Ware won't play unless he's at full strength

Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware has never missed a game in his NFL career. But he will tonight when the Cowboys take on the Saints unless both he and team doctors say he’s completely recovered from the neck injury he suffered six days ago.

Ed Werder of ESPN reports that Ware will not play unless he’s able to convince doctors he’s at full strength, has a full range of motion and, in Werder’s words, has “no lingering psychological effects.”

In other words, the Cowboys won’t let Ware play unless he and team doctors say they’re certain the neck sprain that caused him to be stretchered off the field on Sunday isn’t affecting him in any way. Ware is officially listed as questionable.

The initial reports this week indicated that Ware was likely to miss at least one game, although later in the week the Cowboys said he could play against the Saints. Ware said he wants to play but is willing to trust the doctors to make the call on whether he can go or not.

8 responses to “Ware won't play unless he's at full strength

  1. Again, does anyone actually think if a player wants to play, who plays in texas, that a team doctor will not clear him? short answer, NO. Any doctor associated w/ jerry could care less about the health of the player as long as they are willing to play. THE COW BLOWS ARE PATHETIC!!!

  2. its not a texas thing or a cowboys thing mad555 its a pro football thing. ref. brian westbrook and wambam not one but TWO concussions for a recent example

  3. mad555
    How do you know anything about Jerry Jones? Hamlin has not played in a month with an ankle sprain, Bennett hasn’t played in a couple of weeks with a concussion. Where was Jerry during those injuries? It’s not like they didn’t need to win those games. As a Cowboy fan I agree the team is sinking AGAIN. But how do you know so much about the inner workings of Jerry Jones or the Cowboy?

  4. mad555 your obviously a moron who know nothing about football. I bet your brain struggles when you breath. Do everyone a favor and shut the hell up!

  5. Put Ware in who cares. He is gonna get that neck binged banged up quick!!!!! Then he is out for two more weeks. WHO DAT WHO DAT!!!!!

  6. who cares if ware plays or not , it will still be a loss for the girls.. this a is a 2 td game easy blow out.

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