding minority players, Deb makes some good points faulting that but I will add to it. First of all it is way easier to judge the skill level of players than coaches. It was determined by some (Chuck Knoll) that minority players could easily be just as good as or better than white players. The league has changed since the 70s but like you said from 1970 to 1990? So you suggest we wait 20 years for minority coaches to get a chance?
    If you are foolish enough to try and make this about affirmative action than any argument is lost on you any way because this is not affirmative action. If you need the difference explained to you than we are done here.
    I probably said it in another post but how did you know I was a student 🙂 are you facebook stalking me?

  255. @this class sucks …
    Facebook scares me. Your user name gave you away 😉
    The Rooney Rule is a form of affirmative action–it’s a positive action being taken to help move minorities forward. No, it’s not a government program. The owners imposed it on themselves–and it’s passive because it doesn’t require them to do anything more than take a look. But it’s still a type of affirmative action.
    Pro football was integrated well before Noll (no “K”), and golongboyee is right that barriers eventually seem to break down naturally. Moon, McNair, McNabb had their struggles, but those struggles were nothing compared to what Joe Gilliam and Doug Williams faced. But I think these issues are less about evaluating talent than breaking through glass ceilings. No one can deny Ozzie Newsome’s talent, but his success hasn’t opened doors for a lot of black execs. Although about 70 percent of players are black, I think only five of 32 teams have a black senior exec. To me, that says the establishment doesn’t want to move new people into power positions. And that’s an age-old story.
    I’m happy to see more minority coaches on the sidelines. But I’ll be more impressed with the success of the Rooney Rule if it has a real impact on the front office.

  256. sorry guys……but you are totally wrong……..judging coaches is no different than judging players………none. You judge them on PERFORMANCE, not what they look like. If I was an owner, would I NOT hire someone becasue he was black if I knew he was a good coach. Absolutely not. And those who would NOT hire a quality candidate would lose out anyway. So, it polices itself. It is precisely the same a affirmative action. Bottom line, usuing OTHER criteria to hire a candidate rather than skill level.
    This class sucks……….the stats you presented are correct but stats presented without basis prove nothing. May stats are correct as well.

  257. “Although about 70 percent of players are black, I think only five of 32 teams have a black senior exec. To me, that says the establishment doesn’t want to move new people into power positions. And that’s an age-old story.”
    Did you ever think for a second that his might mean there aren’t qualified candidates at this point that just happn to be minorities?

  258. I am not happy to see more minorities on the sidelines because I do not look at things that way. Which is the way it should be. I would be happy to see more QUALIFIED individuals whether they are blue black red or green. If I WAS a minority I would be offended by this.
    Plus judging the rule so far, it hasn’t worked. Look at the minority coaches hired thus far.
    Crenal – terrible
    Tampa Coach – terrible
    Dungy – over-rated
    Tomlin – at first i would say this is one success of the rule but if the Steelers have a few more seasons like this season, it will prove that Tomlin’s early success was based on carry-over from Cowher. Jury is still out.
    Lovie Smith – poor
    Plus, given my few connections with the league, i know for a fact some black players have been put in positions they don’t deserve. One in particular, the guy was basically what I would consider a criminal but he was given chances over other more qualified WHITE candidates. And THAT pisses me off.

  259. “golongboyee, he’s not a buffoon. He’s very smart, but he’s a student and relies a lot on stats. ”
    Regurgitating facts and apply them mark the difference between being smart and being someone who just spews non-correlated info. Unfortunately, this is what “sucks” did.
    Stating a fact an assuming it means something is meaningless!

  260. Despite what people want to believe, there aren’t qualified people in every minority category for every possible position on the planet. It cannot be possible and it will never be.

  261. Also, if “this class sucks” was so smart, he would realize that the Rooney Rule was created only as a PR move in the first place. If it has ANY positive effect, so be it but that is not the primary reason it was created.

  262. “…..the troubles Joe Gilliam and Doug Williams faced”
    These guys faced troubles because they weren’t very good QBs……….

  263. “If you are foolish enough to try and make this about affirmative action than any argument is lost on you any way because this is not affirmative action. If you need the difference explained to you than we are done here. ”
    Class sucks………how is the Rooney Rule diferent from affirmative action????please cite examples!

