Cerrato will remain with the Redskins as a Snyder consultant

With Vinny Cerrato resigning his position as executive V.P. of football operations in D.C., most people assume that he’ll no longer be working for the team.

And that assumption would be incorrect.

Per a league source, Cerrato will be remaining with the franchise as a consultant to owner Daniel Snyder.

Frankly, however, we’re not sure how much consulting Vinny will be doing.  The suspicion is that Cerrato will remain on the payroll in order to ensure that he doesn’t blab about company secrets, including for example the truth regarding the recruitment of Albert Haynesworth (whatever that truth might be), the facts regarding any communications with and involvement of Mike Shanahan in recent moves made by the team (whatever those facts might be), and the details regarding other potentially sensitive issues (whatever those details might be).

So it’s unlikely that Cerrato will be complaining to Snyder that Allen and/or the head coach are doing things incorrectly and that Cerrato could be doing them better if only he had another chance.  Even though he’s already been fired and returned once before, we seriously doubt that Cerrato will be Snyder’s Billy Martin.

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  1. The idea of Cerrato being in any type of proximity to a football, let alone a football team, makes me nervous. Especially in light of the comments recently made by Schottenheimer that Vinny vowed to be in Snyder’s ear in the owner’s box while Marty was busy with the team in the pre season.
    I guess it is some what of a prudent strategic move to keep a potentially disgruntled former employee from being, you know, really disgruntled.
    I think Snyder has put a lot of thought into the whole process and so far seems to have executed it to perfection. Hope the same way he moves chess pieces in the front office, he can give others the chance to play their own game.

  2. Florio,
    Gotta give it to ya! You called it. I heard you on the Fan (WJFK 106.7) with LaVar saying the same thing.
    If only you had been right about the Skins going to the Super Bowl this year.

  3. not Billy Martin…more like Clyde Tolson & J Edgar Hoover…Washington has seen this kind of thing before

  4. This just an effort to save face on both sides?
    Fired and balance of contract is owed. He probably didn’t want to quit and if he was forced out he could be a snitch.
    After what they did with Zorn nothing is really surprising anymore.

  5. “Per a league source, Cerrato will be remaining with the franchise as a consultant to owner Daniel Snyder.:
    Funny…….. That’s like saying Forest Gump is a consultant for Bill Gates.

  6. I haven’t taken the bar yet, but could you explain to me why there isn’t a non-disclosure agreement in that contract? It makes no sense that he’d kept on the payroll so he doesn’t blab. Plenty of these idiots who get fired could do the same thing.

  7. So you suspect a rich guy ( Synder ) is breaking the rules by paying off a former employee to keep quiet about other transgressions ?
    Uh hello ?
    This is the American way, when you have money rules are meaningless to you. Just ask Congress.

  8. filthymcnasty says:
    December 18, 2009 12:51 AM
    Florio, I’m getting the sense you don’t like Snyder.
    Is there someone out there who *does* like Snyder?

  9. I’m calling BS on this.
    Reports here in Washington are that a consultant role was considered but rejected. At the presser yesterday Snyder was asked if any thought had been given to keeping Cerrato in the organization and Snyder said no, “It’s time for a change.”
    If Vinny does end up being a consultant he consult about when the parking lot needs to be restriped and what linen service they should use for towels.

  10. Supposedly Cerrato and Snyder are BFFs. It was probably Snyder’s way of throwing his buddy a bone for making the thing easier on him by resigning are not being difficult about it.

  11. Uh-oh… Vinny is a weasel and will do what he can to undermine Allen. Bad move Dan. You took on step forward and then two steps back by keeping this guy around.

  12. Your trying to make something out of nothing florio. Your like that rookie beat reporter trying to get that “big” story before anyone else. Who cares what Vinny does. He’s not making football decisions anymore and thats all that matters. So he gives him some hush money.
    know one cares! you keep trying to make it out like Dan Snyder is the dirtiest scumbag in the league. Snyder hired a “g.m.” to take care of this football team and thats ALL the fans care about! We dont give a rats ass if Vinny is picking out ties, driving snyder to the airport or even planning his vacations. We dont give a shit!
    The Haynesworth subject is dead and the skins followed the “interview a miniority rule”! That is that.
    Here is a question about your last non-sense blog about the “rooney rule”. Your telling me interviewing, lets say a Jerry gray, for the next heads coach position shouldnt count for the miniority interview? Or maybe all the black candidates should eagerly await an interview with the skins when they know for a fact a Shanahan is already more desired?
    You make NO sense sometimes!

