Vikings fall apart late in embarrassing loss

Going into Sunday night’s game, the Vikings had renewed hope they could win homefield advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

After Carolina’s convincing 26-7 beatdown of Minnesota, the Vikings now have to worry about earning a bye in the playoffs. 

The Eagles only trail the 11-3 Vikings by a game, and would win the tiebreaker if both teams ended up with four losses.  Minnesota, 2-3 outdoors this year, head to Chicago next week, then finish with the Giants at home.

The Vikings offense couldn’t finish drives throughout Sunday’s game.  Adrian Peterson finished with 35 yards on 12 attempts before tacking on a long catch in garbage time. 

Minnesota’s defense was strong for most of the game, but fell apart in the fourth quarter, giving up 20 unanswered points.  Steve Smith burned them for 157 yards on nine catches, including a 42-yard score on third-and-26 to open the final quarter. 

“I had to establish the rules and regulations of the game,” Smith said to NBC’s Andrea Kremer, in reference to Vikings cornerback Benny Sapp, who Smith said was trash talking.

Kremer: “Which were?”

Smith: “Which was 89. . . .  Bottom line.  That’s why he’s going home.”

Indeed.  And the bottom line is Minnesota has a lot of work left to do in this regular season.

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  1. NFC = head scratcher. AZ struggled at end of last year and went to the bowl. Who knows whats gonna happen now. 2 more weeks…should be interesting.
    P.S. – I hate Ben Roethlisberger!!!!

  2. That was a terrible game. As a Vikings fan, it’s hard to sit back and watch your offense do absolutely nothing. 7 punts? Really? Just a disgrace to what should be known as an elite offense. At least the Packers put up one hell of a fight and made an even better game out of their loss to the defending champs. Not taking anything away from the Panthers, they obviously showed up with the right team at the right time. But no effort on offense is just terrible.

  3. Hahaha. I like how the Prairie-Fairies’ “elite”(LOL) left tackle got benched because he got his a** whipped all day by Julius Peppers.

  4. The Vikings have proven tonight that they are more than capable of getting beat by all 32 teams, thats right all 32. In their loss tonight they lost to the Vikings, the Panthers just get credit for the win. They played like garbage. They didnt fall apart in the 4th, they fell apart throughout the majority of the game.

  5. Nice effort Vikings. Lookes like the Favre interception machine is heating up right on cue.
    The Steelers hand them a gift by ripping the Packers hearts out, and the Vikings respond by completely soiling themselves on prime-time TV.

  6. No excuses for this one Vikes fans. I to am a Viking fan, but was embarrassed by this game.
    This is supposed to be a elite team, and yet we lose to a 5-8 Carolina team that has averaged 11 points in their past 4 games, and was playing with a career nobody QB making his 3rd start of the season, and DeAngelo Williams didn’t play most of the game.
    They were playing for a possible #1 seed, and now they can potentially be the #3 seed and have to play in the first round of the playoffs. What does that say for this team? It says that they can’t get it done, and it says that they can’t win a game despite having some serious motivation.
    More piss poor tackling in this one that set up huge plays, no halftime adjustments either. They were simply out played by a team not in their league as they were 2 weeks ago in Arizona. This team better get their shit right, otherwise it will no doubt be a 1 and done in the playoffs. This game was pathetic.

  7. I remember the last time Favre played in Chicago… One of the worst games of his career. I believe he was quoted as saying he “just wanted it to end”.
    I hope it’s freaking windy and cold. Good luck, Brett. You might have to go play Philly in the playoffs. We all know just how good you are in Philly.
    Vikes tanking… and tanking fast.
    Giants also should have plenty to play for. Vikes could EASILY go 0-2.

  8. It’s December in MN you can feel the cold in the air, it’s making ice. It’s like clock work winter and another vikings failure. Except the very existance of the franchise is on the line, you purple clowns thought you were the shit in the fall with Brent Favre and now it’s over and you hate him. That is the sweetest gift I could ever get the tears of a viking fan are like wine, aged when hopes are high. Plus the thought that Ziggy extended chili, that it too much.

