Bills place McGee on injured reserve, sign Hamdan

To fill their gaping hole at quarterback, the Bills signed Gibran Hamdan Tuesday. 

And to clear room for Hamdan, they placed cornerback Terrence McGee on injured reserve. 

Buffalo’s best cover cornerback struggled through a season that included chest, knee, and shoulder injuries.  He still managed to play eleven games, but will likely require shoulder surgery.
McGee also had a knee surgery earlier in the season.

Hamdan started the season in Buffalo, so he knows the team’s system.  His presence is a sign that Ryan Fitzpatrick won’t be ready for Sunday’s game.  Brian Brohm is expected to start.

McGee is the eighteenth Bills player to be place on injured reserve.  We’d argue that no team was more ravaged by injuries this year.  Discuss among yourselves if you disagree.

14 responses to “Bills place McGee on injured reserve, sign Hamdan

  1. “We’d argue that no team was more ravaged by injuries this year.”
    Even with all of those 18 players fully healthy, the Buffalo Bills roster is still one of the least talented in the NFL.

  2. Injuries are a part of the game, and no one is going to fell sorry for anyone because of them./discussion.

  3. this is every year with the bills. from the top down this is the worst organization in the league. why so many injuries? and omg penalties?its atrocious…coaching, training, player development discipline all come into play. and not to forget other disgraces…., coaches who suck, terrible draft choices, marv freakin levy, TO “buy tickets ploy”, no playoffs in ten years, never re-sign our top talent, no other talent WANTS to come to buffalo…on and on and on. when is it gonna change, makes you wonder over and again, iff your going to strive for mediocrity, why even bother. yea u ralph, why even bother????

  4. The fins lost their starting quarterback, all pro running back, starting corner back and nose tackle. injuries happen in the NFL, having a good coaching staff and depth on the roster is the key to winning

  5. Randy Moss gone done whup his ass. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t like going over the middle. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone else.

  6. I guess that the Bills injuries are worthy of some note, although to make such a claim places more value on quantity than quality. The Browns and Dolphins have both list more important players. Indeed, the Dolphins lost the best person in the two most important offensive positions – QB and RB. The Lions may not have had too many IRs, but they’ve lost significant time for their franchise QB and star WR, not to mention the IR RB. TheDolphins were fortunate to have enough depth to compensate for that (thanks to Parcell’s expertise). Like everyone else is saying, injuries aren’t an excuse as all teams have to deal with them.

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