Report: Cerrato resigns

Mike Holmgren’s dalliance with the Browns might not be prompting the Seahawks to crap or get off the crapper.

But it’s apparently forcing another team to move quickly.

ESPN 980 in Washington is reporting that Redskins executive V.P. of football operations Vinny Cerrato has resigned.

Adding credibility to the report is the fact that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder owns the station.

The move, which apparently would have happened at the end of the season, likely means that owner Daniel Snyder wants to make a run at Holmgren.

We say this with full realization of the fact that Holmgren called out the Redskins in early November for stripping coach Jim Zorn — a former Big Show assistant — of play-calling duties.

“That bothered me a lot,” Holmgren told ESPN Radio in Chicago at the time.  “Jim Zorn is one of the
nice people.  I’m a nice guy, but I’m not that nice.  Jim Zorn is really
a nice man.  What they did, I did not like it at all.”

But if Snyder can pin the decision on Cerrato, and if Snyder is willing to allow Zorn to continue as coach under Holmgren’s supervision, maybe this arrangement can work.

Another potential attraction for Holmgren could be the presence of Sherm Lewis, his long-time offensive coordinator in Green Bay.

With two prime-time games only six days apart, it makes no sense for the Redskins to make such a dramatic change only three games before the end of the season, unless it was done specifically to give the ‘Skins a seat at the Big Show’s table.

UPDATE:  Here’s a link to ESPN 980 confirming the news.  The headline?  “No Red Zone Tomorrow,” which refers to Cerrato’s weekly radio show on the network.

42 responses to “Report: Cerrato resigns

  1. “it makes no sense for the Redskins to make sucha dramatic change..”
    This can be said about a lot of the decision making of the Washington Redskins.

  2. Awesome. Now if only they draft nothing but offensive linemen this year, then they might start to go in the right direction.

  3. Wow, I didn’t see that one coming. If Snyder gets Holmgren, he goes from one of the dumbest owners to one of the smartest, in my opinion.

  4. There are so many Holmgren guys in DC.
    Zorn, Sherman Smith, and now Sherm Lewis. I think DC is probably the favorite to land Holmgren.

  5. AS dysfuctional as the Redskins are, they are closer to being a contending team than is Dallas. If Holmgren goes to DC they will get very good very quickly. Snyder is not as meddlesome as Jerry is. That is why they are closer in DC, they can actually contract someone like Holmgren, someone with credibility and Dallas can’t do that, not with Jerry at the throttle.

  6. Another Festivus Miracle, and it will only get better if Snyder is outbid by the Browns and is left without any organization.
    Instead of ripping the play calling from Zorn, maybe Snyder should have ripped the business decisions from himself.

    Finally an era that all of us thought would never come to an end has! Praise black baby jesus!

  8. If Holmgren works for Dan Snyder, he’ll probably have $500 come out of each paycheck for parking “privileges”.
    Don’t be stupid, Holmgren. The Browns are basically offering you the full control, the keys to the (dis)organization, and a salary that is beyond ridiculous. Working for Snyder, all you’ll get is a pain in the ass midget standing behind your back, second guessing everything you do.

  9. Thing is, Holmgren isnt Parcells or anything….and Parcells didnt advance to SB’s, Belichick did. The level of QB play and talent across the league and impatience of owners are forcing people into desperation…… Holmgren is good – but a bidding war between two teams that are already bad anyway?
    To be fair, Holmgren does have pieces to work with – Devin Thomas, Santonio Moss, Fred Davis – he’ll need some OT’s, and some corners, but Washington (despite Snyder does have talent) .
    one question – why make moves to Shanahan, then go with holmgren as the G.M., isnt it GM first, then coaching search?

  10. Just in time for the birth of the king, Danielle.
    Bwahaha is a bigger joke than his name. The Cowboys are contending NOW. When you’re 1 game out with 3 to play, you’re contending dude. If you had a brain, I think you’d take it out and play with it like a Xmas toy.

  11. Not sure why you guys are so excited…he wasn’t the problem here. Snyder runs things, just like Jerry Jones, Cerrato was only part of the problem.

  12. does not matter who comes to run operations or coach…the team lacks talent and has no QB. they need 15 players at least and will be the doormat of the NFC East for the next 20 yrs….
    Go BOYS!!!! I feel we r going to make a run….look out NFL…

  13. Bet Gregg Williams is really laughing his way to the playoffs now… know what they say….what goes around, comes around.

  14. Don’t forget to add Ralph Wilson into the worst owner competition with Dannyboy and Crazy Al!!!! At least Dannyboy spends money!
    No fear Deadskin fans, as long as Dannyboy is in charge the Deadskins will suck!!!! As someone who lives in the area and hates the Skins, that thought warms my heart!

  15. If they sign Holgrem, he’ll probably keep Jim Zorn and give him back his power and respect. As soon as they upgrade their o’line, the Skins are on the verge of a long winning streak.

  16. Dan is not as much of an idiot as we think…the Burgundy Revolution has accomplished one of its main goals: Get Rid of Vinny. The possibilities are endless now…if you want to keep Campbell, you could always say “That was Vinny’s idea.” If you want to keep Zorn, you can pin it on Vinny too. If you want to bring in a GM/Coach, you could do that. Or if you want to bring in a Bobby Beathard and let him pick a coach, you can do that too. HTTR

  17. All of you are retarded. The deadskins lose with talent, or without… Good coaching or bad coaching. You are all losers… The deadskins will continue to blow… Picture this… Roster overhaul?? New system?? Management?? U know portis is gone, they’re tired of paying randle el… Ha ha ha!!!! Prepare for another 5 years of being the NFC easts bitch club…. And I don’t know why the hell everyone is so happy about holmgren and Shanahan… Name 1 single superbowl winning coach that went somewhere else and won a championship with another pro club?? Glad I could be here to burst your bubble deadskins

  18. as an eagles fan, im crying because besides jerry jones, cerrato was our biggest ally this decade with his ridiculous personnel decisions.

  19. The competition for worst owner ever heats up: Snyder pulls ahead of Davis!
    And Jerry Jones maintains his position on the podium for a bronze medal.

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