  264. @golongboy
    Ok I clear handicap in this argument so I am done with you. While I read what you and others say, take it into consideration, than make an argument, you are probably planning your comeback as you read what I say so there is no point. Plus, by listing black coaches and saying how terrible they are it appears you are trying to make the argument that black people can’t be good coaches. You sir are an idiot.
    Touche. I could be a teacher though lol

  265. Thanks for calling me an idiot. Coming from someone as incompetant as you, that is a compliment.
    The bottom line is YOU are a racist. Anyone that supports programs targeted for a particular race is that by definition.
    ..and yes, I have my “comebacks” planned because my ideas are well-thought out (unlike yours)
    and you quote is hilarious “it appears you are trying to make the argument that black people can’t be good coaches.” Of course you think this rather than have any substantiation to your agruements. You are the exact type of person I see everyday. Being a consultant for Fortune 500 companies, I see dozens upon dozens of “minorities” who work for these companies that the company would love to fire but cannot. These people waste the companies money, provide no benefit and EXPECT to be rewarded because of their external characteristcs. They are pathetic and so are you.
    …and the only individuals you might be capable of teaching anything are those still in diapers.
    You are a dumbass, disgusting, piece of garbage who expects something for nothing……and it is obvious by your moronic comments that you are a minority.

  266. @golongboy
    You clearly have some preconceived notions about minorities, which is the meaning of racism. Well since I can’t get through to you any other way I will just make fun of you. You sir are old. The world you grew up in is gone and you don’t like change. You are terrified of what you don’t understand that you will stick up for any stubborn thoughts you probably formed while still living at home with your parents. You are like the “teabaggers” who yell things like “I want my country back.” I am sure you are not the only person that misses having a white president and only had to see white people, and only had to work with white people, but you are all the same at heart terrified. Why you seem to dislike minority people is beyond me maybe your boss is a minority and you are convinced he got the job because he was a minority. Or maybe your wife left you for a minority who knows. The only thing I do know is that you clearly aren’t interested in considering anyone else’s view point as possibly being right. I can do that. I honestly thought long and hard about the Rooney Rule and what it is, and if its good. I don’t like affirmative action. In my english class last year I wrote a paper denouncing it calling it reverse racism and the path to an unfair community. But when I think about the Rooney rule I keep coming to the same conclusion: No one is forced to hire someone. So by denouncing the Rooney Rule by saying that all the black coaches are bad ones you are saying that black coaches don’t deserve the same chance to fail. White coaches who don’t deserve jobs get them all the time. Jim Mora jr, Wade Phillips, Josh McDaniels, Jim Zorn I could go on and on. You are saying that its ok for white coaches to come in and fail but black coaches don’t deserve that right.
    I am sorry I called you an idiot. I was frustrated because I can’t get through to you. I don’t think you are an idiot, just not open to new ideas or anyone else’s way of thinking. Which in a way is much worse. You can reply to this if you want, but I am not checking the thread anymore because like I said there is clearly no point. You have your mind made up and refuse to change it or even consider the possibility that you are incorrect. One thing you are incorrect on is my race. I am white. You aren’t even good at being racist, you just make wild assumptions based on view points and attitudes. The great thing is, whether I am right or not, which we will never know, the Rooney is here to stay. It is constantly being expanded and will soon be in college as well. So while my frustration ends at the end of this thread yours will continue every time a minority coach is hired, and every time you see a minority in a place of success.
    In closing I will adress the black coaches:
    Lovie Smith: Went to a Super Bowl
    Raheem Morris (I know those black names can be hard to spell): awful
    Tomlin: won a Super Bowl his second year of being a coach, and could easily finish another year with a winning record.
    Singletary: probably finish 8-8 giving him a 14-13 overall record so hard to say.
    Caldwell: has his team at 14-1 so far so you can’t say he is bad.
    Marvin Lewis: went to the playoffs a couple times, had more injuries than any other coach can’t say he is bad or good really.
    My question to you is who do you think is a good coach if you think Smith and Tomlin aren’t?

