Rumors surface regarding participants in 2010 London game(s)

A member of PFT Planet who is getting his NFL fix via Sky Sports in England tells us that the announcers have passed along rumors regarding the teams that will host the two games expected to be played in London next year.

In one game, the Jaguars would host the Redskins.  In the other, the 49ers would be the home team.

Per the reader, the announcers suggested that the Ravens would be the visiting team in the game “hosted” by San Francisco.  Under the current scheduling formula, however, San Fran will not be playing the teams of the AFC North in 2010; instead, the 49ers will play the four teams of the AFC West, and will play homes games against the Broncos and the Chiefs.

So take it all for what it’s worth.  The bottom line is that it sounds like we’ll be hearing something soon regarding the 2010 London game(s).  Last year, the league announced on December 1 that the Patriots would play the Buccaneers at Wembley Stadium in October 2009.

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  1. They didn’t imply that the Ravens would be facing the Niners.
    Last week it was rumoured by 2 people emailing the show that they knew people in the NFL and the 2 home teams next year would be the Ravens & Niners.
    Then this week another person with “inside knowledge” stated that they were told by Gerard, Sims-Walker & a 3rd Jag that they would be “hosting” a London game in 2010.

  2. @fortythree –
    no, because they are in different conferences. 49ers will play second place finishers in the 2 NFC divisions they aren’t facing next year.

  3. I guess this only matters to the fans of teams losing the home game. So far I have not even noticed when a game is played in London. I mean I’m aware of it because of the coverage on TV and talk here. But it has no effect on how/when I watch the games.
    So Yes YAWN. especially if a team or teams that dont sell out home games are the ones losing the home game.

  4. My brother’s donkey’s cousin told me he saw Tupac yesterday. I know this is a rumor mill but just because the guy lives in London and tells you he heard it you post it? Way to go Florio. Solid journalism

  5. Washington at Jacksonville is a likely match-up. The Redskins would never give up a home game, so for their turn overseas they would be a road team. Jacksonville has had trouble selling tickets. I wouldn’t rule out Philadelphia at Jacksonville, if the league schedules another inter-conference game, to insure that a “playoff” team visits the UK.
    If the home teams are the Ravens and 49ers as has been speculated, having the 49ers play a “home” game at 1 PM Eastern time frees up the NFL to put Oakland either at home or at a western or mountain time zone team such as Arizona, San Diego, or Denver. It seems the NFL has TV restrictions against Oakland and San Francisco being scheduled at the same time, although they bent that rule this week to allow the 49ers-Eagles game to be played at 4 PM because of the snowstorm. With NFC West playing AFC West next year, there will be more than the usual number of west coast games for Oakland and San Francisco, so having San Francisco play a home 1 PM Eastern game helps to alleviate that situation– but only if the 49ers host a team from the same conference, because the NFL has never put a game where the Raiders or 49ers are hosting an inter-conference foe on the same afternoon when the other is playing at all, even an early game on the road. I suppose Denver at San Francisco could be the early game and Oakland could be the west coast game if it’s a scheduled CBS doubleheader week, much like they do when Baltimore or Washington hosts an inter-conference foe, but they have not done this before. As for the Ravens, Baltimore also wouldn’t host an inter-conference game in the UK this year because the 2 NFC teams visiting Baltimore next year are New Orleans and Tampa Bay, both of whom have already made the trip. So if they keep their current restrictions, and if there are two games, I suspect both games would be intra-conference (but not intra-division) games. Perhaps Atlanta at San Francisco and Buffalo at Baltimore.

  6. Now that the last intra-conference opponents have been determined, Philadelphia at San Francisco and Denver at Baltimore might also be good candidates for the UK game. Denver at San Francisco is probably a better candidate for the opening Monday night west coast game (Athletics are home that Sunday, so Raiders are likely to play on the road in an early game, so as not to conflict with CBS’ U.S. Open tennis)

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