Source: Blache already has interviewed for Redskins job

Unless they conducted a search even faster than they recruited Albert Haynesworth, the Redskins interviewed multiple candidates for General Manager at a time when they already had someone doing the job.

So it should come as no surprise that they’re already interviewing candidates for the position of head coach, despite the fact that they already have one.

Per a league source, the Redskins have interviewed defensive coordinator Greg Blache for the position currently held by his boss, Jim Zorn. 

It’s unknown when the interview specifically occurred.

By interviewing Blache, the Redskins have complied in advance with the Rooney Rule, which requires at least one minority candidate to be interviewed for every head-coaching vacancy.

We recently speculated, based on the manner in which the Vinny Cerrato-Bruce Allen flip-flop was handled by the team, that the Redskins already have complied with the Rooney Rule as it relates to the head-coaching position.

So, basically, the Redskins are free — at any time — to announce that Zorn is out, and to announce that Mike Shanahan (or anyone else, for that matter) is in.

As we pointed out last night, Shanahan definitely is in play for the job.  Though it’s not a done deal, he has been talking to the powers-that-be for weeks, if not months.
Cue the denials from Blache and/or the Redskins and/or Shanahan and/or Shanahan’s minions in the media. 

Maybe, if I’m really lucky, Mike Wise will call me a “cretin” again, too.

23 responses to “Source: Blache already has interviewed for Redskins job

  1. Not surprising. It’s pretty well known that Blache wants to retire. It’s also well known that he has a close relationship with Snyder. He was basically talked back into being the Defensive Coordinator by Snyder. While Blache may dream about a HC job, he’s probably realistic enough to know it isn’t happening. I imagine he did this as a favor to Snyder, as Blache is very much a loyalist.

  2. & why is the Rooney rule so important? I’ll tell you why because Roger Good-douche is turning the NFL into a Mickey Mouse club. Way to go Roger!

  3. HAHAHAHA…when I got in my car to go home from work yesterday it was already tuned to 106.7 from the drive in. The first thing I hear is Mike Wise calling you a scumbag and then after listening to it further he contradicts himself by saying that you are only doing your job….
    That guy sucks…

  4. Mike Florio said:
    “It’s unknown when the interview specifically occurred.”
    Very likely during the time it was decided to bring Sherm Lewis on board…then they had a replacement for Zorn if he walked.

  5. You crouton!
    The Redskins could have been going through this process for ages in NFL-time. Weeks maybe.
    If something’s going on behind the scenes in the NFL and Florio doesn’t hear about it, it isn’t happening?!

  6. Another example of this guy’s lack of principles and professional ethics. Participating in a sham interview–huh!. He should be embarrassed. But I guess it shows what dirty money (and a shotgun) will buy.

  7. The Rooney rule is an absolute embarrassment to professional sports and an insult to people of color. This rule inadvertently has the opposite effect of what it’s trying to do. Congratulations Mr. Rooney, now every time an African American gets a call for an interview, he can no longer assume that he’s getting the call for his abilities but rather because of his color. Talk about racism. Wow. Hey, while you’re at it, why don’t you make NFL teams interview a woman as well as a person of color. I mean come on….that’s not insulting to a woman at all.

  8. Rooney Rule a joke??? Tell that to Mike works but owners know who their man is then why force it..but its a good idea

  9. …and since Blache is the only candidate Florio has actually “heard” about, then that must be proof that the Redskins didn’t interview anyone else, right?
    Damn Florio… you humor me.

  10. bearsrule – Your telling me that you wouldn’t stay in the job? I think Zorn knows perfectly well that he’s going to get fired. The Redskins were trying to force him out when they stripped him of playcalling. They were hoping he’d quit to save them some more. He’s pretty much sticking it to them by sticking around, and as a bonus, making good dough on it as well.

  11. Rooney Rule? No problem, we can circumvent that.
    I guess some things never change with the Redskins. Maybe they’ll bring back the all-white team next.

  12. bearsrule,
    Zorn is just being smart. He knows that Snyder will fire him at the end of the year. As long as he doesn’t “pull a Kiffin”, Snyder can’t fire him with cause. Therefore, he will receive a lot of money while being unemployed.

  13. Yeah, like the Redskins are the first and only team to conduct an interview with a minority candidate they have no intention of hiring. Please.
    And Zorn has about 3 million reasons to stick it out, his 2010 salary that he doesn’t collect if he walks. Plus he’s showing prospective future employers that he can endure under the worst of circumstances.

  14. Florio….Where do you get your info…….I know from your Uncles,son’s,friends Grandmothers Half-brother. Let us know when you really know what the hells going on

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