Mort: No rookie wage scale until 2012

Last year at about this time, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made it clear that college football players with remaining eligibility should not rush into the 2009 draft due to concerns that a rookie wage scale would be adopted for 2010.  Goodel said that there would be no change to the current system until 2011 at the earliest.

Now, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that a rookie wage scale would not be implemented until 2012 at the earliest.

So if underclassmen are thinking about coming out due to concerns that the windfalls will evaporate in 2011, think again.  The big money will still be there.

And Mort made a blunt plea to the players who might give up their last year of eligibility in order to chase money that might not be there if they wait another year:  “Do not listen to agents who are scaring you into a rookie wage scale or a rookie cap. . . .  Don’t let agents deceive you and lie about this rookie wage scale and rookie cap that would affect you into coming out early.”

That said, there’s still a chance that there won’t be football at all in 2011, which means that players drafted under the current rookie payroll structure might not be getting paid at all for possibly a year.  So if agents are using that angle to persuade players to give up any remaining eligibility, the agents wouldn’t be lying.

Mort also mentioned the possibility that a rookie wage scale would be phased in, which could make any reductions in the amounts currently paid to the players at the top of the draft not sufficiently significant to be the determining factor in whether a player leaves college early in 2011, 2012, etc.

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  1. for the love of tebow, if he somehow ends up in a jaguars uniform, i expect the amount of tickets that sells, over this year’s number, to be all the argument needed, to not install a rookie pay scale…
    unless the nfl wants to move the draft back to a tuesday afternoon, and not sell merch for players that “haven’t proven it”, then they have to pay the rookies fair market value…because, last time i checked, there is a limited, albeit high-priced niche, for blocking, tackling, catching, throwing and running with a football….no amount of demonstrated proficiency has intrinsic value…
    hence players aren’t paid that way.

  2. Who is Mort to say this, and ask players to believe him?
    NFL owners would be crazy not to adopt at least an unofficial wage scale for 2010.

  3. I have two words for you regarding a rookie wage scale and the need for it ASAP: JaMarcus Russell.

  4. Important issue.
    Quit penalizing the worst teams by making them roll the dice for mega-millions. It’s 50/50 at best and your franchise is hamstrung if it doesn’t work out.

  5. I know that a lot of non-players are big on a rookie wage scale because they believe that the veteran players want one but think about it — why would they? The most support for one comes from the owners (99.999999999999999%) and marginal players. The stars love it because it provides them a basis for their negotiations, just like they used Plan B free agency. You know that several WRs have salivated at how much Heyward-Bey is getting and their agents are computing how much better their client must be when compared to him and any player that doesn’t do that is a fool. I’ve come up with a rookie proposal that makes sense but I would say that many of you might disagree:

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