  9. Still think the only team the Vikes need to worry about is the Eagles. What a goofy year, man. Keeps me watching, anyway.

  10. Embarrassed by this one for sure, but Packer fans really don’t have much to stand on on this one, giving up a big game as well. It was an all around UGLY day for the NFC North.
    And to those who akin all of this to a playoff dud coming – what do you say about the Saints then? A few losses and all of the sudden a team can’t win a game? Are you stupid or something? Cincinnati was a good team as well.
    NFC is WIDE open in the playoffs at this point – NO team in that conference has been very consistent, NONE. Stop acting like you have a clue how the playoffs are going to turn out this year.

  11. This at least makes me feel slightly better about the Pack loss earlier. Hopefully it’s a sign of things to come for the Vikings, though I won’t make that prediction quite yet.

  12. Hey Rosenthal, if you’re gonna quote someone at least do it accurately enough so people who didn’t watch the postgame interview know what the hell the guy was talking about!
    Steve Smith said that #22 was talking trash to him, and that he had to show “the youngster” what the rules and regulations of the game were.
    Andrea Kremer asked him, “Which were?” Then he said “89 & he’s going home.” Your article makes it sound like Smith started it, when actually he just finished it; with one hell of a game! I’m glad the Vikes lost, now with two bad weeks out of three, we’ll be hearing soon how Favre has been playing “hurt” for “weeks.”

  13. Nothing to see here. Please move along. Brent Favre NEVER fades in December!!! LOL Do you still want us to believe that Vikes fans? So far the historical statistics are almost dead on.

  14. Welcome to the Favre show! Sorry Queens fans, this won’t get better in the playoffs!
    I love your trophy case by the way! LMAO

  15. Let’s see…
    Peyton Manning: 23-30, 308 YDs, 4 TDs, 1 INT, 134.4 rating
    Drew Brees: 29-45, 298 YDs, 1 TD, 1 INT, 81.5 rating
    Chris Johnson: 29-104, 3.6 YPC, 0 TD
    Brett Favre: 17-27, 224 YDs, 0 TD, 1 INT, 73.7 rating
    Yeah, I’d say Peyton Manning, playing in a meaningless game, when everyone else were sitll playing for playoff position, won his 4th MVP.

  16. As a season ticket holder for 18 years for the Vikings, this is so typical. Just a tease this team is. the Favre story is still hilarious, but this team is done. This season was it for them. They won’t win their first playoff game, no matter what week that is. mark it down. they may be 11-3, but they are awful now. did you watch? my god! worst effort on defense i’ve seen in years.
    This is not ‘just a loss.’ this is a huge loss. they won’t recover. they may beat chicago because the bears are horrible, but they will not beat any worthy team. can’t tackle. can’t block. can’t run. can’t stop the run. can’t cover. passing game diminishing. viking fans: sell those playoff tickets, it’s going to be ugly whenever they play that playoff game.
    They will not win a superbowl in Minnesota. They will be in LA sooner than you know it. and frankly, it will be nice to not have to watch your team break your heart every single year.
    But Favre is a Viking. It’s a great way to basically end their tenure in Minnesota.

  17. Vikings are 2 & 3 on grass (No. Not that type.). They better hope the rest of their games are on the carpet.

  18. Vikings fan…
    Wow. What a miserable performance.
    Looked to me like a totally different team out there.
    On another note, Julius Peppers flat out dominated.

  19. Man what a difference 2 weeks make.
    2 weeks ago before the Eagles beat the Giants I was worried that if the Giants won that the Eagles would have to worry about beating the Giants out for a wildcard spot and I figured the Vikings would already own the 2nd seed and would rest their players that last game against the Eagles.
    Now 2 weeks later Im not worried if the Giants win Im hoping the Giants win. I think both the Vikings and Eagles will win next week and the 2nd seed will come down to the Vikings beating the Giants and the Eagles beating the Cowboys.
    I think that situation favors the Eagles and if everything goes according the Eagles could easily earn a 1st round bye.

