Trading Calvin Johnson would be "completely insane"

The Detroit Lions don’t have very many good players, as evidenced by their 2-27 record over the last two seasons. But they do have one very good player, wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

They don’t plan to trade him.

It might seem obvious that the Lions wouldn’t trade Johnson, but it was discussed enough in Detroit this week that every newspaper that covers the Lions had a story today about the Lions’ coaches shooting the idea down.

Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan called the idea “completely insane,” and Lions head coach Jim Schwartz said what he would ask for in a trade for Johnson is more than any team would possibly give up.

“We’re in the process of trying to acquire good players, not let good players leave,” Schwartz said. “I think that if we’ve learned anything from history, it’s to value talent and not to discard it.”

So there you have it: Although the Lions made some completely insane moves to build their current roster, they don’t plan to make another completely insane move and get rid of the best player they have.

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  1. “I think that if we’ve learned anything from history, it’s to value talent and not to discard it.”
    Does that mean that in the past, the Lions were intentionally discarding talent?

  2. Duh!!! If the Lions traded Johnson, they may as well just quit and not even be an organization anymore. If you can’t keep your key players to build for the future, then what’s the point?

  3. wow. Any other newsworthy stories today Florio? How bout a headline that reads “Donovan McNabb fails to send Rush Limbaugh a Christmas Card?

  4. Hey the Vikes traded Herschel Walker, and look at them now, they’re on the way to the Super Bowl!
    Go Brett go!

  5. To even think that anyone would trade Calvin Johnson is without question the dumbest thing ever. It mus be a slow news day because this isn’t news to anyone that knows anything about football.

  6. If you lived in a city with 50% unemployment and complete despair, you might be a little insane, too. Fortunately, the coaching staff and front office are not insane.
    Calvin Johnson is a great, great receiver. He will make the Pro Bowl next year as the Lions start to turn the corner.

  7. Calvin already got some Nbr plate with an Orange on it.
    In return the Lions will get Joey Porter, Jason Taylor, 29 x 7th round picks and a fruit basket

  8. Amen! The local papers and sports radio have had the Lions trading Calvin Johnson for anything; from packaging Calvin our first and 4th round picks for Suh and a 3rd rd to packaging Calvin for the Giant’s first round pick and Kiwanuka.
    Love the guy, both on the field and off the field (he’s the definition of model player). If we ever do attempt to trade Calvin, it needs to be a trade that rivals the Herschel Walker trade, where we give up something giant now for potential long term gains.

  9. Doesn’t anyone find this more or less the possibility of the Lions trading Calvin Johnson because Calvin Johnson wants to be traded. If the Lions fail to be competitive next season, and they seem to be making very slow strides, why would arguably the best WR in the league want to stay there. Calvin Johnson and Steven Jackson are great players stuck in rebuilding programs. Who’s to say they wont ask for a trade instead of wasting prime years as the team rebuilds, and in both cases, who knows if the Lions or Rams can rebuild in the next decade…

  10. when Miami played the Panthers on a Thursday night, Millen said at least 3 times the Dolphins need to have Ricky playing like he did when he was in N.O.
    how does a GM, someone paid to know the league talent, not know that Ricky’s strong years were when he was in Miami?
    last night he said something about a player that didnt make any sense at all. i just cant seem to remember right now.
    he seems to know the x’s and o’s of football but not much more than that.

  11. Curious…where else besides here has there even been talk about trading Calvin Johnson?
    Another blog done specifically to create site hits?

  12. @pftfanboy says:
    December 18, 2009 12:02 PM
    when Miami played the Panthers on a Thursday night, Millen said at least 3 times the Dolphins need to have Ricky playing like he did when he was in N.O.
    how does a GM, someone paid to know the league talent, not know that Ricky’s strong years were when he was in Miami?
    Kinda explains how he did such a fine job of turning the Lions into a mess, don’t it?

  13. How many games have the Lions won with him? I’m not saying he should be traded, but how do you argue against the possibility when you don’t know the other side of the trade? When you are in desperate times, sometimes you need to take desperate risks, I’m just saying…

  14. @Levito – I think that may have been the point. You seem like a nice guy though. Happy Hollidays.
    I don’t think it’s insane to trade Calvin Johnson if you can get some real value in return. Trading one top reciever for…let’s say…3 good OL/DL would be a good move. I’m thinking along the lines of trading him to the chiefs for maybe Brandon Albert, Glenn Dorsey, and a 2nd round choice. I do that in a heart beat if i’m the Lions. Maybe you manage to get Suh with your pick and then you have two picks at the top of round 2 to add some more pieces.
    You don’t NEED great recievers to win the super bowl. You do, however, NEED great line play on both sides of the ball. I’m doing that deal.

