Favre suggests he'll retire if the Vikings win it all

In a recent interview with Jon Saraceno of USA Today, Vikings quarterback Brett Favre seems to confirm what many league observers have assumed for the past several years.

He wants to reprise John Elway’s walk into the sunset, Lombardi Trophy tucked under his arm.

Asked whether Favre would finally call it quits if the Vikings win the Super Bowl, he said, “Yeah.  I’d be pretty comfortable saying, ‘Hey, there ain’t nothin’ left.'”

The interview includes some interesting memories from Favre regarding his late father, Irv.

When Brett would have a bad game, Irv would say, “You couldn’t hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle today.”

Favre also told Saraceno that his two-month in-patient treatment for painkiller addiction in 1996 occurred at the insistence of the league office.  Favre claims that he threatened to leave the Kansas facility on multiple occasions, but that league officials told him, “Fine, you won’t play.”

Favre stayed, and so he played.  And he’s still going.  Whether he calls it quits if the Vikings win their first Super Bowl in franchise history (they’re 0-4) remains to be seen.  Favre’s current thinking can’t be trusted by anyone, Favre himself included.

After all, Elway’s happy ending came after winning two Super Bowls in a row.

74 responses to “Favre suggests he'll retire if the Vikings win it all

    I love how he toys with the less intellectually gifted among us.

  2. It certainly appears Brett Favre will be back next season.
    You will have plenty off this for the off season.
    No need to start now other than to say his comment put his chance of retiring at zero.

  3. OH GOD NO!! NOT AGAIN!! I hope he plays for another 3 years and shuts the hell up!! Anyways Saints Vs Colts All the way!!

  4. what is this, the 4th consecutive “possible retirement after the season”? great.
    i love going through this every single year.

  5. Does anyone care or believe what Favre says as it relates to retirement?
    We get it. You don’t want to go through camp, but still want to play. You’re a super-star – you’ve earned that right.
    I love that Favre came back and so do Vike’s fans I’m sure. He’s playing at an amazing level.
    But seriously…enough with the retirement speculation. Don’t talk to me about it until week one so I know whether or not to start you on my fantasy team.

  6. He has absolutely zero credibility on this issue. On the other hand, it’s never to early to start the Favre retirement talk.

  7. “Favre suggests he’ll retire if the Vikings win it all”
    He was later seen at a local restaurant, and after studying the menu for 3 houres placing his order ” I’ll have a steak, medium rare…wait, not quite medium rare, but not rare either, wait, mostly pink…can you change that to a pork chop?”

  8. Good luck with this annual three-ring circus during the off-season, Vikings. Good to see he’s already throwing out salvos – he’s getting an early start this year.

  9. Might be worth it to let the Vice Queens win one to rid the world of this narcissistic plague.
    Year 6 of the will he or won’t he watch.
    Nothing to see here folks, move along.

  10. So basically he wants more money to keep the yikings from the predicament they were in before i.e. billion dollar team, two-bit QBs.

  11. As we’ve all seen so many times, with his team in the thick of a playoff run, Farve turns the subject to himself and his hall of fame career. Is Drew or Peyton or Brady talking about what they’re planning next year, would they even entertain the question? Sure Farve gets asked about retirement, but that’s because he’s been so very willing to give an answer.

  12. JMO, but the Vikes need to trade pics &
    draft a top flight college boy, for Brett to tutor
    in his last yr.
    A. That’ll give him incentive to play (like with
    A Rogers).
    B. A year under Farves’ wings could do wonders for someone with talent (so that excludes current QBs).

  13. All Hail Lord Farve!!!
    I love how people get bent out of shape over whether he retires. I love having the guy in the league, if he wants to stay out of the offseason stuff making up his mind, more power to him. It sure isn’t keeping him from playing winning football.

  14. Vikings knew what they were getting into with Favre. They’ll deal with it and not demand an ultimatium like a PMSing girlfriend or Ted Thompson.

  15. Uhm, correct me if I’m wrong but he didn’t just throw it out there. The man was asked a question and he answered it.
    If you don’t want to hear it, tell the freaking media to stop asking. These guys, PFT included, can’t get enough of Favre because like it or not whether you love him or hate him he’s good for their business.
    Go to the Press Gazette’s Packer web site and 50% of the stories are still about Favre and he hasn’t been a Packer for two years. The freaking media love them some Favre.

  16. As a Packer fan it just amazes me how much of an a**hole this guy is. Now they get to deal with his bullsh*t every year. Just remember he is only looking out for himself, he doesn’t care what he does to the organization. Arguably one of the most self centered athletes in football today!!!