    The December swoon for the Vikings and Favre is officially in mid swing. Mext stop Chicago and Soldier Field….Bears actually have a shot with it being outisde and cold. Rofl.

  21. I believe that Vikings felt lay back as they won North NFC as Steelers beats Green Bay Packers. They doubt that NO Saints would lose again. As they WILL play inside 2 playoff games in a row only if they stay as 2nd seed. But I feel that Philly Eagles will go to Superbowl against Ind. Colts.

  22. I would hope we don’t end up against the Colts. They make us look foolish every time we play them. Plus they have to get past the Chargers who seem to have their number, especially in the postseason.

  23. Hahahahahaha! Vikings suck! They are the sorriest franchise in the NFL! They practice in a pole shed for crying out loud!!!!!! Brett Favre sucks!!!! He WILL cost you the Super Bowl!!! The Minnesota Vikings are losers for life!!!!!! The move to LA is imminent!!!!! Can’t wait till the playoffs when all these loser queen fans will have to face reality like a punch in the face!!!!! Pack wins game 3 guaranteed!!!! Can’t wait!!!!! Maybe they can be called the LA Northstars!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. As much as some of you out there will blame Favre, that just isn’t the case.
    The O-line has been shaky all year when it comes to run blocking, and the last three games that has spilled over to the pass blocking as well. Peterson seems to have slipped into an old habit of not waiting for the blocking to develope, perhaps out of fear a hole won’t open up.
    The defense has periods of taking bad angles and not completing the tackle. They don’t create enough turnovers either.
    Disappointing output considering they could have secured a bye and put pressure on NO for the top spot. They better turn it around or all of the doomsayers will be correct.

  25. Is it not starting to be obvious?
    In these nationally televised games at night – the only game bet coast to coast – the far superior team in quality – and favorite who has 80% of the public’s money bet on it – does NOT show up????
    Arizona vs. SF
    NYG vs. Cleve
    NYG vs. Den
    Minn vs. Car.
    New Orleans vs. Dal.
    Pitts vs. Cleve.
    etc., etc.
    Tenn on Thursday will beat Chargers and Rivers who media keeps telling all that they never lost in December BECAUSE Chargers will be a no-show this week.
    This is what NFL has now become.
    NBA’s Tim Mcgonaghy was a drop in the bucket compared to this.

  26. AND looking at the opening odds for Thursday right now
    7-7 Tennesse is a 3 point FAVORITE over 11-3 San Diego
    Tell me the NFL is on the level!

  27. Can’t blame Farve for that loss…..his receivers were dropping passes and McKinnie couldn’t block anyone all night.
    And the defense……how about learning how to tackle.

  28. @Carl Gerbschmidt
    No Viking fans here hate Brett Favre. You think we’d be 11-3 with T-Jax? No!
    two bad Sunday night road games…tough to watch as a fan, but as somebody else mentioned, Arizona struggled down the stretch last year (including a beat down at home to the Vikes) and went to the SB.
    Vikings still have a very good shot at a bye. Chicago is terrible and the Giants are a shadow of their former selves…get the #2 seed and the Vikes are inside for the entire NFC playoffs…

  29. To all the Vikings fans that have been saying all year, “All we do is win”
    Don’t look now, but the playoffs are right around the corner and your head coach is a certifiable idiot, your QB is pissing into a head win and your so called best back in football has trouble get 40 yards per game.
    Ya, that’s a recipe for success.

  30. 121 and counting comments in a thread about the packers loss but we aren’t even at 40 in a vikings loss thread? Packer fans must not feel like talking trash after a loss. Neither do I. That loss was gutwrenching. The Vikings loss helps but very little.
    Don’t understand Chilly trying to pull Favre. You put all your chips on the table during the offseason. You know he’s not going to want to come out of the game. I would be more concerned with the running game. The Panthers are one of the worst run Ds in the league.

