Life in prison for man who shot Jaguars' Collier

The man who ended the football career — and nearly the life — of Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman Richard Collier will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Tyrone Hartsfield, who was convicted of attempted murder for shooting Collier, was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.

Collier was shot 14 times while sitting in an SUV in September of 2008. He was paralyzed from the waist down and had a leg amputated. Hartsfield was, authorities say, retaliating for a fight with Collier months earlier.

Collier played four games for the Jaguars in 2006 and four in 2007 and was set to become the Jaguars’ starting left tackle in 2008 before the shooting.

23 responses to “Life in prison for man who shot Jaguars' Collier

  1. Collier apparently knocked this guy out at a club and when this guy saw him in his car a month or so later he wanted to get his revenge.
    This guy should have been given the death penalty, especially since he probably had to change clips. 14 shots…shit.

  2. This piece of dirt should be shot 14 times, once a day for 14 days…start at the ankles & work your way up.
    Show the punk crying & screaming on TV, it may get a few gangbangers to reconsider their path.

  3. @ BADKNEE
    You need to run for President ! haha
    Other countries do what you suggested, I def agree that we should follow their lead

  4. Life Imprisonment for this guy better mean never, because in both Canadian and American law, life means 20 and 25years, but in the US I do believe you guys also have a (never gets out life sentence as well). But 25 isn’t enough for some scumbags of the world.

  5. I think a few of you need a beginners course on America’s legal system. Executing a prisoner is in no way cheaper than sentencing him to life in prison. In fact, given the appeals process, one could argue that lethal injection is fiscally irresponsible.

  6. Bob Nelson says:
    December 17, 2009 8:24 PM
    If he will never ever get out of prison, isn’t it cheaper to just kill the bastard?
    Libtard dumbocrats won’t allow that…they live in a fantasy world of their own creation.

  7. It is actually cheaper for the state to house this guy for 30 years or so at around $40,000 per than it is to execute him. Lawyers, appeals, court costs, it’s not cheap to fry a guy, takes ten years in court a lot of times.

  8. “The minimum sentence for that charge is 25 years in prison, but since Hartsfield was classified a habitual offender, the judge sentenced him to the maximum possible: life without possibility of parole.”
    Hopefully Tyrone will keep it real in the big house for the rest of his life… as somebody’s bitch. Get some nice titty tattoos on your back, Tyrone.

  9. Scumbag lawyers that run up the appeals for such a deformed cancer on society ought to have to reside in the same cell as the guy and charged for the food he eats until his “client’s ” appeals are over.
    That will cut those appeal costs.
    This felon’s continued existance is a detriment to society.
    All he is owed is bullet in the back of the head and a kick into the ditch.
    Not a lifetime housing, lifetime of food, lifetime of medical and dental care, a lifetime of clothing, a lifetime of laying around on a bed, “rappin”.

  10. Bob…. Was that a lifetime of rapping or raping?? I’d prefer he gets the latter if he’s going to be on our dime. Hope uninvited man love is your preference you douchebag….life without parole means a lot of it.

  11. This guy should have been given the death penalty, especially since he probably had to change clips. 14 shots…shit.
    Can get clips that hold 15, usually require an expensive license or Police badge to get.
    The fact he still pulled the trigger at least 14 times makes me agree with you though.

  12. Thugs and punks have no honor. Back when I was a ‘yoot’, we’d duke it out one-on-one and whoever walked away was the tougher guy and had bragging rights. Nowadays, you look sideways at some snot-nosed weasel and you take a round in the back. Real manly.

  13. While living, harvest his organs and give them to the sick and dying.
    At least this piece of garbage will have contributed to life in some good manner.

  14. I’m glad they aren’t killing him. Killing to set the example that killing is wrong doesn’t work.
    Tyrone is a weak person. The strong thing to do is save Tyrone from his weakness, not snuff out his life all together. That would be a sign of societal weakness.
    If people aren’t allowed to kill than neither are institutions.

  15. Obscenery, i agree with you to an extent..but i go a step further by asking why do we use “an eye for an eye” as the reason to back our executing other human beings, but in the Bible it says “thou shall not kill your fellow man”…kind of a hypocracy in itself wouldnt you say?
    Either way, rotting in jail for the rest of ones life is much more miserable than dying in 10 years, in my book anyways…let them rot and think about what they did, and in this guys case Bubba will have a new toy..(the guy is a small fry if you havent seen what he looks like)

  16. There is no reversing the death penalty. We have an imperfect legal system that can/has sentenced innocent people.
    I’m sure all you pro-death penalty people would quickly change your mind if you were wrongly convicted…

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