Reports of Blache, Gray interviews create problems for 'Skins

On Saturday, we reported that Redskins defensive coordinator Greg Blache already has been interviewed for the head-coaching job currently held by Jim Zorn.  Later that day, the Washington Post reported that secondary coach Jerry Gray has interviewed for the gig.

Now, FOX 31 in Denver reports that both Blache and Gray have told Zorn that they did not interview for his job.

But, really, what else would they say?

Meanwhile, FOX 31 reports that Redskins tight ends coach Scott Wachenheim has told Zorn that Mike Shanahan’s arrival is a “done deal.”

Apart from the creation of rifts and hard feelings in the coaching staff, the league office and/or the Fritz Pollard Allienace eventually could become interested in the growing appearance that the Redskins have offered the job to Shanahan without conducting at least one good-faith interview of a minority candidate, as required by the Rooney Rule.  Such a conclusion has recently been bolstered by Jay Glazer’s report that owner Daniel Snyder offered the job to Shanahan during the 2009 offseason.

Hall of Fame linebacker Harry Carson, who serves as Executive Director of the Fritz Pollard Alliance, told FOX 31 that the situation in Washington would likely be discussed at Monday’s meeting of the NFL’s diversity committee.

‘I’m sure the Redskins issue will be one of the first items on our
agenda today,” Carson said.  “Right now we are just trying to gather all the
information.  Hopefully [failure to comply with the Rooney Rule] is not the case with their organization. . . .

wish that everyone would abide by the spirit of the rule and not try to
get over by circumventing it.  Again, I’m not sure that that is the case
as of yet in Washington, but we are getting ready to address it within
the hour.  Our goal is to work with league in this alliance, and have
everybody work together on this.”

Regardless of how everything turns out, the Redskins surely would prefer to be dealing with other issues as the franchise prepares to host two prime-time games in the next six days.

32 responses to “Reports of Blache, Gray interviews create problems for 'Skins

  1. Another day, another mistake by the Moron on the Potomac. Seriously he should consider the Costanza strategy and just do opposite of what he thinks he should do.

  2. Dan called Tony Dungy asked if he wanted to coach he said no
    Silly rule filled life goes on
    This is one of the biggest BS rules I have ever heard of
    Who has the right to tell a business who they have to interview
    This makes a joke out of Black men every where and is an insult to white men as well
    I run a business and will interview and hire who ever I want to that will be the best person for the job Black white green or orange do not know of any employer that looks at skin color when filling a position

  3. The rooney rule is a joke. Give someone a shot because of qualifications, not skin color. Hopefully Zorn won’t quit so that sawed off bastard snyder will have to pay him.

  4. Good news for the Giants. Besides the Rooney Rule, here’s an owner that kills his coach’s cred when they have a chance to play spoiler. This guy’s bad for the game.

  5. “what is the punishment for not biding by this rule ?”
    Being called ” racist” by Tony Dungy.

  6. Gautam says:
    “what is the punishment for not biding by this rule ?”
    $200,000 fine…

  7. I believe Millen (rather, the Lions) was fined somewhere around half a million when he hired Steve Mariucci immediately after firing Marty Morninwheg…

  8. man that guy A. Source is popular these days for not being right on anything. I’ll believe the source that broke the Bruce Allen news before the Redskins released the statement. Oh I guess A. Source was out with swine flu that day.

  9. The Redskins organization(Dan Snyder) is the most classless in the whole league. How much more humilation do they have to put Zorn through? First they make him a lame duck head coach, now they are openly interviewing his replacement without even firing him first, and not even caring how badly they are humiliating him
    Snyder is a turd, and I wish Zorn would tell him to kiss his a$$ and do a Bud Adams to his face.

  10. Who the F cares about the Rule now a days. Last year the Raiders had to wait to choose there Coach while the Niners did it the next day just becasue he was Black. Can’t we just move past all this by know! If the coach fits the bill it should not matter if he is White, Black, or Orange they should be able to jsut hire them.

  11. Who cares? As long as the Redskins get the coach that they want… One great thing about DS is that he will spend whatever it takes to help the team! Call him stupid if you want, but I think that he is a genius.

  12. look at the teams nickname, you really think they care about some rule aimed at helping minorities?

  13. Florio, you are a transparent liberal.
    I am so f’ing sick of this Godd*** Rooney Rule. You want them to abide by the rule, Harry Carson, why don’t you start by dropping the farce word “minority” and replacing it with “African- American” because that’s what you really mean. I wish Snyder would have interviewed one woman, one Korean and on American Indian and told all the racist hustlers like Harry Carson and Tony Dungy to f*** themselves.
    If anything this rule should embarrass African-Americans. And while you are at it Carson, we MUST do something about the NFL ticket and merchandising fans who are 94% white.

