Someone tell Rex Ryan the Jets aren't done yet

Rex Ryan met with media after his team’s latest loss like so many other Jets coaches before him, seemingly befuddled at what just happened.

His defense, statistically the best in the league, gave up a long touchdown march to lose a late fourth quarter lead for the third time this season.

In Ryan’s mind, the Jets season was over: “This is tough, because we’re obviously out of the playoffs,” Ryan
said. “We thought we had a great chance to make it to the playoffs.
This is hugely disappointing.”

That’s probably not the message Ryan wants to send to the team since the Jets aren’t, you know, actually out of the playoff hunt.  Ryan reminds us of our friends that are Jets fans, not wanting to even hope anymore.  Which is a reasonable approach . . . for a fan.

In fact, only four AFC teams are out of playoff contention.  (The Steelers have lost to three of them in the last five weeks.)  The Jets are one of eight AFC teams with six or seven losses.  They need two wins and plenty of help to get in, but so do a lot of teams.

Sunday’s results provided a good reminder that AFC contenders just need to win before worrying about playoff scenarios. Teams usually earn a 7-7 record for good reasons.

28 responses to “Someone tell Rex Ryan the Jets aren't done yet

  1. Well, it’s always difficult to defend the Super Bowl title. Everyone’s gunning for you. The Super Bowl hangover continues.

  2. Needless to say, Son-of-Buddy already had his Superbowl this season, so you can understand his confusion.

  3. Jets will never make the playoffs with Dirty Sanchez at the helm. Thats saying something considering the defense and running game are top 3 in the league.

  4. I will take this opportunity to again tell Rex Ryan that Mark Sanchez is a poor man’s Matt Leinart.

  5. Wait… I thought everyone said Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez were the “Second Coming of Christ”?
    Shouldn’t they make the playoffs by default then?

  6. This is a poorly managed team..
    If you have the number 1 defense, ALL YOU NEED TO DO is RUN THE BALL to get to the 2nd round of play offs…..

  7. They were finished when he called the game on week 2 the Jets Super Bowl. He’s slower than most people but give him credit for at least coming around to reality.

  8. Typical PFT- when someone actually connected with an NFL team gives an emotional response you leap on it. And when they resort to coach speak you also take them to task.
    What the rest of the article, you know the one you link to because PFT originates so little, said ”
    The Jets are not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, but even if they win their final two games, so many things would have to continue to fall right for them to get in it’s unrealistic. ” The Jets lost at home and it ended their realistic playoff hopes.
    PFT and professional journalism are not one and the same…

  9. I can’t believe they beat the Patriots the first time. That being said, it’s tough to stop any team when they have four downs to work with instead of three. It seems to me the only teams that hold on are the ones that are up by TWO scores when their opponents get the ball with only two or so minutes left.
    Well they finish against the Colts and the Bengals. I guess we will find out what they are really made of. Needless to say they will be heavy underdogs to mighty Indy. Maybe Dirty Sanchez can pull a Broadway Joe and make something magic happen.
    As for Rex Ryan, I think the guy just needs to shut up. His mouth has done more damage to this team than anything else. Keep the Belichick talk under wraps until you at least win the division once.

  10. Sanchez could be alright if they didnt throw him to the wolves. They need to bring him up ala the way the Giants brought up Eli. That said, I love it when the Jests are down. Slimiest team evah.

  11. He knows the truth and said it. It’s nice to hear one of these guys tell the truth rather than spouting all that stupid coach-speak. It’s the only sensible thing he’s said all year.

  12. Actually, the Jets are in the identical position they were prior to Sunday.
    They need MIAMI to lose once, PLUS 2 of the 3 teams to lose ONCE: JAX, BAL, DEN
    Jets tied with BAL or DEN break the tie now (Common Opponents, as they’d all have 5 losses minimum in the conference). Jets break ties on Conference record with PIT and H2H with TEN/HOU (and also conference record for 3 way ties).

  13. Another example of a guy who’s clueless.
    Surething – it doesn’t matter who their playing, as long as there is still a possibility, a HEAD COACH doesn’t call the season OVER.
    That’s sorry and inexcusible.

  14. The Eagles needed a mess of miracles to get in last year, and all of it happened. They nearly got into the SB.
    Coaches should NEVER quit. Time for Buddy to call that kid of his and remind him of that.

  15. Rex loves beating his chest over those meaningless rankings…. He must be the only person on the planet who would put the words “JETS” and “BEST DEFENSE” together in one sentence with a straight face.

  16. @ZombieRevolution: I think the PFT reporting of this was better than the NY Post’s, actually. I don’t care how emotional a coach is, he should never say things that show he’s utterly given up on his team during a press conference. That Ryan said that shows he’s either: 1) an idiot for not keeping track of the standings or 2) completely lacking the leadership and confidence necessary to be an NFL head coach. Take your pick, but apologizing for him – like the NY Post has done – is ridiculous.

  17. Fairweather Jets fans will not show up for games at the new ticket prices next year if the team does not change the culture in the organization. Having a coach who considers his relationship to the players more important than discipline will never win in that town. There are far too many distractions from day one. This man seems more like the class clown than a HC of the NYJ’s. The only coach that accomplished anything in the past 50 years other than destroying good talent was the Tuna. Weeb’s legacy lives on as the only true winner.

  18. Well, it’s always difficult to defend the Super Bowl title. Everyone’s gunning for you. The Super Bowl hangover continues.
    Post of the week right there! Hayward is 100% correct. They did win the SB in Week 3, folks. Remember?
    Loving it in New England.

    probably are done. But I would like to point out that that both Indy and Cincy might not have to play hard, or play their starters much.
    So Ryan might be in a better situation than many of of us think.

  20. Maybe Jim Mora Jr. should loan Rex his super special “Playoff Scenario” sideline cell phone since Jimmy stopped needing it a few months ago.

  21. From Jets Fan
    The heartbreak continues, no team in any sport is able to make you laugh and cry as muck as Jets

  22. If it comes down to a must win game, they might as well bench Edwards. He won’t even be seen on the field in a big game…except for a huge drop on the 1st drive.

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