Shanahan-in-D.C. report retracted by FOX 5

Earlier today, Dave Feldman of FOX 5 reported that Mike Shanahan arrived at Redskins Park this morning.

Then, the link to the FOX 5 story went dead.

Then, various Redskins reporters began pointing out, Twitter style, that the report from Dave Feldman is roughly as reliable as the brain that Marty Feldman once harvested from Abigail Normal.

We’re now told that the Redskins have advised FOX 5 that Shanahan isn’t at the team facility, and that FOX 5 disabled the link to the story in response to that information.

It remains to be seen whether FOX 5 ‘fesses up to its faux pas.

32 responses to “Shanahan-in-D.C. report retracted by FOX 5

  1. This is what happens when the newsreporters become blogger…FACT checking is not a big deal anymore//LOL. The media has become a joke.

  2. ‘Then, various Redskins reporters began pointing out, Twitter style, that the report from Dave Feldman is roughly as reliable as the brain that Marty Feldman once harvested from Abigail Normal.”
    Let me guess, you don’t like this guy.

  3. What’s the story here? Shining examples of journalism abound on PFT?
    Oh. Shanahan, Redskins, savvy Dave Feldman/Marty Feldman quip. Bravo.

  4. Florio, why should FOX5 have to fess up for their mistake when you spread “rumors” every day on this site, most of which never turn out to be true and you are never held accountable?
    Not a Redskins fan either, just someone who is sick of hearing all these so-called “rumors” that beat writers and bloggers formulate in their own heads.

  5. Like I said before this site has gone from the best to the fastest to report. I prefer it would have stayed the best.

  6. Mike, Marty Feldman did not actually harvest Abigail (abnormal’s) Normal’s brain (unless breaking into a lab and picking it up in a glass container is harvesting). Please watch Young Frankenstien again for clarification. Thanks for all your witty blogging…….:)

  7. Fact checking, spell check, hell common friggin sense goes out the window with blogging sites. But complaining about it sure beats working doesn’t it boys!!!????

  8. encinitasraider, the media is a joke precisely because it does not fact check. Prominent bloggers are usually more diligent about checking sources than the mainstream media is.

  9. Fox News has been on the TV here at work all day. Havent heard one thing that wasn’t true or news. I am not sure what you idiots are talking about with Fox News. Keep doing what Obama tells you morons.

  10. Shanahan to the Redskins. Can a trade for Cuttler be far behind? Shanahan calls a play for Cuttler to hand off to Portis! The Donkey connection lives!

  11. Hey chapnasty you haven’t heard anything on FOX that wasn’t true all day. How about their slogan “Fair and Balanced”. That’s a lie if I ever heard one.

  12. its fox news and shanahan is muslim, oh my bad thats Barack Obama oops hes not muslim either,my bad thought i was reading glen beck

  13. Maybe they should just through the word rumormill at the end of their name and then say whatever the crap they want on the air. Seems to work well for you.

  14. What? Sensationalist information from FOX “news” that turns out to be completely inaccurate?
    No WAY!
    Sometimes, the best way to get your news is to listen to the idiots at Fox and go with the opposite.

  15. @ jdigga
    obviously you are ignorant, since again, nothing has been presented in an unfair manner all day. Learn something for once before you speak.

  16. For those outside of the DC area, allow me to shed a little light on Florio’s comments about Dave Feldman being unreliable…
    Mike Wise of the Washington Post does a missay radio show on 106.7 The Fan (formerly WJFK). Wise has been ranting and raving about Florio and how he basically considers him to be human garbage. He called him a “cretin” and generally just bitched and moaned on and on about PFT’s fearless leader. When the Shanahan report of being at Redskin Park came out this morning, Wise commented the Feldman was reporting it and that Feldman is actually a credible source unlike Florio throwing crap against the wall to see what sticks. It was quite funny when the report just vanished off the Fox5 site – nice credibility – Wise, once again, sounds like a jackass. Very smug guy, just find the picture he uses for his columns on the Post website. A bit later, Wise began challenging Florio to come on the air with him. I’d like to hear that happen, we can all lsiten to Florio tear Wise a new one.
    I’m sure you can download the podcast from the 106.7 website if you want to hear Wise’s whining, it should be up no later than tomorrow.

  17. @ truth
    Being in the DC area everything on that station is garbage aside from the games. None of their people ever make sense and it is beyond painful to hear their pregame predictions for the skins games and all the others. It doesn’t suprise me that this Wise clown would talk crap about Florio because Florio is usually right, with exception to the Rooney rule references and nothing on that station ever is right.
    Mikey F, go on there and duke it out with the clown. Actually don’t because that would give him ratings.

    You are responsible for what you right so dont point anothers mistake when you did the same exact thing.
    Swallow your pride and tell everyone that you wrote a story without confirming if what your wrote was true. And dont blame FOX for your mistake by saying you expect a big company like that to have their facts straight.
    YOU and Fox made the mistake the only thing is I dont hear them pointing out yours and then acting like they did nothing wrong.

  19. Gong back to his days at ESPN, Dave Feldman is one of the most credible guys “in the media.” He was obviously trying to break a story and retracted it on air. I’ll take “Feldie” anyday over the rest of the knuckleheads in this town. Trying to break a story on the new coach of the Redskins is next to impossible and I applaud the effort. What are you going to do next, chastise him for not breaking the story when the Skins announce a new head coach? What, he didn’t work hard enough? It’s easy to take information from secondary sources and point the finger, it’s tougher to be the man out front, taking your medicine while applying honest reporting techniques and trying to tell a story.
    Congrats Feldie.

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