  31. i heard time and time again about this great defence of the vikes and they looked pretty ordinary last night. winfield who everyone brags on got burned all night long so…. i think you can throw on the vikes for sure and i guess if you stick with the run enough thier lb’s get exposed as well.

  32. Man that one stings…
    Alright Packer Fans…lay it on thick as usual.
    Panthers played very well…Vikings D played well for 3 quarters and their O played like uter and complete crap.
    At least one very bad call (Winfield was pulled down to the ground on one WD catch).
    BTW Packer Backers…you lost too. šŸ™‚
    If Vikings win the last 2 regular season games, I will feel a lot better about their playoff chances. Still too early to tell.

  33. I am a Huge panther fan and was at the game last night, I loved nothing more than seeing all the dumb ass viking fans walking out of the stadium in the 4th quarter-HAHAHAHAH it was great-You might want to tell “Chilly” that you NEED to guard Peppers and Smith, 8 torched benny sapp all game long, I think Sapp understands the rules and regulations now dont ya think vikings fans???
    when you play Philly since they will take over your #2 seed you will be torched by D-Jack and Favre will be on his ass a lot, because your o-line looked like garbage last night in the cold

  34. FootballPhil
    Get your head out of your ass. There are a couple Vikings fans here who give the rest a bad name. I agree MNMAVERICK is an idiot. He’s comparable to Bob Nelson or JimmySmith.

  35. this vikes season will be like a lot if vikes seasons: full of sound and fury signifiying nothing!
    the only thing the vikes have accomplished this year is making sure their idiot troll of a coach is around for the next three years. i m sure the rest of the division thanks you for extending your fool coach!
    also, is there anything more hillbilly than those stupid “69inc.” t-shirts with a silhouette of jared allen’s mullett on them??? i dont think so…

  36. Try to remember folks; the Panthers were 12-4 last year when we had a QB that didn’t turn the ball over three times + per game.
    The defense has been stellar this year but they’ve spent the majority of each game on the field.
    Vikes got unlucky to meet up with the Panthers when the passing game finally started working.
    This season could have been so much different with Moore in at QB…

  37. How does philly get the tiebreaker?? If we lose to Chicago than they might IF they win out. We are 5-0 in the division and they are 4-1, we win that tiebreaker if we win next week. If we lose next week and they win than they win because our only common game is carolina. You like to reaaaach a bit dont you Florio?

  38. As a Vikings fan, I can only shake my head in disgust at what I saw last night……..Though I will argue the point that some are tryin to make that it is Favre’s fault, he falls apart in Dec, etc…….THE ENTIRE TEAM SUCKED LAST NIGHT, NOT JUST ONE PERSON!

  39. Who was the dude who called the Packers “Paper Champs” in the Pack/Steelers thread?
    Look most logical Packers/football fans didn’t expect a win yesterday against the defending champs, but did ANYONE expect this to happen? Too Sweet.

  40. I agree with the headscratcher thing, LBPackFan.
    The past two years the Vikings have destroyed the Giants and Cardinals on the road with
    T-Joke at QB.
    Then those teams went to the Super Bowl.
    It’s just anyone’s ball-game once the playoffs arrive.

  41. If only Green Bay would have traded Aaron Kampman in the off season to Carolina for Julius Peppers. I would love to see him playing opposite Clay Matthews. Not making excuses, but maybe that could have had a better outcome in the Packers/Vikings games. Favre must have been having nightmares last night after getting his ass knocked around constantly by Peppers.

