Report: Snyder offered job to Shanahan in offseason

As the momentum continues to build between the Redskins and Mike Shanahan, Jay Glazer of FOX reports that owner Daniel Snyder initially offered the job to Shanahan during the 2009 offseason.

In response, Shanahan told Snyder that he needs to give coach Jim Zorn more than one year on the job.

The news meshes with rumors that have been circulating for months regarding offseason meetings and communications between Snyder and Shanahan, and regarding the belief that the Redskins tried to get quarterback Jay Cutler from the Broncos in anticipation that Shanahan would be the head coach.

And who knows?  Maybe Shanahan would have decided to take the offer for 2009 if Cutler was going to be the guy.

Glazer also reports that, at the league meetings in March, Snyder asked former Broncos safety John Lynch to share everything he knows about Shanahan — in the presence of Zorn.
All that said, Glazer says that Shanahan’s top choice is the Cowboys.  If so, it looks like Shanahan possibly has been using the Redskins in order to get Dallas owner Jerry Jones to bite.

21 responses to “Report: Snyder offered job to Shanahan in offseason

  1. this midget weasel owner is hilarious. talk about classless…..saying this crap right in front of Zorn. Zorn should tell this weasel to shove this job up his a..
    I know alot of people that worked for this weasel and that is how he ran his business. John Riggins hit it on the head…The guy is a piece of crap and nobody has any respect for this punk a.. owner. I at least respected the Cooke family as they were professional about everything.
    I really feel for the 4skin base that have to deal with this joke of an owner. He is so lucky that his company worth was so high during the stock run up or this weasel would be asking me if I wanted a male or female prize for my sons happy meal at mcdonalds…lmfao.

  2. “Glazer also reports that, at the league meetings in March, Snyder asked former Broncos safety John Lynch to share everything he knows about Shanahan — in the presence of Zorn.”
    what a douche.

  3. Way to re-report what someone far more creditable than you has already done! Least ya gave Glazier credit!

  4. The title of this article should just read “Daniel Snyder is incompetent”. Because that’s all this article says, from top to bottom. They should keep Jim Zorn and fire the owner (or better yet, fire them both).
    Hey Florio, does the Rooney Rule apply for new owners before or after a vacancy occurs?

  5. I’d laugh if Shanahan was playing the weasel, just to get the Cowboys job. This is why Danny needs to go back to his mom’s basement and play Dungeons ‘N’ Dragons, while the REAL football people do their jobs.

  6. Can’t believe Snyder does this to people.
    I’m a Skins fan but I really hope Zorn gets the last laugh.

  7. Poor Zorn…he’s a terrible coach but he doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. Honestly, I’m a big Shanahan fan since I’ve been a lifelong Bronco supporter and I hope he has success wherever he goes. BUT, I think he’s crazy to take Skins gig. Snyder is a loose cannon. He seems like Al Davis and that should be all Shanahan needs to want to go the other direction. I think he’ll end up in Dallas when all the dust settles. Wade Philips will find a way to screw this team up again just like Norv always does with the Chargers. Plus, Shanahan gets Romo whom he tried to sign in Denver. I could also see him in Chicago….I’d love to see him there more than anyplace.

  8. two things.
    1) This is a pretty big story on multiple levels…….so why the hell, if this stuff happened BEFORE THE SEASON, is it only coming out now? It may or may not be true, but that doesn’t change the fact that these guys either sat on this story all this time, which just seems like poor journalism. Or none of it’s true, and it’s just convenient fodder for the gossip reporters.
    2) If it’s true, and at some level it probably is, it just confirms that Snyder could care less about winning. Every year, this idiot is more concerned with hype, and in the process cuts the balls off his team before they even get a chance to do anything. He has alot to learn, still, about being an owner, and it’s more obvious now than ever.

  9. Is anyone surprise by these reports? The fact that Danny asks John Lynch about Shanahan, while Zorn is within earshot? The fact that Danny interviewed Greg Blaiche-one of Zorn’s assistants, underneath Zorn’s nose?
    Snyder is a complete asshole, ok. He continues to treat people like total dogshit. There is something to be said for John Riggins saying he has a “dark heart”.
    Maybe King of All Blog Haters, Mike Wise- will shut his stammering, stuttering pie hole for two seconds, and recognize that Riggins was on to something.

  10. I’m convinced that Snyder is actually a Black Ops psych project designed to see how completely screwy a billionaire can be before 99% of the general public hates him on sight. Apparently there’s still room to go. In my personal vision of the future I’d like to see Dan hire as many hall of fame coaches as he possibly can AT THE SAME TIME, and then put a monkey trained in sign language to oversee them all as GM, film it all for MTV as a reality series whilst stealing scenes dressed in a ratty bathrobe and tissue boxes as slippers waited on hand and foot (no pun intended) by the actor who played Higgins on Magnum PI as his personal butler. That would be awesome. Of course it might ruin the experiment and make him lovable.

  11. I have no respect for Snyder–I’ve been watching this stuff for too long. But now I have no respect for Zorn, letting Snyder and Cerrato dog him repeatedly. If Zorn had any self-respect, he would have quit by now.
    I’ve also listened to Riggins for a long time, on TV and radio and now the internet. He is an iconoclast and his comments can be incendiary, but he is usually not far off in his analyses. Snyder’s dark heart? That’s the black hole from which light cannot escape.

  12. I think Zorn might just be biding his time…quietly waiting it out…
    Like Elin Woods…she hasn’t said anything either.

  13. pgray1111’s second comment is EXACTLY CORRECT!
    Daniel M (Marketer) Snyder always wins the off-season Super Bowl to RAISE EXPECTATIONS AND SELL CORPORATE SUITES, MARKETING DEALS, SEASON TICKETS, ETC.
    His actions reveal how much he loves money. Its not about winning or the product he puts on the field. Never has been in TEN YEARS OF MEDIOCRITY never will be.
    Money, money, money…….

  14. Snyder is a douche…as a skins fan I don’t want that little rat looking ass Shanahan as my head coach. Is Snyder going to throw a big bag of money at Elway and try to get him out of retirement? thats the only way Shanahan will win. I hope he goes to Dallas and flushes their franchise down the toilet like he did in Denver

  15. I have been a skins fan since ’71. Sigh.
    I really don’t see the appeal of Shanahan. He’s getting old and Denver sucked over the last part of his tenure even though he had some great talent on those teams.
    Shanahan to the Cowgirls and let’s get Cowher in here!

  16. There are 2.5 million + reasons why Zorn won’t resign no matter how poorly Danny treats him. It’s too bad…

  17. Dan Snyder is a classless idiot. I don’t know how to handle this. Snyder must go. There has to be a way to get rid of him. I will find a way.
    Poor Zorn. They hire him to be the HC when he had very little experience and now they just crap on him. Snyder is gutless coward. I h8 him to the core. PLEASE SNYDER SELL THIS TEAM!!!! GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT!!!!!!

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