Titans deliver knockout punch to Fins

Two teams that started the season a combined 0-9 found themselves in a playoff knockout game on Sunday.

And it was the Titans that finally connected on a left hook in overtime.

After systematically building — and then blowing — a 24-6 lead, Tennessee pulled out a 27-24 win in overtime, thanks to Michael Griffin’s interception of Miami quarterback Chad Henne on the third snap of the fifth quarter.

An unnecessary roughness call on Dolphins receiver Greg Camarillo moved the ball to the Miami 27, and four plays later kicker Rob Bironas nailed a 46-yard field goal to win the game.

So the Titans finally have completed the climb to .500 after losing six in a row to start the season, and they’re tied with the Dolphins, Jets, and Jaguars at 7-7.

The difference?  Miami can’t make the playoffs; the Titans still can.

Even if the Titans don’t make it to the postseason, the fact that they’ve gone 7-1 since starting 0-6 is remarkable.

20 responses to “Titans deliver knockout punch to Fins

  1. That personal foul was a terrible call and the play shouldn’t have been blown dead already at that point of the game when Jason Taylor would have had a fumble.

  2. “An unnecessary roughness call on Dolphins receiver Greg Camarillo moved the ball to the Miami 27, and four plays later kicker Rob Bironas nailed a 46-yard field goal to win the game.”
    That was a Bullshit Call on Greg Camarillo and Chris Johnson Fumbled the Ball!!!!!!! But you could tell the bias of the refs in this game

  3. That “unnecessary roughness” call on Camarillo was very questionable itself, and that free 15 yards put them in field goal range. Henne’s pick was pretty bad, but it didn’t put them in range. All of a sudden that 46 yard FG becomes a 61 yard.
    Anyway, the Fins showed good fight in the 4th to come back when they traditionally give up the lead. The Titans dominated them for 3 quarters, earned this victory. They are a completely different team now then they were at the beginning of the year.

  4. I’m confused…how can there be 2 teams with the same record and 2 games left, yet the one with the team in its division that has clinched the playoffs be alive while the other team is dead? This makes no sense what so ever.

  5. Can’t the Dolfish still win the AFC East? I believed they hold the tiebreaker. If they win out and the Patriots lose out, Miami wins the East.

  6. if the ravens lose today, and all the other 7-7 teams lose 1 or 2 games and miami wins their next two, miami can make the playoffs

  7. Am I wrong to think the Fins can still make the playoffs if the Ravens lose today? The odds are remote, and the Fins hurt themselves by not being able to put down the Titans, but I’m pretty sure all the “must win out” scenarios were based on simplicity sake and if there is an even bigger logjam of 7-7 teams after today, the possibilities are still up in the air.
    I’m not holding out much hope, but can someone point to why Miami can no longer get in with specificity?

  8. The Dolphins are NOT eliminated yet. They could still make the wildcard and even the division with some help. If the Dolphins win out and the Patriots lose out, they win the division. If Baltimore loses to the Steelers or Oakland and the Titans lose to the Chargers or Seahawks and Miami wins out, the Dolphins get the last wildcard spot…
    Also, that penalty on Camarillo in OT was absolute horsepucky. Cam was touching the guy down since no one touched him after the INT. It was a head’s up play that a ref mistakenly awarded the Titans an extra 15 yards for.

  9. Okay, so since my own moment of doubt has been cleared up by the fact that no one but Florio thinks Miami is out of it (how can you say the Jets are still alive and have Miami ahead of the Jets in every tiebreaker and still think Miami is out?), can you de-dumbass-ify this post with a little update? I hear that the web is editable.

  10. It almost seemed like these refs were treating the titans the same way they suck peyton manning asshole by calling terrible calls left right and center, cleary johnson fumbled but the refs are bias, not to mention
    hows about another mystery call for peyton next week as well!

  11. The Dolphins still hold the tiebreaker over the Titans…do some reseacrh. If there’s 3 or more teams with the same record, the conference record is used to decide it. Dolphins 5-5, Titans 4-7.
    If the Dolphins win out, the Jags lose to the Patriots, and the Ravens lose to the Steelers the dolphins are in…and that is possible…

  12. Sounds to me like the Dolphins fans are sore losers! The Titans outplayed them for most of the game and deserved to win. Dolphins had their chance in overtime and didn’t take advantage of it. Nobody to blame but themselves.

  13. All I saw was the end of the game, and it was certainly entertaining. Both teams were playing hard and then the refs completely screwed the Dolphins entire season on the worst call I think I have ever seen. Camarino did nothing to deserve an unnecessary roughness call. If anything he should have gotten a good sport award for how he handled the situation.
    I am getting sick and tired of these refs throwing flags for players getting a nudge when they are barely out of bounds and this here call today. This game is a violent game and the players do a good job of turning it off in a split second but the refs are penalizing them nonetheless.

  14. Titans did play a helluva game but that 15 yard penalty against Camarillo was BS. If the refs called it right and our D held then to 4 and out or 3 and a long long field goal miss we could have came back. It didn’t happen good game congrats to the Titans but the refs suck and there needs to be much more stringent rules regarding the refs. nuff said about that but wow how about that almost int. with Hartline knocking the ball loose and re-catching to keep us alive. I almost had a heart attack there. Yeah Florio do some better research the Fins aren’t out yet. Still not bad for a team without 3 of their most important players. Don’t know many teams that can still put up a fight with the schedule we have and in our situation. GO FINS!!!

  15. Hartline definitely had the catch of the week in the NFL with that one.
    Florio, you catch it? it was a 40+ yard bomb that hit the defender in the numbers for an INT, but Hartline “retrieved” from the defender, bobbled in the air, bounced off his facemask, but still had the concentration to stay with it and catch it before falling down and out of bounds. Amazing catch for the game-tying drive. 🙂

  16. I’d be interested to see what the head of officiating says regarding that 15 yard penalty on Camarillo.
    Gotta love that home cookin.

  17. I think the penalty worthy of the most scrutiny is actually the holding on Soliai against CJ. I can understand that officials will tend to call something that looks like a hold while ignoring dozens of actual holds that do go on in the trenches, but… Soliai released immediately (while not actually holding at all), did not in any way impede the play or CJs fake block/screen pattern, and… Why the hell is a line judge 50 YARDS AWAY IMPEDED FROM VIEWING the side of the body where a “hold” would have occurred throwing a flag in the first place, when the umpire and backfield judge who’s responsibility it is is to, you know, actually call holding on the line and who have a much better view NOT making a call?

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