  42. DuluthFan says:
    December 21, 2009 9:06 AM
    Man that one stings…
    Alright Packer Fans…lay it on thick as usual.
    Panthers played very well…Vikings D played well for 3 quarters and their O played like uter and complete crap.
    At least one very bad call (Winfield was pulled down to the ground on one WD catch).
    BTW Packer Backers…you lost too. šŸ™‚
    If Vikings win the last 2 regular season games, I will feel a lot better about their playoff chances. Still too early to tell.
    I saw the replay of the TD catch Smith made against Winfield, and it didn’t look much like a pull down to me…looked to me like AW cheated up and then got smoked, couldn’t recover and fell down chicken-fighting with Smith…the proverbial good no-call. Vikes had no answer for Smith all night. The purple haze glasses really kick into high gear when getting pasted by a so-called “lesser” opponent

  43. Hey Bob S….
    You are right on my friend. If the Dolts go all the way without a loss and hoist the trophy, I’m done with football for life because of the reasons you state.
    Teams beating the crap out of the opposition for three quarters to suddenly not being able to do anything right in the 4th and loose? Come on now, there’s nothing fishy about that? A team that has stopped the run all year suddenly has a running back go over 150 on them and scores three TD’s? Yeah, there’s no fixes in football now is there? Way too many games have obviously been fixed in the recent past. I don’t know why there isn’t anyone looking into it.

  44. @anniev
    “How does philly get the tiebreaker?? If we lose to Chicago than they might IF they win out. We are 5-0 in the division and they are 4-1, we win that tiebreaker if we win next week. If we lose next week and they win than they win because our only common game is carolina. You like to reaaaach a bit dont you Florio”
    – First of all, you are a moron. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, when resolving a tie-breaker between DIVISION CHAMPS (Not the scenario here, as Philly and Minnesota are in DIFFERENT divisions, tie breakers go 1. Head to Head, then 2. DIVISION RECORD. When determining SEEDING for the playoffs, (for example, if Philly and Minnesota finish with the same record) the tie breakers are: 1. Head to Head 2. CONFERENCE RECORD (IN OTHER WORDS, MORON, THE TWO TEAM’S RECORDS AGAINST THE NFC).
    Philly would have the better record again the NFC (2 of their losses came to AFC Teams, San Diego and Oakland) while the Viqueers (couldn’t resist) would only have 1 loss to an AFC team (Pittsburgh) and 3 losses to an NFC Team (given they lose one of their remaining two games and the BIRDS win out), giving the Eagles a better CONFERENCE RECORD than the Queers.
    Here is the explanation although I doubt an idiot such as yourself would be able to understand simple sentences:

  45. @ Bob S.
    Looking at those games, with the exception of the Saints-Cowboys game, the home team won each of those games, for whatever its worth. The Pats weren’t favored against Indy this year, but their 13 point meltdown in the final two minutes this year was epic, not sure how the spread factored in.
    My question is, what are you suggesting? Are teams throwing games? Are officials throwing games? Some combination of the two?
    I had never considered the NFL as anything other than being on the up and up until the Steelers/Seahawks Super Bowl.
    The ending of the 11-10 Steelers-Chargers game last year, with the blatantly incorrect non TD call where the game should have ended 17-10, was one of the sketchiest officiating calls I’ve ever seen. Makes you wonder…

  46. hayward giablommi says:
    I had never considered the NFL as anything other than being on the up and up until the Steelers/Seahawks Super Bowl.
    I think that’s how most of us felt, yeah. What a truly sad day in every football fan’s life that was.

  47. No excuse Vikings fans, Panthers played you with 2 backup offensive tackles,2 backup DT, 2 backup running backs, 1 backup up QB and without 1 of their starting line backers, and your asses stll got owned to remain winless in Charlotte.
    You will win your next game because let’s face it the DA BEARS dont even have a Jeff King let alone a Steve Smith.

  48. Do you fools realize how many people would have to be in on the likes of this for it to work?
    DO you think all said people could keep their mouths shut?
    Uff. I have read it all now.
    Way to much media coverage for anything like this to go down.

  49. Bones22 says:
    December 21, 2009 12:05 PM
    Steve Smith belongs in jail and not in the NFL. The guy is a first class THUG.
    Yea, anyone who can single handily steal a game like that belongs in jail.
    Go cry to you mother since Favre and the Vikings sucked so much a$$ last night.

  50. Steve Smith belongs in jail…for raping Winfield and Sapp and the entire Vikequeens defense last night!

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