Sanchez will start in the snow

After a one-week injury-related absence that also might have included an element of punishment for his failure to slide feet-first against the Bills on December 3, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is expected to start on Sunday, despite a sprained PCL.

He’s officially listed as probable, and he fully participated in practice on Friday.

“He’s got both knee braces, so it’s going to be a Joe Namath throwback game for Mark,” coach Rex Ryan said Friday, per Greg Bishop of the New York Times.  “He feels confident.  He threw the ball really well today.  He’s ready to go.”

The bigger question, as Josh Alper pointed out in the one-liners, is whether Sanchez is ready to go in the snow.  And we’re not talking about turning the white stuff yellow; we’re talking about a Southern California kid whose primary experiences with white flakes arose from a refrigerator that needed a good defrosting and/or a scalp that needed a good scrubbing with Troy Polamalu’s preferred shampoo.

“I feel good,” Sanchez said Friday, per Bishop.  “I am excited to play.  I know there are
going to be many more snow games, so I plan to get used to it.”

For Sunday, whether Sanchez eventually gets used to playing in the snow doesn’t matter.  For Sunday, the question is whether he can do it now.

And the snow might not be the biggest problem.  Given his performance against the Bills in October, the wind might play a part in whether Sanchez throws an interception or two. 

Or five.

And when Sanchez lines up on Sunday, his pre-play hand-warming device might not be provided by the undercarriage of center Nick Mangold.  He’s questionable with an illness.