  267. 1)”You clearly have some preconceived notions about minorities, which is the meaning of racism.” Sorry again you are a total fool. First of all, that is NOT the meaning of racism. Secondly, please give facts to back this up. What are my preconceived notions?
    2)”I don’t like affirmative action” Bullshit………you like the Rooney Rule but you don’t like affirmative action. You are clearly confused and clueless.
    3) You ARE a student as Deb so clearly pointed out. And, you are like many students who because they are in the academic world think they know everything. Let me make something clear to you. YOU KNOW NOTHING. You are too young and immature to be stating things which one who knows the world would not. For your sake, I would print these comments of your s out and store them for about 15 years. At that time, take a look and hopefully you can see how far you have come because right now, you are simply a know-it-all student who hasn’t the life experience to know much about anything, sorry.
    4)”You are saying that its ok for white coaches to come in and fail but black coaches don’t deserve that right. ” I am not saying this at all. The coaches you mentioned got jobs based on their own merits whether or not they were any good or not isn’t the point. The point is, the one doing the hiring shouldn’t be forced to look at someone based on anything but supposed skills and experience. If they mess up, they do so on their OWN and not based on some arm twisting by some stupid rule that serves no true purpose.
    5) “I don’t think you are an idiot, just not open to new ideas or anyone else’s way of thinking.” Let me perfectly clear here…..just because someone disagrees with you dosn’t mean they are not open to new ideas. Bottom line is, my position is thoroughly thought through, yours is not, sorry.
    6)”The great thing is, whether I am right or not, which we will never know, the Rooney is here to stay.” Not necessarily……again, an ignorant supposition on your part.
    7)”So while my frustration ends at the end of this thread yours will continue every time a minority coach is hired, and every time you see a minority in a place of success. ” Again, a truly ignorant comment on your part. Again, just becasue someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them against minority coaches………you truly are ignorant.
    8) Bill Bellichick and Andy Reid are by far better coaches than any you have mentioned. And i am sure the fact that they are both white and have succeeded and the fact that I brought these two up makes all three racists……..LOL
    9) Bottom line, you are a snot-nosed know-nothing who thinks he knows what is right for the world when he hasn’t even had the chance to live in it……sorry, that is the case. You will get a clue someday.

  268. ..and it might help if you can actually read……I never said Tomlin wasn’t a good coach……i said the jury is still out. You might want to be as clear with MY facts as you seem toTHINK you are with yours!

  269. Lovie Smith: Went to a Super Bowl (so what?)
    Raheem Morris (I know those black names can be hard to spell): awful. (and with you facts can be hard to comprehend.)
    Tomlin: won a Super Bowl his second year of being a coach, and could easily finish another year with a winning record. (question is, is he riding on Cowhers coat-tails)
    Singletary: probably finish 8-8 giving him a 14-13 overall record so hard to say.(???)
    Caldwell: has his team at 14-1 so far so you can’t say he is bad. (does nothing for the Colts, he is 14-1 ‘casue of Peyton Manning, yes he is white, live with it)
    Marvin Lewis: went to the playoffs a couple times, had more injuries than any other coach can’t say he is bad or good really. (has clearly under-achieved)

  270. ….and you are right, I refuse to give up my position, especially given your immature and nieve commentary. Trust me, I have heard much better arguements for the Rooney Rule than you have offered. Yours is by far the weakest and wouldn’t change anyone’s mind.
    Again, because someone doesn’t go……”Oh, you are right, I am going to switch my viewpoint”……doesn’t mean someone is closed-minded.
    Again, you sound like you are maybe 20ish? It is YOU that is close-minded. Anyone with such a weak arguement for something hasn’t really thought it through.

  271. The days of the special little side door for the minority candidates should be over. Let everybody walk through the front door, finally. The best future general managers are out there. By now, you shouldn’t need a special rule to find them.
    golongboyee- Damn boy! You are almost half as smart as I am! I’m impressed!

