Giants keep taking hits in secondary

The struggling Giants secondary is going from bad to worse this week.

The team’s top cornerback Corey Webster hasn’t practiced because of a knee injury and is uncertain to face the Redskins Monday night.  To replace Webster, the Giants were planning to move Aaron Ross back from safety to cornerback. 

Now Ross is hurt too.  Ross suffered a hamstring injury for the fourth time this year at practice Thursday, and sat out Friday’s session.

If they both miss the game, Terrell Thomas, rookie Bruce Johnson and Kevin Dockery (remember him?) will be New York’s top trio.

Jason Campbell has averaged 269 passing yards over this last four games, with seven touchdowns and four interceptions.  Don’t be surprised if that average improves Monday night. 

And don’t be surprised if a seven-loss team gets into the NFC playoffs.  (We’re going to keep hammering this point until we’re right.)

8 responses to “Giants keep taking hits in secondary

  1. I’m gonna need several bong hits if this shit keeps happening. The Giants have pissed off somebody…..somewhere…
    This could very well seal the deal on their season, if it hasn’t already been sealed

  2. Even with Mario” out of bounds”Manningham and Hakeem “hands of stone” Nicks……The G-Hens still piled up over 500 yards of offense last week……and LOST…..Seal what deal?..Seal the deal that the defense sucks?…..How can anyone be any worse than what they have?

  3. JAYDUB? The giant season ended in the pre-season when they hired Bill Sheridan, {check out
    his resume}. All there free agents have not helped and Araon Ross who was suppose to be a
    GREAT corner hasn’t played the first nine games
    and with limited time in the Philly game, he gets
    hurt again, not during practice, somehow he did it
    AFTER practice, that according to The Coach in
    meeting with the press today.
    Should The Coach and all his “will do anything TOM SAYS” assistants NOT GET FIRED after this mess they created with this team this year,
    Mr. Mara & Mr. Tish will have one helluva time
    paying for there new home. This team needs new
    management, player changes, and an apology to all it’s LOYAL FANS who have suffered through
    a year that started 5-0 and hopefully will miss the playsoffs, so what needs to be done gets done!

  4. BigBlueFan what is Ross not going to play with the same injury Sheldon Brown has been playing with for weeks.
    O wait scratch that Sheldon had a toren hamstring not a strained one.

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