Jaguars healthy heading into big game with Colts

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio says he’s happy to have a relatively healthy team taking the field tonight in Jacksonville against the undefeated Indianapolis Colts.

Specifically, Del Rio says defensive tackle John Henderson, wide receiver Mike Sims-Walker and cornerback Rashean Mathis are all looking good.

“The good news is we’ll have Big John and Mike back, and with Rashean, it’s tracking in a positive direction. I was encouraged by what I saw today out of Rashean,” Del Rio said. “Hopefully, we’ll get everybody.”

Getting Mathis back after he missed the last month with a groin injury will be particularly important against the Colts’ offense. And Mathis says he thinks he’s ready to go.

“There’s a good chance,” Mathis said. “I’m at around 90-something percent. But nobody is ever 100 percent.”

Having already clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, the Colts have the luxury — if they so choose — of resting players who are 90-something percent. But the Jaguars don’t have that luxury, and they’re heading into tonight’s game expecting Henderson, Sims-Walker and Mathis to go.

15 responses to “Jaguars healthy heading into big game with Colts

  1. Jack is healthy just in time for an old fashioned ace whoopin from The Shoes, like The Cowboys gave Philly at The Linc.

  2. “The one guy they need healthy is Clark Kent. Without him, they can’t win.”
    No worries. Jones-Drew is healthy.

  3. Even if they manage to control colts, Colts are going to score 20+ points. I am afraid with Garrard in helm, he can’t make 20+ points against the colts fast defense. When they blitz he can’t do the reads and deliver the ball. He will crumble against blitzes.
    As a Jags fan, I want my team to win. But if it looses I want Garrard to do bad. The more Garrard sucks (he being him as a QB) the better the chances are for drafting a Franchise QB. Its not a bad thing to happen.
    Go Jags!!!!

  4. Jags will win tonight. For the first time in a while MJD will have some running room. This will lead to sustained drives which will limit the Colts’ possesions. I expect the focus from the Colts to be less than optimal. Jags win this one and set up a showdown at New England next week.

  5. Hap,
    I think you’re confusing that with the one that Philly gave Dallas last year at the Linc. You know, the one that knocked them out of the playoffs. The one that ended 44-6.

  6. Seeryer, if you live in J’ville, then you have to understand the importance of drafting a Pike or Clausen in the first round – I don’t want to get stuck drafting Tebow and having the Gator Nation chant his name after every incomplete pass that Garrard throws next year. Honestly, I am really hoping that someone grabs Timmy in the second round or early in the third so that GM Gene doesn’t have to hear the BS that will come out of the media in this town if we pass him over.
    Maybe the Texans will take him? They seem to like Florida QBs with piss poor throwing mechanincs.

  7. By the way…. I guess since this isn’t a “Let’s Beat the Dead Horse” article about Jacksonville, Florio didn’t want any piece of it. What a douchebag.

  8. seeryer – Whatever you say i dont think David is worth $60M contract he signed. He is a good backup and not a starting QB. For Franchise QB unless you draft one, you have no way of getting one. You know david is not a franchise QB. Why not try drafting one. Yes we made a mistake drafting leftwich, but we can’t gun shy on drafting QBs. This organization hasn’t drafted any QB since Leftwich. On the contrary they had given $6M to Cleo Lemon to be a backup. I strongly feel that the David won’t take this organization much. when he needs to make the play he will hold the ball too much and get the sack and put the blame on the O-Line. Lets wait till the end of the season who is wrong. I would be more than happy if i’m wrong. How come a decent QB not know that there are only 10 guys on offense.
    I disagree on the offensive line. Part (if not most) of the problem is David’s mistake. If you watch Jeff Lageman’s clipping on smart board, he showed not one, not twice but more than that, that David is holding the ball too much and is greedy for bigger plays to happen.
    I hope i am wrong. But I am afraid I am not.

  9. If the Jags draft Clausen they might as well move the franchise. The kid is a joke. He has never won and even Brady Quinn was succesful at ND. Pike was a fifth stringer for a reason at Cincy last year. Jags need to draft Mike Johnson (LG-ALA) in round one. Not a QB. Tim Tebow won’t play QB for two years at least. We don’t need a gimmick we need top notch player aquisition. We can’t draft Lefty instead of Terell Suggs, We can’t draft Reggie Williams instead of Big Ben, we can’t draft MAtt Jones instead of Heath Miller and we can’t bring in scrub free agents like Hugh Douglas, Drayton Florence, Reggie Hayward, Jerry Porter and the like and expect the stadium to be full. This isn’t about one player, it is about a solid football team. Cutler and Romo make more than Garrard and neither of them have a playoff win. Cutler has never been to the playoffs. We need beef up front inside on offense and a coordinator that is not a failed former Pac 10 head coach who has only been sniffed by UNLV since he was axed by AZ ST. Go get Mark Whipple yesterday Gene Smith.

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