  272. Forgot to check this thread for a while, but obviously you two have carried on without me.
    this class sucks, like I said before: You guys are debating the fundamentals of affirmative action, and won’t solve those issues here. Since you wrote a term paper on the subject, I don’t understand how you’ve missed the similarities. The only difference is that the Rooney Rule is voluntary rather than government-mandated. But it’s still a type of affirmative action, and golongboyee’s arguments have merit. Offering those arguments doesn’t automatically make him racist. Although it’s rare, some minority leaders have made the same arguments about affirmative action, and they’re not racist. Like most issues, this one has many complex layers.
    golongboyee … can’t you call him a dumbass without “disgusting piece of garbage”?
    this class sucks … “you are old” is a poor comeback. I’ve met a lot of college students who get into abstract discussions about whether or not America should have dropped the bomb in WWII. But none of their theories have meant as much as the time I spent with one of the few Iwo Jima vets to get out alive. I don’t know how old golongboyee is, but you should always be willing to listen to the voice of experience even if you don’t like what it says.
    golongboyee isn’t arguing that minorities don’t belong in power positions. He’s arguing that if they have the talent and skills necessary for those positions, the owners–who want to succeed–will find them and hire them without the help of arbitrary rules. His theory is that cream rises naturally–and it’s not unreasonable. Look at Ozzie Newsome. Your theory is that people might need help seeing the talent right in front of them. And based on the zero movement toward integrating the college head coaching ranks, your theory obviously has merit as well.
    Like golongboyee, I believe cream rises–eventually. But I can’t believe the reason there are no black head coaches in college ball is because there aren’t any blacks who are qualified. It does seem to be a good ol’ boys fraternity, so maybe extra pressure should be applied.
    golongboyee, you know Gilliam and Williams didn’t just get crap because they were bad QBs. Gilliam started out with a lot of promise. Williams, not so much–but he certainly finished his career with flourish. It was tough for them breaking into the QB ranks as black players.
    As for the coaches, I disagree on Dungy. He’s a sorry commentator, but he was a terrific defensive coach. He built a powerhouse D in Tampa. Marv’s been hampered a lot by injuries in Cincy, but I think we’re finally seeing his plan come together.
    I’m a Tomlin believer. Will always love Cowher, but people tend to overrate guys after they leave. It took a lot of years for him to get that trophy, and he mentally checked out the next season. Whis is doing great in AZ, but he made mistakes as Pittsburgh’s OC. I think the Rooneys chose well with Tomlin. A lot of little things have won me over, but I think credit for the Super Bowl win goes to him. He’s made mistakes this year, but he’s a young coach and Cowher made plenty, too. Let’s see how he handles adversity. But I have a good feeling, and I guarantee the Rooneys didn’t hire him for his skin color. They’ve been too smart about picking coaches over the last three decades to make an arbitrary decision now.

  273. one other thing, it is extremely humorous to even mention the fact that there are more “minorities” needed in sports, in any capacity………given that in most of the sports, minories rule anyway.
    How would anyone feel if I came out and said there needed to be more WHITE running backs in the league and they aren’t getting a fair shot just because they are white????
    Also, a good comparison would be to hockey. One could ask why there aren’t more blacks playing the sport. Is it because they haven’t gotten the opportunity?????or is it because social/cultural and possibly economic situations have made it so????I can assure you there are NO owners that are forcing out blacks especially if they are breakout players.

  274. No, I’m not a professor–thanks 🙂 Hey, you’re the one who keeps giving me new things to think about … like whether it’s inherently racist to say “we need more minorities.” You’re right–if someone said, “There aren’t enough white running backs. We need to promote more diversity at the running back position,” that would create problems. But no one would say it because we take for granted that those kids simply haven’t had the desire or skill to rise to the pro level.
    Wish I were one of those people who just take position and can’t see any other possibility. Would make my life easier. But I always see the layers … so I wind up annoying everyone 🙂

  275. I agree Deb………if we want to get rid of racism, we need to get rid of organizations such as the NAACP. If I organized an association called the NAAWP (for white people). I would be called a huge racist. Unfortuntely, may of these individuals that want these organizations to remain “want their cake and want to eat it too” You cannot have it both ways. Saying things like the Rooney Rule ISN’T racist yet flatly saying more monority coaches are needed is ridiculous. More GOOD coaches are needed, if they are purple, so be it.
    I agree Tomlin would have been a coach with or without the Rooney Rule. If Buffalo or Wash or Oakland found a great minority coach, wouldn’t they hire them???

  276. i guess the “genius” has left the discussion. Some people just don’t seem to realize that being a student doesn’t make one smart, it make one scholarly, not necessarily smart.

