Titans sign Winborn to fill hole at linebacker

Suddenly short a pair of starting linebackers, the Titans signed Jamie Winborn Monday night, according to Jim Wyatt of the Nashville Tennessean.

The nine-year veteran worked out for the team a few times during the season.  Winborn spent training camp this year with the Falcons, and had a nine-day stint with the Texans in October.

He attended nearby Vanderbilt and adds much-needed depth to a roster that was down to four linebackers. 

The Titans rush defense could be in trouble, but San Diego isn’t such a bad matchup for them Christmas night.  The Chargers are dead last in the league in yards-per-carry.

7 responses to “Titans sign Winborn to fill hole at linebacker

  1. “The Chargers are dead last in the league in yards-per-carry.”
    What, with the great and classy Tomlinson, can this be real?

  2. “dont act like your a titans fan…”
    It’s always funny when someone makes grammatical errors in their comments calling out your spelling mistakes. In this context it would actually be “you’re” (as in the contraction for “you are”) instead of “your” (the possessive form of “you”).
    Thanks for pointing out my error though.

  3. it’s the line, not LT. if you watched the cinci game you would’ve seen that he still has his burst and tackle breaking ability, i’m hoping that runyan brings some nastiness to our line when he breaks the starting unit.

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