Bruce Allen claims he hasn't talked to Shanahan about working together

New Redskins G.M. Bruce Allen has been described as having plenty of political connections and savvy.

One thing he definitely has mastered is the ability to lie with a smile.

In an on-air interview with ESPN’s Stuart Scott prior to Monday night’s game against the Giants, Allen said that he hasn’t been talking with free-agent coach Mike Shanahan.

Scott asked Allen about the conversations that he has had with Shanahan regarding the possibility of working together in Washington.

“We don’t have those type of discussions,” Allen said.  The choice of words could imply that they have other types of discussions. 

And Allen could be telling the truth; perhaps he and Shanahan haven’t talked about the possibility of working together because they already know that they’ll be working together.

22 responses to “Bruce Allen claims he hasn't talked to Shanahan about working together

  1. What’s the difference? Does it really matter who’s at the controls during a train wreck?
    Keep paying useless fat Albert!

  2. Allen was NOT the one talking with Shanahan according to local reports, it was all Snyder. Bruce Allen has far more class and respect than Snyder, and respects Jim Zorn and the position he is in. This is another proof that the Redskins finally have a real GM who knows how to run a team accordingly. He wont disrespect the current coach or alienate the fan base. If we are lucky he will keep the owner in check as well as he has been given full control. Shanahan will probably be the Skins next coach, but Allen may not even speak to him until seasons end, which is the right thing to do.

  3. Only a few days ago PFT was promising that Allen and Gruden were a package deal. If you keep writing stories about the Redskins and every available coach, you’re bound to get it right eventually. Keep trying.

  4. It matters not. The team still won’t have a top rate personnel evaluator.
    They’ll have a cap expert in Allen and a top shelf OC in Shanahan.
    The misery continues.

  5. bruce allen is such a liar. all he does is spew lies. he will fit in good with that great management up there. look at his tracj record, everywhere he was he has failed and brough in bad talent and old days gone by free agents looking ot collect a check.

  6. Russ Grimm is reportedly sitting on the john laughing while reading PFT on his laptop…word has it that when Grimm flushed he said “goodbye Florio”

  7. No worries, the little midget will be pulling Allen’s strings too……….We shall see if Bruce likes working for the midget better than working for the Crypt Keeper!
    All that counts is that the Deadskins will suck well into the next decade! Whahoo!!!!

  8. Allen has however, talked to Shanahan about them NOT working together, so they can be like The RedSkinneds organizations of the last decade.

  9. Allen expertise is managing the money aspect of things not evaluating talent, so they still need some one to evaluate and scout good talent, but on the good side Allen will probly keep Snyder from giving every over hyped free agent out there a redicilous amount of money.

  10. If you ask him, Allen would tell you he doesn’t know his mother’s maiden name. It’s not something they ever talked about.

  11. Redskins is so racist.
    What if the Falcons were instead called the Coons with a face of a black person on the helmet.
    F the Redskins and the Cleveland Indians.

  12. Doing his job.
    Too bad that it’s necessary to manipulate and deceive in today’s media driven times. And he also has to deal with the stupid, racially divisive policy called the Rooney Rule.
    They do what they want anyway, they just have to lay some false tracks down, and stay quiet.

  13. If Bruce Allen is a good liar it’s because he learned from the best of them, his father was a magnificent liar just ask many of the Redskins players from that era.

  14. Snyder’s gonna have a hard time convincing good coaches to come to Washington as it is. I’m not sure anyone believes that he’ll be hands off even with the hire of Allen and the conveniently timed kissup job by rentboy Peter King. Can you blame them? For 10 years we’ve heard the same rhetoric of Snyder changing his ways. And for 10 years he’s never changed.
    Shanahan would be wise to avoid jumping into a situation like that when there are much less dysfunctional places looking for long term saviors. Why do you think Gruden passed on it? He would have had no trouble taking that gig if he wanted it. But instead he released a statement saying he would stay with his current broadcasting team, even though everyone knows he’s still in play for the next round of coaching hires around the league. That tells you all you really need to know.

  15. I can imagine that conversation.
    Shanahan: Man, Al Davis is batsh*t insane, isn’t he.
    Allen: He’s only gotten worse since you worked there…

  16. Bruce is to busy trying to figure out what the F that play was prior to halftime when the Skin hell I do not know what they did but it very little to do with Football american or other wise

  17. Money can convince people to do a lot of things they normally wouldn’t do…Dan Snyder has $1.5B to get the best coach on the market…and that’s Shanahan. We’ll keep piecing it together until we get it right…the good news is, we can outlast 99% of the teams in the NFL…deep pockets my friends. We love our Skins…even with last night. Hail!!

  18. The plan is to fire Zorn and not pay him. Any discussions could be used by Zorn to prove they undermined him in an effort to get rid of him withoutr paying out his contract.
    A pure scumbag move. But then again Shanahan is a scumbag, as is Snyder.

  19. “We’ll keep piecing it together until we get it right…the good news is, we can outlast 99% of the teams in the NFL…deep pockets my friends.”
    Yeah, that’s really worked out well for you guys. Keep at it.
    BTW, hope you guys like losing Greg Blache so you can get Shanny’s old college coaching pal Bob Slowik!

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