Ochocinco scores for Bengals, drops to a knee in honor of Henry

In the end, Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco decided to honor fallen teammate Chris Henry not by wearing his jersey, but by putting up a strong performance.

With the Bengals trailing 7-3 in San Diego, Ochocinco hauled in a 49-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Carson Palmer, which gave Cincinnati its first lead of the game.

Through the first 17 minutes of play, Ochocinco has three catches for 79 yards.

After scoring, Ochocinco fell to his left knee as he gestured to the sky.  At one point, he pulled his chin strap free from his helmet.  It appeared he might remove his helmet, which could have triggered a 15-yard penalty.

Then again, going to the ground after a score is expressly prohibited.  But the officials kept their laundry in their pockets as Ochocinco honored Henry.

In remains to be seen whether the NFL will choose not to send Ochocinco a FedEx envelope this week containing notification that the gesture, while honorable, will result in a fine.

UPDATE:  As some of you have pointed out, an exception possibly applies to gestures of prayer.  As MJD of Yahoo! Sports pointed out in October, that isn’t supposed to matter.  Moreover, it’s unclear whether Ochocinco was praying or whether he was simply overcome by emotion relating to the death of his friend and teammate.

20 responses to “Ochocinco scores for Bengals, drops to a knee in honor of Henry

  1. I hope Roger does fine him, maybe the players will make a stand against the NFL, Roger out or no new CBA.
    I just cannot stand that… oh nevermind.

  2. I actually remember Pereira saying that their is no penalty for players dropping one knee after scoring. That’s the one celebration that they allow.

  3. Good on Chad. The NFL should not fine him, nothing he did there was for fun or for personal gain.

  4. Mike Pierera has said more than once on NFL Network that they will not fine a player for taking a knee if it’s a “prayer-related gesture,” (my words not his) for lack of a better term.

  5. Mike Pereira has specifically said that going to a knee after a touchdown is not a penalty. Going to the ground is a penalty but he said they make an exception, “Taking a knee to praise the lord will not be penalized.”

  6. Good for Chad. The guy never forgets (as a lot of others have) That this is sports entertainment.
    Chad took time from fooling around with the league to pay respects to his friend.
    Nothing wrong with that even if you don’t like the man for whatever personal reasons you may have, he showed class.

  7. going to the ground, or a knee, after a touchdown, is a penalty? going to the ground after a touchdown is expressely prohibited?
    what game are you watching florio? they didn’t make an exception for chad ocho … this happens allllllllllllll the time. maybe you should spend some time in church, you’d understand it instead of using your lawyer mind to figure it out.

  8. The “going to the ground” rule, under any circumstances, is the dumbest restriction on celebrations in the NFL.
    And now, without an ironic bone in their bodies, cue the bigots’ cries of “attention whore!” and “no class!”

  9. who cares? these guys drop to a knee all the time like that. what’s your issue or problem with it florio?

  10. Who gives a shit?!? Do you get a percentage of the fines? You’re such a little girl. This shit is more like reading US magazine than reading about the NFL now.

  11. Yes, players drop a knee all the time.
    The issue is Goodell, not Chad, going fine crazy, every chance he gets.
    Florio is merely pointing out that Chad has done something he doesn’t normally do, and it would not be surprising, given his reasons for doing so now, the NFL try to find some dumb excuse to yank some money out of his “fine fund”.

  12. Uh Johnnydom…it’s not like they tried to lose intentionally.
    I’m sure the other side had something to say about it.

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