  15. Wierd that Drew Sharp thinks the Lions should trade Calvin. His columns are typically well thought out and logical….

  16. Cowboys were insane to trade Walker to.
    If he isn’t interested in negotiating a long term deal than why not look to trade him with a few years left on current deal for some nice rebuilding tools?

  17. I’m a Browns fan, but I love Calvin Johnson. I think on the right team he could be the best WR in the NFL. No exaggeration. That being said, he needs to stay in Detroit. There’s too much history there, and too much terrible RECENT history there to let a guy like that go. Unless you want to trade him to the Browns! We’ll take him in a heartbeat.

  18. in other news…
    The Titan’s Won’t trade Chris Johnson
    The Vikings’ Won’t trade AP
    The Chargers won’t trade Phillip Rivers
    Look at me i’m a journalist

  19. As a Packers fan I agree it would be smart to trade CJ to get a bunch of early round picks because by the time they are good he’ll be a free agent and likely be gone anyway. One player doesnt make a team and i personally would like my division stronger all around. I would rather have 5 solid players on my team than 1 great one and 52 mediocre to bad players. Yeah it would be a tough sell but in the long run the team would be better for it. (barring Millen like drafts) Trade him and get a solid defense heavy draft.
    I bet they could get 5 or six first day picks out of him

  20. Dwayne Bowe fresh of his roid use. Ya just what the Lions need
    Not a bad deal thou, first + third + a productive player for Johnson. Providing the pick is a top 3. It sure would make most gm’s think long and hard about pulling the trigger

  21. The only thing I would trade MEGATRON for is the Rights to Marty McFly’s Delorean. I would then proceed to late 1999 and run Millen over 0-16 times, all in an effort to erase this line from his wiki page-
    After his playing career, Millen was President and CEO of the Detroit Lions from 2000 until 2008. His eight-year tenure as head of the franchise led to the worst eight-year record in the NFL (31-97) since World War II, and resulted in his termination on September 24, 2008.
    Next stop— Late 2000 …New England Cheatriots parking lot.

  22. So……a team isn’t going to do something that no one expected them to do.
    This is Pulitzer Prize winning stuff.

  23. It’s not insane at all. Look at what those idiots in minni gave up for Herschel Walker and how it helped build a dynasty in Dallas.

  24. A wide receiver gets you 5 or 6 six first day picks?
    What ya gonna do, cut him up and trade the parts to a couple of teams? Damn, that’s harsh, I think that only works with cheese wheels.

  25. Ironic that Linehan says the idea is “insane,” given the number of quality players he flushed out of StL.
    I swear you could take former Rams that are starting around the league and get a better team than the current Rams. The Formers wouldn’t win any championships, but they would pummel the Currents. And not all are Linehan’s fault, by any means. Bad management for an extended period of time.
    Defensive Player of the Week a couple weeks ago, Anthony Hargrove, the indomitable London Fletcher 14th in NFL tackles, Kurt Warner, Torry Holt (700 yards already), Orlando Pace, Madison Hedgecock, Ryan Pickett, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Will Weatherspoon, Isaac Bruce, Brandon Chillar, Malumaneuna, Tinoisamoa. Just to mention a few names off the top of my head. Compare those names to the best 13 players on the current Rams roster.

  26. Of course a coach is going to say that. He will be fired if he loses CJ.
    However, the value they could get for a player like CJ might be more than he’s actually worth. Then it’s a good trade. I mean, WR is not a critical position. If they could get a left tackle like Joe Thomas, defensive tackle like Albert Haynesworth, and a corner like Darrelle Revis then the insane trade isn’t so insane.
    Let’s not lie to ourselves, WR is one of the bottom 3 most important positions on a team. CJs importance to the Lions is only so high because they are awful.

  27. Since they are not going to trade him why is this a story? Oh yeah, so PFT can pile on the Lions and their fans.
    Get off it and let their team rebuild.
    On a different note, I hear the steelers are listening to trade offers for Big Ben.

  28. As Calvin Johnson’s owner in a fantasy keeper league, I’d love it if they traded him to a competent organization.
    That said, they’d be nuts to let him go. He’s a centerpiece to build your team around.

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