  13. Classic Pubicleign. I just wish you were kidding…
    Cerrato is the redskins version of herpes. You can get rid of him but he’ll be back.

  14. From everything I hear on local radio, Snyder and Cerrato are BFFs. I’d imagine Cerrato saw the writing on the wall and resigned, saving his pal the awkward situation of having to fire him (or more likely, an agreement of “you quit, then I’ll take care of you”).
    This is merely Snyder throwing Cerrato a bone for being a pal and making the situation easier on him. His consulting will probably be about what suit to wear today and where’s a good place for Tai food in Philly. That sort of thing.

  15. The only logical explanation is that this a Brokeback Mountain type story.
    I can see Snyder and Cerrato sitting around a campfire after an intense night of butt banging and Snyder is crying and say “why can’t I quit you”?!?!
    And of course Cerrato undoubtedly has the whole thing on video tape. There can be no other logical explanation for Snyder’s undying loyalty to this loser.

  16. For God’s sake, Florio! Why don’t you just come on over to my house and kick my dog? Or maybe slap my kids around?
    You got any other lousy news you want to drop on me?
    …I should’ve known that doing a smart thing just wasn’t going to be easy for the Midget…doing it the dumb way has become a ten-year habit.

  17. Just when you think that the midget’s head had been removed from his ass, he goes and pulls the ole okie doke on the Skin Fans again. Oh Danny, you little bastard!

  18. Hoping common sense wins out and that any ‘consulting’ Cerrato offers leads to absolutely no operational decisions.
    However, common sense, Dan Snyder, and the Washington Redskins haven’t quite meshed as history has taught us.

  19. this is hilarious…he basically said cerrato is gone and now he is a consultant. Talk about a weasel not answering a question…that is this guys history as I know people that have worked for this guy and he is the biggest two faced bast..d you have ever met in your life.
    Obviously, he does not want that moron cerrato running his mouth about the tampering and all the other illegal business practices at foreskin park.

  20. Trade secrets? Tampering? All of that is covered in the confidentiality clause that I assure you Vinny signed. I would say it was more inline with protecting the organziation from disparaging remarks from this asshat. Either way they throw vinny some cash to keep him quite. Instead of lights out on his career it’s a slowwwwww fade to black.

  21. Wouldn’t it be far easier to keep him silent by paying him a big severance package that contains a “do not tell or you need to give every penny back AND we get to sue you” clause? Or pay him to keep doing the radio show and ONLY the radio show? Everybody has a price. Danny just needs to ask Vin what his is and pay him off.

  22. Can’t we just drive a stake through that man’s heart and be done with it? Oh, that’s right! He doesn’t have one! And like the phoenix, he arises from the ashes.

  23. This is probably very similar to how Joe Gibbs has been a consultant for the team the last 2 years. They may ask his opinion, but will probably ignore it. Snyder loves Cerrato, so to outright fire him and dismiss him from the team completely doesnt compute to Snyder. As a Skins fan im very glad he went this far. And any NFL analyst will tell you, Bruce Allen is NOT a puppet GM.

  24. Another lie being spread by Florio.. ESPN and the Redskins both reported this morning that the report by Profootballtalk is “Absolutely not true”
    Good job Florio….

  25. YOU GUYS ARE IDIOTS. Florio’s articles have no sources whatsoever. The Redskins are denying reports that Vinny will remain as a consultant. DUH!!

  26. Hey Florio…per a league source 2 Pac and Elvis are living in Mexico drinking margaritas on the beach. You’ve really reached on this one. With every rumor I read, I become more suprised that NBC has teamed up with your conspiracy theorist self. You must really have an axe to grind with the Skins!

  27. Florio…your a complete idiot…have something against the skins since your Superbowl pick didn’t come true? Just because you think something was a “sham” because you didn’t know about first or you weren’t fast enough to plagerize someone elses research, doesn’t make it so…Quit getting your shit from Twitter and do some real journalism!

  28. Snyder is a corporate type. It is not uncommon at all to retain someone who “resigns” as a consultant in the corporate world.

  29. Most people assume florio knows what he is talking about and is not a douchebag.
    And that assumption would be incorrect.

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