Redskins will remove 25 million pounds of snow

With a brand new G.M. and daily coaching rumors in Washington, it’s easy to forget Jim Zorn still has three more games to coach.

And there is much work to be done before Zorn hits the field again Monday night. 

The Redskins announced they will bring in more than 1,200 workers to clear snow after the largest pre-game snowfall in team history.

The Redskins will have to remove 25 million pounds of snow in all from Fedex Field. The Redskins even consulted with team officials from four other snowy locales on how best to handle the storm.

So while we debate whether it’s worth going out to get some milk tonight, we salute the 1,200 folks giving the Redskins a hand.

47 responses to “Redskins will remove 25 million pounds of snow

  1. Hopefully the Redskins are hooking these guys up with tickets for helping.
    Hey if the Eagles said they would give me a ticket to tomorrows I would happily help them move some snow tonight. I have already done it for 3 hours because of my ridicolously long driveway.

  2. hope they didnt flout the Rooney rule while selecting the 1200 workers else Florio will come down on them hard

  3. Hopefully they do what the Eagles did for their 04 NFC Championship game and offer everyone that helps move snow free tickets and everything to the game

  4. Guess we’ll have to tough it out in the 75 degree sunshine in SD. Tough job but someone’s got to do it.

  5. Man, I’m sure glad I turned down those tickets I got offered! It’s one thing to sit and watch the skinz lose, yet another to freeze to death while doing it!

  6. before you salute the 1200 folks, remember the ravens used 700 inmates….so these might be 1200 inmates you are saluting

  7. Who ever goes to the game to begin with is nuts. Especially in this weather, its NASTY. Redskins should just let the team clear snow because their def. not good at playing football.

  8. chunky soupy sales says:
    December 19, 2009 6:47 PM
    Did they follow the Rooney Rule and hire minorities to shovel the snow?
    Yes and for two reasons.
    1. You would lose white people in the snow.
    2. Minorities are used to dealing with 10+ inches. Anything more than 2 inches and white people can’t handle it.

  9. Desides says: December 19, 2009 6:39 PM
    So much for global warming.
    ——————————————————I’m so sick of hearing some idiot make this comment every time it snows in the north during winter. First off its called global warming, not North East US warming. Second, the planet is getting warmer on average as has been predicted and this shows up as the poles melt. It just boggles the mind that some people have decided that global warming is somehow a partisan issue. Pathetic

  10. So what. Sounds like a regular home game for the Patriots and Bills. Big deal. I am surprised Florio didn’t add something about Moss in this story.

  11. I expect as always for the Skins to win with or without snow. By the way. Do u know how long its been to have two DEs in double digit sacks for us? That’s Big Al.

  12. Michael Irving also knows a lot about moving snow. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he showed up.

  13. last starfighter is like most of his ilk, absolutely humorless. These posts are mostly for FUN, you remember fun don’t you? Relax already. If so many meteorologists & scientists didn’t agree with planet warming plus people that threw away a lot of information that can’t be retieved, it wouldn’t even be an issue would it? It’s not a partisan issue with me, I’m a Democrat, I just happen to think Al Gore is one of the world’s biggest hypocrites. I know where I live, the summers have gotten progressively cooler & the winters progressively colder the last 4 years. But thru all of this looming danger, I haven’t lost my sense of humor. Twenty-five million pounds of snow is a lot, with or without planet warming or whatever the politically correct term for it is.

  14. Whenever i vacation during the winter, it’s always to a warmer climate…….So, i’m all for global warming…..Never had any thought’s of visiting any of the poles……

  15. The Ravens used 700 inmates > Are you sure the state of Maryland, which is the landlord of M&T Bank Stadium didn’t bring them in to save $$$$ – Martin Owe’Malley is Governor & he has ran the state broke

  16. So global warming affects precipitation by preventing snow?? Let me guess, you’ve made it this far with just your H.S. diploma. Well, let me break it down real easy for ya. Water freezes at 32°F. If it’s 19° or so in Washington, instead of 16°, snow will still stick. You’re welcome!

  17. Is Florio’s #1 rule for writers to “lob” us a story to lay on the funny anecdotes?
    eagles_2031 says:
    December 19, 2009 6:42 PM
    throw haynesworth in there and that is another fat ass ton of crap…
    Throw Haynesworth’s fat ass in there and it becomes 250 million and 1 tons of crap to be removed from FedEx field.

  18. I swear this site has some of the damned dumbest people making comments. Climate change denying, race baiting, cries of reverse discrimination, and outright hate for one of the main writers here…Florio.
    Its really kind of sad.

  19. The Skins should get Hainesworthlesss out there and move some snow he needs to move something for that $$$$$$$
    Is Zorn in charge of snow removal or did they bring someone in to call the plows from the press box?
    The team has so much heat on them with new GM and Coach they could melt it by holding a training sesion
    Or just forfit

  20. Second, the planet is getting warmer on average
    Yeah, sure.
    And petroleum is a “fossil fuel” made from dead dinosaurs.

  21. seriously? why r we even talking about the 4skins? they have been out of the playoffs in week 3….
    lets talk about the teams going to the playoffs….

  22. Hey “Last Numb-nuts” Really? The Global Warming Stupid stuff? The world may be warming or cooling; the only thing constant is change. You and I have nothing to do with it; have no effect on it; and don’t need to have our way of life taxed and changed to pay third world UN goofs so they can laugh at you for thinking it will change temperatures. Get out there and shovel Fedex Field and expel some useful CO2.
    Go Skins!

  23. 4skins blow…most dysfunctional org on the global both in professional sports in corporate america….talk about a bunch of chimps running a professional franchise.

  24. boysroll, why do you troll every article posted about the skins with your useless comments? I’d also like to know why you end every sentence with multiple periods. Actually I’m pretty sure I could answer that.

  25. @ mihan….
    I hear you. I’m not sure which is worse on this message board – the grammar or the opinions.

  26. @Knuckledraggin’ Joe – LOL, nice, try to perpetuate all the urban myths you can. Apparently it’s all you have to go on.
    @mihan – you should have stopped after your first sentence. “Climate change denying?” Go donate all of YOUR income to a eugenics society if it makes you feel better, but please don’t try to pass pseudo-science as fact. It puts you on a par with Singledigitwonderlickscorin’ Joe.

  27. @last starfighter:
    “I’m so sick of hearing some idiot make this comment every time it snows in the north during winter.”
    Personally, I’m so sick of hearing some idiot defend a temperature trend that doesn’t exist. The globe is on a cooling trend. It’s been cooling for well over a decade. Before that, temperatures had indeed been climbing, but insignificantly so: 1998 is not the warmest year on record of the 20th century as global warming advocates claim, but in fact 1934 is. Every other year was cooler than 1934.
    Oh, and your precious hockey stick graph is a total hoax, as the leaked CRU emails reveal.
    Global warming is a myth. Stating that it exists is like stating the Detroit Lions are a good football team: it flies in the face of verifiable facts.

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