  17. I don’t want to hear it. He’s got another 7 years left in him. That would be cool if he could play till he was 50.

  18. I know on paper this is like John Elway, but I really don’t like the comparisons because it’s not fair.
    Elway was 38 and on the same team he had been on forever. The years they won the SB, the team was completely 100% carried by Terrell Davis, and that juggernaut offensive line, and a star laden defense. Elway was a bit player on that team and reaped the benefits of that team.
    Favre is 40, and hasn’t even been on his team for four months. As great as AP is, the Denver running game those SB years were WAY more effective. Also Brett has a HELL of a lot more to do with his team winning than Elway did in their 2 SB’s.
    The point is, if Brett can win the Super Bowl this year, it will be one of the greatest achievements in all of sports history when you factor everything in, and Elway finally being on a Super Bowl team is more the equivalent of guys like Gary Payton & Karl Malone being on the Lakers for that one year to finally win a ring.

  19. VINCE:
    What’s it like living under a rock and having no idea what you write about?
    Do you realize that over the past 34 years, only 8 Super Bowls have featured the #1 seeds from each conference? Do you need me to break down the odds from here, or can you handle it?
    Do some research, kid.

  20. Man! What a bunch of pathetic girly-men we have here!
    OK, so Favre says something that we all expected to be true, did three months ago. What happens? All you Favre besotted dolts start acting like jilted 12 year old girls who hear the name of their would-be boyfriend mentioned.
    As a Vikings fan, this barely is a story to me. Yet here we find a bunch of people frothing at the mouth about it. Oh god that’s so pathetic! It’s called obsession and it’s unhealthy. Go on, find yourself a new boyfriend and move on, OK?

  21. Stetai,
    No doubt – Favre’s already the best there ever was, but he’s carrying the Vikings this season, BIG TIME. They’re running back is losing step(s), they’re defense is giving up yardage by the boatload and the receiving corps is merely average as a whole.
    It would be the biggest story, maybe, of all time in sports.

  22. Chilly should bench Favre now before he blows up in the playoffs. They have a better chance with Rosenfels or TJ. Favre Groupies are blind to this reality and will ride him all the way to the bitter end. Playing in a dome? Hello, his six-INT masterpiece was in a dome. Good luck.

  23. @Bob Nelson –
    You said Brett Favre would NEVER, EVER play for the Vikings, now you’re saying he will be back for year 2.
    What’s up with that?

  24. “I love how people get bent out of shape over whether he retires. ”
    What’s far funnier is the people who see the headline, click on the headline, read the story, and then post about how tired they of the story.
    Absolute and complete morons. There’s just no other explanation.

  25. “They’ll deal with it and not demand an ultimatium like a PMSing girlfriend or Ted Thompson.”
    Let’s see how the Vikings can deal with Favre for a full offseason like Thompson had to do with 3 straight years instead of just three months.

  26. Let’s not forget John Elway’s two Super Bowl rings are obviously tainted by the fact they were later charged with manipulating their payroll to get over the cap without the league’s knowledge. Take away two stud players and Elway doesn’t have both rings, plus Favre would have another.
    Can Favre beat Peyton Manning and the Colts or Brees and the Saints over the next two years before he’s too old to play anymore?
    I don’t think he’s going to walk out like Elway unless Minnesota cheats their way to a title too.

  27. Hauschild, how about you know something about stats before you run your mouth:
    Defense-#6 in nfl in yardage given up, not exactly giving yards
    AP- # 3 in yardage and # 2 for TD’s in NFL, if that is losing a step give it to me ever year
    Receivers-one is # 5 in total yardage, one is pretty much a lock for ROY, oh and our TE is #3 in TD’s for TE
    Yeah your right Favre is carrying this team, DUH!

  28. Feb 14th 2010
    AP Miami
    After time spent celebrating a solid victory over the Indianapolis Colts in Superbowl XLIV Brett Favre has announced today that he will retire after 19 long, record setting seasons in the NFL. “It’s been a great run, still can’t believe that 4 passing touchdowns and 342 yards isn’t enough to win that new Cadilac, but with guys like Adrian around, what can you do” said a grinning Favre at his press conference. Brett Favre retires holding numerous records including touchdowns, completions, interceptions, and passing yards in a career. He also set the mark for most consecutive games played. One curious note is that during his press conference, Brett mentioned that it was nice not to feel forced out, and stated that if elected, he planed to enter the Hall of Fame as a Viking.

  29. He told the Packers he’d come back before the playoffs even ended in 2007 and all he got was Frank Walker and no Randy Moss from Tightwad Ted Thompson.

  30. This constant talk of retirement is due to a combination of narcissistic meglomania, media fueled delusions of grandeur and possible mental illness. Criminals notwithstanding, this guy is probably one of the biggest jerk offs in sports today.
    You got what you wanted Minnesota. He’s all yours.

  31. Packer Fans sure a comical bunch of simpletons. For years on end they praised Favre saying he’s the best QB to ever play the game and now that he’s playing for the Vikings he’s the biggest douche bag to ever put on a uniform. One thing for sure, the current Packers QB will never get the kind of press coverage that Favre receives even if he were to win a Super Bowl which doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon. The guy is as dull as a bowling ball.

  32. I always imagine Triple T (Tightwad Ted Thompson) swimming in his money bin like Scrooge McDuck. It had to hurt Triple T losing to Favre twice this year and going 6-10 without him last year.

