Cowboys to try out kickers Monday

The Cowboys held a kicker competition at practice last week won by incumbent Nick Folk.  The 2007 Pro Bowler then nearly lost a game for the Cowboys in New Orleans.

It sounds like Folk won’t get another chance to redeem himself in practice this week.  Calvin Watkins of ESPNDallas reports that 4-5 kickers will try out for the team Monday, including former Redskins kicker Shaun Suisham.

As Adam Schefter pointed out on Twitter, this is shaping up to be reuinion week, with Larry Johnson facing the Chiefs, and Brian Dawkins heading to Philadelphia.

Suisham vs. the Redskins could be the cherry on top of Revenge Game Sunday.  And it’s right here on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.  Ratings, here we come!

21 responses to “Cowboys to try out kickers Monday

  1. yea, two weeks to go in a season when your kicker ha been crap all year is really smart thinking.
    And if they sign Suisham, all I have to say is …dear god.

  2. Ok, two words…Mike Vanderjagt. How is it that this guy has not found a job? The guy had a few bumps in the road with Indy, but come on, the guy is a great kicker.

  3. Where’s Tony Dung-y now ? We’re awaiting his excuse for t-tottally missing the outcome of The Cowboys/Aints game.

  4. Wow!! Suisham heading back to Washington??? This is likely to over take Favre’s return to Lambeau in rating. I can’t wait. I bet the ad space will be more than during the superbowl.

  5. “Ratings, here we come!”
    Do I detect some sarcasm?
    I can’t find a compelling reason to watch the Redskins, either tonight or next Sunday Night, and no matter how many pundits try to convince that the ‘skins aren’t the dogpiss team they were earlier this year.
    Rivalry or not, it’s a DISGRACE that with flexible scheduling we are subject to a team that lost to Detroit and KC whose wins are against St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Oakland and Denver- those teams have a combined record of 17-39, by the way.
    It’s bad enough that they will be debacling MNF tonight…2 weeks in a row in prime time? Garbage.

  6. How in the world can there not be 32 guys who can kick 40 yard field goals for hundreds of thousands of dollars? Unreal. Mason Crosby sucks as bad as Nick Folk. The difference? He still has the coaches’ “utmost confidence”. Yikes.

  7. NFL 1974:
    Did you miss Vanderjagt getting signed to a huge contract with the Cowboys only to get cut half-way into his first season with them? He may get another shot, but not in Dallas.

  8. The reason Mike Vanderjagt hasn’t found a job, is because he chokes worse than Suisham and Folk combined.
    He’s still the most accurate kicker in history, but when the game is on the line, he almost never comes through.

  9. they drafted a kicker in the 5th rd and he does KO’s, he cant boom a FG here and there? where’s a Gramatica or Zendejas when you need one?

  10. @Coutre1
    Best post of the day. Im in the airport with a freakin delayed flight, and that made me fall out of the chair…thank you.

  11. KrazyTrumpeter05….
    Vanderjagt is worse than Folk and Suisham combined…REALLY…I think you better check the stats again. Its ok, I already know the answer.

  12. @NFL_1974
    You crack me up. Maybe they can also bring back Troy Hambrick and Terry Glenn to help out with their sputtering offense in the month of December.
    You are seriously the only person in the last 2 years that has even entertained the notion of Mike Vanderjagt making an NFL return. Even Vanderjagt himself thinks thats a stretch. Get a clue.

  13. Two words: Jason Elam. Seriously, the guy has been consistent for years and he had one bad half year. Give him a shot. I bet he’s still got something in the tank.

  14. Yeah, I’d be looking for a ratings bonanza due to the kicker return/revenge factor. Can’t wait. Really. No, really. Not.

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