  14. Chris Mortensen, ESPN: “Listen, since Mike Shanahan didn’t belong to any team, there’s no tampering. Daniel Snyder or anybody could have had conversations with Mike Shanahan all year long, which I really believe did happen in this case. But it was Mike Shanahan who put Bruce Allen in place, in terms of telling Dan Snyder this is the guy I would like to be running the front office. So Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan, that’s a pairing. As far as transparency goes, I talked to John Wooten, the head of the Fritz Pollard Alliance, who oversees the Rooney Rule. He says Dan Snyder gets A’s and A-pluses from him for his transparency with him and with the commissioner, Roger Goodell. He believes he’s been in compliance.”

  15. @Unnamed Source says:
    December 21, 2009 6:21 PM
    look at the teams nickname, you really think they care about some rule aimed at helping minorities?
    I know! Except for their their Offense Coordinator..and Defensive Coordinator.
    Oh wait, try their QB.
    And their Assist HC
    Running backs coach,
    secondary coach
    Offensive Consultant!
    Those Redskins, sure keep holding minorities back. Oh and also…you’re a moron.

  16. jrforbes3; so how come, with all Snyder’s money his team can’t win. It’s been a few years now. Quite a few.

  17. Please let this go, and not because I’m a ‘skins fan, but because it’s stupid. The glass ceiling has been broken. Teams are going to hire whoever it takes to win. You think the teams are going to give a black player $100M and then NOT interview/hire a coach because he’s black? It’s just a rule passed its’ time (not a stupid rule) and actually can handcuff organizations and embarras people when there is no need.

  18. It was always a dumb rule to begin undermines the African American coaches who are legit candidates for a job by giving interviews to everyone in the organization who happens to be black, whether or not they ever aspired to be a head coach.. if teams are going by the letter of the law rather than the spirit of it, how can you punish them? No, they never wanted to make Jerry Gray the next head coach or Greg Blache. They wanted Shanahan, so they should hire Shanahan. Just like Pittsburgh never wanted Russ Grimm, they wanted Mike Tomlin, so they hired Mike Tomlin, a coach who deserved to be a head coach because he was a good coach, not because of the color of his skin.

  19. You people are clueless as a cucumber. Do any of you einsteins know why the rule is in place to begin with? The NFL is a notorious good ol’ boys network if there ever was one. Because of that, qualified minority candidates were being passed over for retreads on the scrap heap. It was a joke. Stop pissing on Dan Rooney. He was the best owner the NFL has ever had, and has done wonders for the league. More so, Rooney followed his own rule and that’s how Mike Tomlin became more than just a blip on the radar screen. He earned the job, and did in two years for the Steelers what Bill Cowher couldn’t do in thirteen. So stop whining about the rule.
    Anyone who thinks it’s racist is a racist. The rule gives a minority an opportunity, not a guarantee. If he misses out on one opportunity, perhaps it will open eyes elsewhere for another gig.
    With that said, it’s a rule, just like tampering with free agents to be before the free agency period opens is a violation. Somehow, Danny Boy douched his way around that one. Maybe he won’t be as lucky this time. Forfeiting that high first round pick would be a good detriment to such foolishness in the future. But foolishness is Danny Boy’s thing.

  20. # jrforbes3 says: December 21, 2009 6:14 PM
    Who cares? As long as the Redskins get the coach that they want… One great thing about DS is that he will spend whatever it takes to help the team! Call him stupid if you want, but I think that he is a genius.
    Spending money has no direct correlation to winning games. If it did the Redskins would have had a much better record since Snyder acquired the team.
    I consider him stupid for numerous reasons and poor decisions he has made, and if you think he’s a genius that makes you stupid also.

  21. I say that congress should force the NFL to immediately cease all field goals and PATs until 12% of all longsnappers, holders and placekickers are black. This is an outrage. They are all currently white and this is a sure sign of racism.
    I am sure at least Florio agrees.

  22. wait for another interview now, one that no black will want to do, and they lose shanarat.
    it is none of the FPA’s or carson’s or dungy’s or even roger’s business who snyder hires.
    who bought the team? no one above did except danny boy.
    shanarat and gruden look like good hires to me. why interview some one else just because they meet the approval of the fpa etc. they dont own jack.

  23. This is the most dysfunctional org in football….cannot even complete a season without back stabbing the coach, suing fans and freedom of speech issues with their fans….
    I think everybody would agree this is comical and a monkey could do a better job leading this org….Curious George is available to coach…lmfao.

  24. And also, stop race baiting us to get more hits. You use this Rooney rule so that all of us comment back and forth to increase your hits to sell some more sprint phones and Samsung TVs. You are no better than Al Sharpton when you keep this up.

  25. “Redskins don’t follow Rooney Rule”.
    Just the headline tells you everything you need to know.
    In other news, crackheads ignore ‘no smoking’ signs.

  26. Yawn.
    Was it a week ago that this site posted that someone from the Fritz Pollard alliance was already satisfied with the Redskins search?
    PFT should stop fighting battles no one cares about. A Rooney Rule watchdog? Really? PFT wants to be “that” guy?

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