Ryan says it's "ridiculous" to think Leonhard targeted Turner

After Sunday’s Falcons-Jets game, Atlanta running back Michael Turner openly wondered whether New York safety Jim Leonhard had intentionally targeted his injured ankle on a hit that knocked Turner out of the game.

On Monday Leonhard said he did no such thing, and Jets coach Rex Ryan said he was upset at the mere suggestion.

It’s a ridiculous statement,” Ryan said. “Michael Turner is 250 pounds and Jim Leonhard is about a buck 90. The only thing they have in common is their ankles are the same size. You’ve got to tackle what you can tackle. [If he tackles Turner] up top, we’re talking about why the guy ran him over. He’s a running back. He’s going to get hit.”

Ryan’s comments were echoed — in less strident terms — by Falcons coach Mike Smith, who said he thought there was “no ill will” in Leonhard’s hit.

10 responses to “Ryan says it's "ridiculous" to think Leonhard targeted Turner

  1. Of course all of the Jets were “gunning” for his ankle. Its a known fact that anytime a player may have any weakness or injury, the opposing team knows it and are going for it…ESPECIALLY if you are the feature back. Everybody is just going through the motions and covering their rear-ends with all this hoopla.
    “Man’s Game”.

  2. Obviously he would never say that they targeted Turner’s ankle. Rex Ryan is a just a jackass, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was a part of their gameplan

  3. I have 2 inches and 10 pounds on Turner and I would probably go for his ankles 8 times out of 10. He is good at keeping a low center of gravity.

  4. really? they knew he had a bad ankle. dont teams attack o-linemen that are nicked up? if your injured your fair game.

  5. What is “ridiculous” is making your Super Bowl plans after a week 2 victory…… The concept that a player targeted an opponents injury, isnt ridiculous, its smart. Pretending it is ridiculous is practically an admission of guilt, how dumb does he think we are. All players attack the weakness of their opponent. Whether it be a physical limitation from injury, or a lineman that cant chase down a back on a screen play, or a cornerback that always gets beat on a double move, or a running back that cant pick up the blitz……

  6. Strident? Rex Ryan’s terms weren’t “strident.” In the past on specific issues: yes, Ryan has been strident. On this? No. His comments addressed the issue pretty much in a simple manner, matter of fact. Maybe MDS needs more dictionary training. Let’s start with “eager”, “anxious,” “strident.” After learning three words, we can advance to more.

  7. Vox – do you really think anyone is going to take you seriously with the name you use. Maybe you should crawl back into your mother’s v until your brains mature a bit more.

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