Redskins won't comment on Blache report

We reported earlier today that Redskins defensive coordinator Greg Blache already has been interviewed for the team’s head-coaching job, which currently is not vacant.

Jason Reid of the Washington Post reports that Redskins spokesman Zack Bolno said the team has no comment in response to the report.

The message to be taken from the team’s position isn’t clear.  It could be interpreted as an implicit concession that the interview occurred — especially since they weren’t bashful about disputing the content of our Friday report regarding Vinny Cerrato’s role as a consultant to owner Daniel Snyder and/or the team.

And while some might wonder why the team didn’t opt for the predictable “we have a head coach” response, the fact that interviews were conducted for Cerrato’s job while he still held it would have opened the door for folks to criticize the “we have a head coach” tactic.

Reid also reports that most of the assistant coaches and head coach Jim Zorn “have realized for at least two months that they would not return in 2010.”

Since Mike Shanahan is an expert on the offensive side of the ball, there’s a chance that Blache would remain in place under the new regime.

10 responses to “Redskins won't comment on Blache report

  1. Not too hard to figure this one out, Mike. They have Bruce Allen (GM)signed, and Mike Shanahan will be coming on board soon. (Friend of Allen)To meet the NFL regs they must interview minority candidates.
    So DS can look the Commish in the face and say, “we met the requirements”.
    Zorn is a dead man walking, coachingwise, so what’s to figure out?

  2. It is too bad that Zorn won’t get another year. At the beginning of the year, I was all for firing him. But it is clear that he has gotten the most out of the players. I would give him one more year, but that would be all.

  3. “We reported earlier today that Redskins defensive coordinator Greg Blache already has been interviewed for the team’s head-coaching job, which currently is not vacant.”
    What’s the twitter on this? Has someone twitted, tweeted or twatted?

  4. The Rooney Rule is necessary and awesome. Shouldn’t there be a Sanchez rule, where you have to interview a Mexican too? What about the Wang rule for Asians? If I were an Asian, I would be pissed. I’m sorry but Stan Kwan just doesn’t cut it.

  5. Florio,
    The ‘Skins interviewed Allen (and others) to be their GM. Cerrato held the job of Executive VP of Football Operations, not GM. For all we know, the ‘Skins could have been interviewing potential GM’s for the past 10 years. And possibly in that time, they met the requirements to satisfy the Rooney Rule.
    As far as interviewing Blache, it doesn’t make sense at this time. Zorn will not be fired before the end of the season, but he will be shortly after the loss at the Chargers. Synder will have time to interview Blache immediately after that loss and dangle a promotion to Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator (and a small increase in pay), if he agrees to be interviewed. Blache deserves to be a HC in this league, but from what I hear, he doesn’t want it. And why not take advantage of the Rooney Rule if you’re Blache? If he doesn’t interview and benefit, someone else will.

  6. What is it with these people in DC who are advocating Zorn getting one more year. Forget his recored over the last year and a half and his coaching ability. By keeping Zorn for one more year, you are advocating that this team is just a couple of bounces away from being a championship team. Anyone who has watched this season knows that the overpriced veterans aren’t producing anything anymore. The team needs to be reconstructed NOW. Rebuilding the team means getting a new coach and philosophy in to implement with young players. Why don’t fans understand this? Forget that he is a nice guy and they have had some close games here down the stretch. This isn’t about Zorn anymore. It’s about direction.

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