Westbrook might not play Sunday

At a time when all signs were reporting to the return of Eagles running back Brian Westbrook from two concussions he suffered in two separate games this year, Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News reports that it might not happen this weekend.

Per Bowen, coach Andy Reid “gingerly acknowledged” (does Reid do anything gingerly?) that Westbrook’s neurological tests aren’t where they need to be to permit him to play.

Westbrook was expected to fully participate in practice with the first-team offense on Wednesday, but he participate on a limited basis only, as a member of the scout team.

Bowen says there’s “little chance” Westbrook will play against the 49ers.

“I think actually he’s feeling pretty good,” Reid said.  “It’s just, they give him
these tests, and if it’s off an inch, they’re very cautious with that,
and understandably so.”

We’ve got a strong feeling Westbrook won’t be back during the regular season, and possibly not during the postseason.  We also think that the Eagles are sending mixed signals in this regard to force opponents to prepare for Westbrook’s possible presence on game day.

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  1. I really like Westbrook but i think he’s done. I hope he hangs it up and enjoys the rest of his life.

  2. “We also think that the Eagles are sending mixed signals in this regard to force opponents to prepare for Westbrook’s possible presence on game day.”
    -Nice work Sherlock!

  3. gameplan for westbrook? Seriously? I love him, don’t get me wrong. But he hasn’t shown me anything this year or last year that warrants gameplanning for.
    36 – save it for the postseason and call it a career after this year. We want you around for a while to spend that $$$ that was so hard to pry from Lurie’s manpurse!

  4. I hate to say it, but it’s over for Westbrook. If he’s not playing yet, it’s a sign that he has long term prob’s. I went through it myself.
    I agree,Reid’s trying to create problems for opposing coaches game planning The TurdBirds.

  5. Westbrook is my favorite player of all time. He’s a smart guy and is going to do what is best for himself and his family. No way he comes back until its 100% okay to do so. Without any of us knowing the full medical information we can’t really say if and when he’ll be back.
    There has been much said about concussions as of late and they are a serious matter. It seems to me that it is slightly different in each case. The fact that he’s even stepping foot on the practice field leads me to believe that we still may yet see him at some point this season.

  6. I might be wrong here but he gets paid to take hits and get concussions. I don’t want the guy to be injured for life but Aikman suffered tons of concussions? It’s like a soldier in Iraq asking for some time off because a bullet grazed his head. That soldier gets paid to be there. I know Westbrook does not get paid to risk his life but he does get paid to play and concussions are a part of the game, at the high school, college, and professional level. Is every pro football player now going to not play because of one? I don’t know how to take this.

  7. Dress him and stand him on the sidelines. Trot him out once in a while and then pull him back. Let him come in in garbage time to try and get his legs back under him.

  8. I hope 36 will have a good life after football, he will be missed by all and even more by the opposing defense. Good luck and thanks for the memories.

  9. As an Eagles fan I want Westbrook to retire. He has done enough for this team and for us fans, there is no point in further risking himself. He has made his impact on the game and has made enough money; he should go enjoy the life that he has earned.
    I would hope Shawn Andrews does the same thing. Back problems will never go away and he owes it to himself and us fans to retire from football. And hell, take Stacy with you because god knows we don’t want him for that large sum of money he is making.

  10. I’m with BleedGreen here. I know we’re all tough on concussions now, but it’s been like 6 weeks. Aikman and Steve Young each had what, 30, 40 concussions? And both of them are doing pretty well for themselves. Get Westbrook out there, and have him touch the ball a few times to start getting his confidence back up to where it needs to be.

  11. @P-Slice
    Pretty much the stupidest thing I have read on this site. I’m guessing you have had a few concussions? If so that is proof that Westbrook should never play again.
    @Bleedgreen and Starverse
    Almost as stupid. Troy and Steve didn’t know what we know now, and furthermore the effects could happen later in life.

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