  277. I think “this class sucks” said he was walking out on you a while back 🙂 Formal education is a blessing; I’m thankful for mine. But the wisest and smartest people I’ve ever known didn’t have college degrees–some didn’t even finish high school. And some of the biggest dimwits I’ve met had advanced degrees. So I never got too caught up in the college thing even when I was there. You’re right–a diploma is no substitute for brains 🙂
    Well, like I was saying before we were interrupted, I feel like I’ve stayed too long at a funeral, so it’s about time to exit this Henry thread. I’m glad we discovered we could have a civil conversation … even on something as volatile as race issues. I still see pros and cons to the Rooney Rule. But it’s tough to solve complex issues on a blog 🙂
    See you around PFT Planet …

  278. yeah, not a surprise. People who have weak and nonsensical opinions typically don’t stick around to defend it because they know they cannot…….his loss, not ours.
    Anyway, nice talking to you.

  279. golongboyee just sucked Debs dick…How does it feel to be the man Deb?
    There are no white running backs in the league, because white people don’t posess the same speed, for the most part, as black people ( that’s not being racist, that’s being realistic ).
    Black people don’t play hockey, for the most part, because they don’t posess the same ability on skates as they do on their feet.

  280. Boon,
    If you weren’t so thoroughly ignorant and devoid of any intellect whatsoever, you might realize you just (in a very infantile way) helped prove my points.
    I agree with your running back comment but unfortunately, most people think this is a racist comment.
    Your second point is beyond moronic (no surprises here) The ability to skate is not a genetic trait you baffoon! Now if you can define “genetic” (or spell it for that matter, I’ll even spot you the “g” and the “netic” ) I would be impressed…………LOL!!!!

  281. golongboyee,
    I’ve noticed that you are someone that believes that they know everything ( a know-it-all ). Now I know for a fact that that makes you someone that is unwelcome at social gatherings, which probably leaves you pretty lonely.
    Now I’ve noticed that you spend the majority of your day on the computer ( scroll up and see just how often you have been on here ). This can create problems in the area of getting vagina.
    I suggest you find a woman that’s willing to listen to you go on and on about how much more intelligent you are than the entire world ( Deb seems nice, but I think your egos will clash ).
    Now, you apparently have a decent amount of cash. But you don’t want a hot girl, they will use you for your money, and have no interest in how many nobel prizes you have won.
    I suggest BBWpersonals for you. They will listen to your stories about “How you were too smart to play football in high school and college”. Not to mention it will just be a better match ( fat people just look better together than with a skinny partner, agreed? ).

  282. @golongboy
    I bet your friends just love to have someone around that not only knows everything, but doesn’t mind the burden of telling everyone everything they know.
    You made me lol. Don’t mess with Deb though. She isn’t one to talk trash to.
    I see your point (well points) and you are right on most cases. How ever I still believe that true affirmative action must include a quota system, where as the Rooney Rule does not. That is an opinion though.
    My last question for everyone here is this: Do you think people should be rewarded jobs preferentially because of military service? I’m sure Deb knows exactly where I am going with this. Golongboy you will just have to figure it out.

  283. To: This class sucks……let the education continue.
    1)This isn’t a conversation with my friends, this is a message board, and you aren’t my friend. Please don’t tell me you need me to define that for you.
    2)I am glad you at least stated that you think “affirmative action must include a quota system”…but you would be wrong. That may a characteristic of some types of affirmative action. and just because the NFL doesn’t have (or MAY not have) a specific “quota’ in mind, it is fairly obvious that in a general sense, the quota is “get more minorities, most likely black, into the coaching and admin ranks of the NFL. That my nieve friend IS a quota. Just because they don’t say 5 or 10 doesn’t mean it isn’t.
    3) The answer to your question is NO…unless the preferential treatment is because of a specific skill obtained from that service. But, a skill is vastly different from race…….skills you can obtain, race is what it is!

  284. just to be clear, because the Rooney Rule is private and not govt related, there might be a quota and you (or anyone) aren’t aware of what it might be………..

  285. boon….please, do tell!…… exactly do I go about getting more “vagina”……LOL
    ….you seem to be well in the know, can you please show me the ropes????

  286. C’mon guys……..let’s keep this the #1 most commented story on PFT……..keep up the good work.

  287. Slim we missed you last week in the playoffs! Carson and the Cardiac Cats needed you. RIP we think of you daily.

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