Angelo says no decision has been made on Lovie Smith

On Friday, John Mullin of CSN Chicago reported that Bears coach Lovie Smith will be back in 2010.

On Sunday, Bears G.M. Jerry Angelo said that no decision as to Smith’s status has been made.

Angelo explained that Smith’s status will be determined after the 2009 season ends.  “At the end of the year, we sit down, we talk,” Angelo said at Sunday’s game between the Bears and the Ravens, according to the Associated Press.

Though we’re not sure anything other than “no comment” would have worked in these circumstances, Angelo’s words have an ominous tone.

Especially with the Bears being blown out in Baltimore.

17 responses to “Angelo says no decision has been made on Lovie Smith

  1. Angelo is just trying to save his own ass. He’s done a horrible job putting the Bears together. If he fires Smith, he figures it buys him another three years.

  2. Hopefully, that’s because Angelo won’t be the one making the decision on whether Lovie stays or goes. Angelo is the one that created this mess.

  3. As a lifetime Bears fan might I be the first to say here that it’s about goddamn time !!!

  4. Has anyone bothered to ask what Angelo’s status is for next season? No first- or second-round picks. Guys who were busts in Chi-Town thriving elsewhere. He’s a bigger problem than Lovie.

  5. As a moron that drafted Forte with the number 2 overall pick overall in my fantasy draft, I say the Bears need to address several issues. Not a single person on the Bears was worth a shit in Fantasy this season including their usually solid Defense. I drafted 3 Bears player this season, what a joke. Bears need a new GM, and coaching staff. Might want to consider getting some REAL wide receivers for that prima donna Culter to throw to. You’re offensive line sucks, your D sucks and you have no decent running backs or number one wide reciever… but hey, at least you got Culter. Oh Goodie!

  6. I couldn’t agree with 34_Fan_4_Life more!! It has been time to get rid of Lovie AND Turner for a while!!

  7. Bears Fans donate to the media campaign to get rid of Lovie Smith.
    This once proud franchise has fallen to the depths of the NFL and it is not far off saying that we are the worst team in the NFL.
    This effort might not accomplish anything but at least as fans we can be heard and make a statement about how we feel.
    Anything helps the cause

  8. I am sooooooooooooo glad that we got schooled be the Ravens because if we lost by a tiny margin then Lovie and friends would have come up with another excuse, but with such a huge gap I can’t wait to see Lovies reaction and I pray to God the door keeps widening for Lovies butt to get kicked out of!

  9. How about a decision on Angelo, you know the guy that made all those great draft picks and those great trades !!!

  10. Jim Harbaugh should be on the list of candidates, he’s proven he can spank Pete Carroll every time they play

  11. Lovie should be on the street by week 1 of the postseason, and Angelo should be there holding his bags. Shanahan, come on down.

  12. TampaJoey This is real football not fantasy so making decisions based on how shitty your draft was is a little annoying. I dont know why anyone would listen to an opinion of a guy who 1. Is basing his argument on his fantasy team 2. Obviously cant even play fantasy football. Other then that teenager i would say Jerry’s job should be the one in question. Im all with BEAR-A-HOLIC, and JJP.

  13. It’s not Lovie’s fault that the Ravens had a few lucky plays….
    … about 15 of them, I think.

  14. All right……….a blowout by the Vikings next week!!! Yay!!!
    Then I will root for the ass whoopin’ that I hope Detroit puts on Da Pukes.
    We (Bear fans) want to support our team again.
    Thank you….

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