  33. No way….Favre retire? I can not believe he is just going to walk away after (insert years played) 19 years and doing so many things for this (insert team name) Viking’s team….. Maybe he will reconsider and play for the (insert new team)…..

  34. omg i am s1o tired of this farve crap. what a tool this guy is..me, me, me…. brett if youare reading this, takea long walk on a short pier no one cares anymore. you are such a egomaniac. you are everything that is wrong with football. apparently there is a”me” in team………….

  35. You people are so funny. You actually think that he needs to worry about what his legacy in YOUR eyes means to him! What he chooses to do means nothing in your life unless you are the backup qb in Minny right now.

  36. Not real difficult to have the completions, TD, & yardage records when you also have the most attempts & interceptions.
    Not the best QB…probably not top 10.
    But he is the most durable.

  37. Yup, Brent Gump(a.k.a. Brett Favre) is playing the old suckerooney again. So if the Vikings don’t make the Super Bowl, and win, he will come back and try again. Really? Go to You Tube and watch his “final” goodbye from Green Bay, then tell me, truthfully, you believe anything this guy says.
    Of course, family members will want him to bring home another $12 million next year.

  38. “Hauschild says:
    I love how he toys with the less intellectually gifted among us.”
    LOL, and this is why he’s with the Queens!

  39. we’re starting this crap, already??? no wonder people HATE this guy, you think FLORIO he’s going to walk away from 12 million dollars next year??? did you ever think, that it’s his way of skipping OTA’s, minicamps, and traing camp??? what a coincidence, that he got the urge to play, once the Vikings broke camp??? HE AIN”T WALKING AWAY FROM 12 MILL NEXT YEAR!

  40. I believe Farve will never be able to bring himself to retire. I think in his twisted head, he really wants to carried off the field after some “Joe Theismann” level hit .. wounded warrior .. roar of the crowd … and all that nonsense.

  41. Great, now I can hear this right through the next training camp. I got tired of this when he played for the Pack and was glad they let him go and gave Rodgers the job.

  42. next year Aaron Rodgers will be starting for the pack… and after the vikes quick fix retires the defense will be older, and a new horrible qb is going to bring your team back to where it belongs… 3rd place sounds about right haha… get a ring and then ill care
    I love brett as a player, i dont care about the nonsense, the pack made the right decision.

  43. So let me ask you haters a question. When Favre was asked about this, what should he have done that would have made you happy?
    If he didn’t answer it all you would have said he was a total dick for not answering. If he had said that he would be back no matter what, you would have called him a liar amongst other things.
    There’s no answer you would accept, which is why your opinions mean nothing to him or anyone who pays attention to the game.
    Blame the media for continuing to try to find a story in it, not the man for answering truthfully.

  44. @ bolo savage
    Unique opinion; I believe there is a kernel of truth in your post but would’nt we all like to go out like that? Metaphorically speaking of course.

  45. Watch every Viking veteran retire if we win the superbowl. Pat Williams already said he would, now Favre. Whos next? Antoine? Steve Hutchinson? Come on guys, at least make it two in a row. lol


  47. The only soap opera is caused by media speculation. Favre was asked a question and he answered. And as the Vikings are finding out, it doesn’t matter if there is a “soap opera” if you win games. Would you rather Favre were cheating on his wife, or he shot himself in the butt in a night club? There are a lot worse offseason “dramas” than a 53 year old QB who isn’t sure if he should keep playing.

  48. Please stop it already with the Elway comparisons. This does not compare with Elway, don’t even put Favre on Elways level. Elway went out with CLASS on the same team he fought and bled for regardless of who was on the team, who was coaching the team, and who was running the team. Favre starred in the remake of “the Crying Game ” and orchestrated his own form of free agency to get what he wanted. Do not use Favre and Elway in the same sentence because these secnarios are about as alike as the north pole and the Hawaiiean Islands.

  49. Hmm…
    I have to wonder if really if ever overcame pain-killers and just compensated with a behavior pattern. His behavior is nothing new to Green Bay and New York Jets fans or anyone for that matter.
    According to the Webster Dictionary:
    behavior pattern
    “a recurrent way of acting by an individual or group toward a given object or in a given situation”.

  50. I’m guessing there are 20+ teams who wish they were “dealing” with Favre’s right now. 11-2, with the division and first round bye all but locked up, and Favre right in the middle of the MVP race. Off-season indecision seems like a small price to pay for championship caliber football.

  51. How do you like me now! If the Vikes don’t get a home-run at the big dance, what’s the point? I think Favre has a small chicken bone stuck in his thoat right now… let’s see how it plays out kids. Keep an eye on the mighty Pack; if not this year, the next few. Being that it’s Favre’s rookie year though, he has many, many great years ahead of him, so if you don’t get it this year… next year, right? Good luck with that. If you make it, it was well deserved, and we will shut our yaps for a month or two… if you don’t I guess you have to ask yourself… who would you rather be at this moment?

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