Ovie Mughelli: Bart Scott talks trash from his back

Sunday’s New York Times featured a lengthy profile of Jets linebacker Bart Scott, detailing the way he has turned trash talk into an art form.

Falcons fullback Ovie Mughelli was not impressed.

Mughelli, who played with Scott when they were both on the Ravens and played against him when the Falcons beat the Jets on Sunday, told the
New York Daily News that he drilled Scott with a block that sent him to the turf — and even then Scott wouldn’t stop talking.

“It is impossible to shut the man up,” Mughelli said. “I don’t want to call him out, but even when I pancaked him, he was still talking trash. How are you talking trash when you’re on your back?

Mughelli said Scott was “threatening our linemen,” but in the end he didn’t think Scott played a particularly effective game to back up his smack talk.

“I don’t think he was going to do anything,” Mughelli said. “I just said, ‘Show me.’ And I didn’t see that much.”

11 responses to “Ovie Mughelli: Bart Scott talks trash from his back

  1. Bart Scott repeatedly said both in the heat of the moment and weeks later that he was going to KILL Hines Ward – for when Hines Ward laid him out with on National TV under the lights.
    Ward never said a word.
    The next game – there are clips of Scott pulling up and backing off making a tackle on a live ball carrier … out of direct fear of Ward.
    Scott likes to talk a lot – it gets his name in the papers. Ward just lines up and plays football. Who would you rather have on your team?

  2. Bart Scott should change his name to Joey Porter Jr.
    Overrated big mouth who made his bones by playing in a “system.”

  3. The Chuck Norris film “Silent Rage” from 1982 is highly underrated. Rest in peace, Ron Silver.
    “Doc… Doc, I’m losin’ it…….” And lose it he did.

  4. I don’t have enough fingers to count the players on the Jets who think their play is better than their actual play.
    That’s why their consistent failure is so laughable.

  5. The Coop: Ironically, it was Joey Porter who called out Bart Scott a while back by saying Scott has popcorn muscles that can’t back up his big mouth.

  6. “Scott likes to talk a lot – it gets his name in the papers. Ward just lines up and plays football. Who would you rather have on your team?”
    Uhhh. Neither.

  7. Ovie Mughelli has just learned what we’ve all known for awhile.
    Bart Scott wishes he was Joey Porter. Both need to shut the hell up, but at least Porter backs up his talk with play. Scott is just worthless. Keep riding the fumes of your legacy on a system defense in Baltimore, Bart.

  8. Sounds like the Black Knight from Monty Python’s Holy Grail movie. Kept talkin’ trash even with his arms and legs cut off. Funny in a movie, pathetic in real life….

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