Ten candidates emerge for Seahawks G.M. gig

The Seahawks have hired a search firm to assist in the process of identifying candidates to succeed Tim Ruskell as General Manager of the team.

And since the search firm is likely getting paid by the hour, they’ve identified a bunch of them.

As best we can piece together, there are at least 10 candidates for the job:  Cardinals director of player personnel Steve Keim, Chargers director of player personnel Jimmy Raye, Eagles G.M. Tom Heckert, Ravens director of player personnel Eric DeCosta, Packers director of football operations John Schneider, Patriots senior football adviser Floyd Reese, Patriots pro personnel director Jason Licht, and 49ers director of player personnel Trent Baalke.

We’re also told that the Seahawks plan to have the G.M. report to someone else, such as CEO Tod Leiweke, and not report directly to owner Paul Allen.

So stay tuned.  It might take a while to sift through these candidates.

After all, the people who own the search firm need to buy Christmas presents, too.

UPDATE:  We left out two of the candidates.  Interim G.M. Ruston Webster will be interviewed, along with Chargers consultant Randy Mueller, who previously served in the role of G.M. with the Seahawks.  There’s some internal resistance to Mueller, we’re told, given that he already has held the job.

20 responses to “Ten candidates emerge for Seahawks G.M. gig

  1. Wow, no love for Jim Mora, Sr. I mean it would help with the communication between the front office and head coach for the next two weeks …

  2. I know Heckert doesn’t do all that much for the Eagles, but I really don’t want to see him go in the middle of the season…

  3. The only one worth a damn is Eagles “G.M.” Tom Heckert. Tom is the guy who finds Andy the players to chose from and Andy makes the picks. Most of the Eagles key players are homegrown picks. I have a hunch that Tom will be the guy.

  4. “We’re also told that the Seahawks plan to have the G.M. report to someone else.”
    Too many cooks in the kitchen.

  5. Interesting that with all the criticisms of how the Patriots are overrated they have two candidates in the running. Could it be that fans of other teams just don’t know shit and are blind or could it be the Patriots are still the premier organization in the league?

  6. Nope – Patriots are not the premier team. Sorry. They have a losing road record and scare absolutely no one in the playoffs.

  7. “PFFFFT says:
    December 22, 2009 9:34 AM
    Wow, no love for Jim Mora, Sr. I mean it would help with the communication between the front office and head coach for the next two weeks …”
    Why would they? Mora Jr. sucks and that would imply they’d keep him.
    Also surprised to see Mueller’s name in the mix. This guy has laid an egg everywhere he’s ever worked. How does his name keep surfacing for vacancies? It blows my mind.

  8. @Florio-is-a-tool
    It’s not really that hard to be an “elite” team when you have the other teams’ signals.

  9. mad555, you obviously don’t know much if you don’t know about Eric DeCosta. Ravens better not let him go.

  10. Mueller traded Rick Mirer to Chicago for a #1 that became Walter Jones, drafted Shawn Springs, Pete Kendall, Ituli Mili, Joey Galloway, Philip Daniels, Anthony Simmons, Ahman Green, DeShone Myles,
    Not too bad for 4 drafts with the Seahawks, Grabbed quite a few good players for New Orleans too.

  11. Mueller? If the search firm came up with Mueller they should be fired. That guy is a cancer. If you are going to pass on a high character guy like Holmgren, you cannot find someone who is more anti-Holmgren than Randy Mueller.

  12. trefizzle, they are talking about his son. Jimmy Raye III, who is apparently somewhat competent, unlike his dad

  13. Eric DeCosta should be the pick. This guy has a lot of power and influence in the league and ran the Raven organization pretty well.
    I like his idea of not necessarily specializing in offense or defense, but concentrating on getting talent on both sides.
    The list consists of people who come from a 34 defensive schemed team… are the Seahawks interested in changing the defense? That causes speculation to getting rid of Mora and company.

  14. My Vote goes to Keim. Think about it, a guy thats drafted the likes of Fitz, Boldin, Adrian Wilson, Karlos Dansby, brought in Warner. Not to mention, he resides in our division so that’d be nice. What I don’t get is how come theres no Collegiate Scouting Directors on here, I mean C’Mon, a guy who’s only job it is is to seek out the best prospects in the nation. Having said that here’d be my Top 3.
    1. Keim
    2. Schneider
    3. Heckert

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