Vick leaves game with quad injury

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick left today’s game against the San Francisco 49ers with a quad injury.

After getting stopped on a third-and-1 run, Vick was shown on television limping through the tunnel at Lincoln Financial Field toward the Eagles’ locker room.

It was announced that Vick’s return is questionable.

Overall Vick got on the field for three snaps before he got hurt, carrying two times for two yards.

Late in the second quarter the Eagles lead the San Francisco 49ers 17-3.

32 responses to “Vick leaves game with quad injury

  1. Thank you 49er’s (was it Takeo Spikes?) for injuring Michael Vick. Nice early Christmas present for me. Now if he does come back out (questionable), can you hit him a lil’ bit harder next time? Thanks….I’d like for his career to be over.

  2. mikecocosis says: December 20, 2009 5:34 PM
    Thank you 49er’s (was it Takeo Spikes?) for injuring Michael Vick. Nice early Christmas present for me. Now if he does come back out (questionable), can you hit him a lil’ bit harder next time? Thanks….I’d like for his career to be over.
    Oh, I see. You’re one of those Christians who wishes ill will against his fellow man during the holiday season. I’ve heard of your kind.

  3. You guys are sick, regardless of what this man has done in the past, to take pleasure from his injury is just…yeah, I can’t do it, even if it is the holiday season. Good. I hope he’s out for the season.

  4. Let’s talk about Reid verifying his status as the most retarded head coach in the NFL by going for it on that 4th and 1 play.

  5. I don’t get the wishes of career ending injuries in these comments. Wanting someone to break his neck is the same mindset Vick probably had when he was murdering dogs.

  6. Unfortunate injury. Don’t worry….he will be back and Eagles will continue rolling. Am I right Giants fans?

  7. I can’t think of a more deserving creature for a career, or life, ending injury. This comment, although I do like dogs, is not motivated in anyway by what vick does off the field to get himself off.

  8. I’d like to see Vick rebound and have success in the NFL, but it looks like that’s not going to happen. It’s a shame he had to screw his life up like that. With any luck, he’ll be able to participate in some offseason conditioning and get his swagger back.

  9. It was Lewis 32. We will donate $1000 to the animal charity of his choice at the end of the season. Look for our letter in the mail please Mr. Lewis. If not it will go to a local SF charity. Website link above in comments.

  10. ah you are right…we should give him another chance…i mean,he did give the dogs a second least he like didn’t drown a helpless animal in a bucket.i mean heck,he should have a second shot at earning millions.everyone else who goes to prison for reasons so heinous goes right back to making millions,why should he?at least i’d be proud of my son who will go out and buy a Vick jersey…he’s a good role model!even when he got out of jail,he didnt go out and make a debut in a video on youtube and act like a total thug wearing a “turf wars” shirt.and its good to know that he didn’t ever fail a drug test,especially when you make bail on the charge that may of ban him for life.
    GO VICK!

  11. My favorite player will be whoever hits Vick and permanently ends his career. At least we know Vick is some pain now – and in this case it’s not just his sphincter.

  12. caps off a bad week all around for dog fightimg kinpins
    Liberty County law enforcement had also investigated William Townsend’s possible involvement in the death of Thomas Weigner, Jr., a man well-known in the criminal world of dog fighting. Weigner was brutally murdered during a 2006 home invasion, when he was tied up and shot in the leg then allowed to bleed to death. At the time of Weigner’s murder, authorities were investigating a possible link between him, Townsend, and former NFL star Michael Vick.

  13. Poor haters…Vick walked off the field. Reid will sit him and rest him up for the playoffs since they’re in, and clinched the NFC East today.

  14. @mikecocosis
    I am in no way excusing his actions. Any moron(you) knows he committed heinous crimes against animals, but he did serve his time, didn’t he? I wouldn’t wish a lifetime of suffering against you if you killed someone in a DUI, as long as you were sorry and accepted your punishment like a man.
    Again, I’m not excusing what he did. I’m just pointing out that you’re not much better.

  15. it’s hard to have any sympathy for him, what did he do to the dogs that couldn’t perform??? Electricuting or Drowning them, there isn’t a player in the league that you’d want to see get hurt, EXCEPT VICK, and he got off light, compared to what he did to those dogs

  16. So all those people wishing injury on Vick…what did all the other players who are injured do to make you wish injury on them?

  17. He did his time, get over it. I don’t like what he did but whats done is done.
    There are plenty of players who have gone to trial or court for murdering PEOPLE. Ray Lewis being one….and everyone seems to forget about that.

  18. I don’t need him to get hurt for enjoyment. His lackluster performance is plain for all to see.

  19. Eagles are a MN loss away from getting a bye. i love it.
    super happy to be goin to the denver game. DAWK!

  20. Here are a few things to think about. Donte Stallworth takes another humans life with a DUI Manslaughter, and receives a 30-day prison sentence, and only serves 24 days. He is then suspended by the NFL for only one year.
    Leonard Little takes another humans life with a DUI Manslaughter, receives a 90-day prison sentence, and then is suspended by the NFL for only eight games.
    Michael Vick is convicted of dogfighting, receives a 23-month (690 days) Federal Prison term, is suspended from the NFL not only during his prison term but also for three games this season. Now tell me that certain Interest Groups are not more powerful in pushing their message, say PETA vs MADD……

  21. yea “mattitude”…but what did he do time for?not killing animals. interstate commerce of animal fighting….not drowning puppies. and for the record,i haven’t ever done anything remotely close to anything as sick,unless you wanna throw some speeding tickets in there.way to stick up for a piece of trash…i know where your morals the way….your dog hates you.
    as far as ray lewis goes, i don’t see why people forgot about his whole thing,honestly,unless you had someone murdered in your family,i guess people forget about it bc it “doesn’t hit home”.i dunno.he’s an idiot too.and o.j., well we know he’s an idiot.donte and leonard made a mistake…..its horrible that it ended the way it did,but its not like they intentionally went out with the intent to kill.hell in nj if you have a cdl, you can’t drive after having 2,if you have 2 drinks and someone crashes into YOU and dies,guess where ya go….and its not Disneyland…..and if you aren’t an NFL player,you will prob do more than 30-90 days.

  22. Are you people aware that Asian cultures eat dogs? Do you have this same disdain for the good people of the Far East?

  23. I guess noone has ever made a mistake? Because the only way you can judge another person is if you are completely innocent yourself! And from what I see, noone on here is! Michael Vick is an amazing athlete who has had a hard run at life! Rather than cutting him down we should appreciate that he is at least willing to work rather than living on our dollar. The amount of money he makes is irrelevant. The man does his job!

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