Steve Smith dominates Vikings again, sounds off on "22"

Panthers receiver Steve Smith has had the Vikings’ number for more than eight years. 

He proved on Sunday night that he still has it. 

In Week One of the 2001 season — Smith’s rookie year — he took the opening kickoff for a tone-setting touchdown in an upset of the Vikings at the Metrodome.  It would be Carolina’s only win of the year.

In September of the following season, Smith scored his first NFL receiving touchdown against the Vikings in a 21-14 win at Minnesota. 

The next time they met, Smith had a career-high 201 receiving yards in a 38-13 romp that featured a post-touchdown rowboat routine, a slap at the still-brewing Love Boat scandal in Minnesota.

Smith’s other other game against the Vikings came in Week Three of the 2008 season, his first game back after a two-week suspension for punching former teammate Ken Lucas.  Smith caught only four passes for 70 yards.

Last night, however, he had Minnesota’s number again, with nine catches for 157 yards and a game-changing 42-yard touchdown reception, during which he rocketed past cornerback Antoine Winfield while the ball was in the air.

Smith complained in a post-game interview with NBC’s Andrea Kremer about another Vikings cornerback, Benny Sapp.  Though it’s not yet known what Sapp said, he did enough to get Smith to go off during the game — and to get Smith to sound off about Sapp after it. 

26 responses to “Steve Smith dominates Vikings again, sounds off on "22"

  1. Wow, laying it on a little thick today with the anti-Vikings stories, aren’t you Florio? For a team that the Packer fans say no one in the nation has any national interest in, they sure do get A LOT of attention, on this site at least.

  2. Steve Smith : Thats why he (Benny Sapp) is going home…
    Vikings – in the playoffs. Panthers – not so much.

  3. This is why I love 89, as a panther fan he is making this season watchable, he can instantly change a game as everyone saw last night-Carolina won last night despite many big injuries, so in other words the vikings are screwed

  4. Sapp should have just kept his trap shut. He is a nobody really. Smith is a proven stud receiver. Hope he learned a lesson.

  5. If you are an opposing D-back who has to cover Steve Smith and you DONT know that he will ALWAYS make you eat your words, you have been living under a rock since 2001.
    If you DO know it and you still run smack on him, then you’re just a freaking moron.

  6. There must have been something in the Carolina water last night…Smitty and Peppers were both amped up.

  7. Steve Smith always throws up huge numbers when a DB talks trash to him. He has been doing it for years. If your on defense and you still go ahead and antogonize him then you should receive one of those attacks with the soap in the pillow case from the movie Full Metal Jacket from your teammates.

  8. I sat Smith and played Michael Turner at flex and lost my playoff game by less than what Smith scored on my bench. This will haunt me for a long time. Needless to say, Mike Turner might have a shit sandwich waiting on his doorstep in the next few days.

  9. lol…. that’s just Steve being Steve. He actually loves it when opposing db’s do that because it gets him fired up and usually when Steve gets excited good things happen. Every now and then it costs him concentration and he has problems but usually it means he’s going to give that necessary extra effort to go up and get those slightly overthrown passes, make the necessary adjustments on the ball, get open against good db’s, and make catches he has to make. He’s one of the most competitive players in the game and yeah he talks a lot, but he also backs up the talk with game play. A lot of players talk smack and then get their asses handed to them…. Steve isn’t one of those players. He’s had problems this year because the qb’s have struggled to get the ball to him…. we need another good wr to take some of the heat of him so he can be the effective player he is and make the final run down to the end of his career a good one and one where he wants to stay in Carolina. Bring Dexter Jackson up from the practice squad and see what he can do…. see if we can grab TO from Buffalo….. TO, Muhammad, and Smith would be a wicked wr trio….

  10. vikings stink, got lucky against sf and baltimore, cant play in the cold and favre is back to his old tricks. Allen needs to step it up a little too.

  11. So that’s the key? Talk trash to Steve Smith and he will perform? So he can’t show up unless someone talks crap to him? He has been a major dissappointment on my fantasy team, besides this week when I started him above Calvin Johnson. Thanks for your very little help.

  12. If anyone didn’t know how much of an idoiot steve smith is all they had to do was watch the post-game interview. What a self-centered moron, don’t think he said one thing about his team, just him. Great Steve, you can dominate Benny Sapp, a third/fouth string CB. No doubt he domninated but man , what an arrogant prick. Your team is going nowhere, maybe you should be a little more humble… or go punch out one of your teammates again.

  13. Douchebag wide receiver #117 in the NFL….effin’ moron sounds like he’s ready to enter 2nd grade..

  14. jkorn1818 says:
    December 21, 2009 11:08 AM
    vikings stink, got lucky against sf and baltimore, cant play in the cold and favre is back to his old tricks. Allen needs to step it up a little too.
    Packers got that palyoff spot wrapped up yet?
    Didn’t think so…..STFU!
    What a bunch of turds to come and berate the Vikes, you lost too ya know??
    You wonder why everyone hates Packer fans….shouldn’t you be on your own thread crying about the refs like the rest of packer nation?
    Packers have never lost a game in franchise history.
    It was either the other team got lucky,
    the refs screwed them, the packers beat themselves, or a car was coming, that game is a do over.
    Pack of morons!

  15. I am beginning to think that there are only 2 wideouts in the NFL that arent complete idiots…..Welker and A Johnson.

  16. Vikes got schooled last night! But that’s to be expected when you lay the game on Brett Farve’s worn out arm. If they can’t get the run going and keep it going then they won’t be in the playoff’s for long. Farve’s way to old to carry them and AP ain’t sh!t against a good defense. They’ll soon come to their senses and see that Farve will be a cancer, not a savior. As soon as the game’s put in his hands he chokes like always. The Vikes suck and jeff swallows!

  17. CincyAllDaWay- You are a total douche bag. The Vikings suck?? LOL Well we did kill your pathetic joke of a team didn’t we? We just blew a game and are in the playoffs. You dedicated a game to a fallen team mate and couldn’t get the win for him…now that is sad. Bengals are pathetic

  18. tleg81:
    “I am beginning to think that there are only 2 wideouts in the NFL that arent complete idiots…..Welker and A Johnson.”
    And don’t forget Calvin Johnson. He’s always humble, does his job and he never complains, even on the Lions. For the most part you’re right though.

  19. That was one of the funniest videos I have seen in a while. I wonder if he was quoting Ricky Bobby when he claimed he “play for keeps”

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