Bucs bump Browns for Bradley

On Tuesday, the Chiefs waived receiver Mark Bradley.

On Wednesday, two teams tried to get him on waivers.  Per a league source, the Buccaneers and the Browns made claims.

And by virtue of having fewer wins (by one), the Bucs secured priority.

With Mike Holmgren now running the show in Cleveland, it’s unknown whether the decision to take a shot at Bradley came from Holmgren or coach Eric Mangini or someone else.

Bradley is signed through 2009.  Absent a new labor agreement, he’ll be a restricted free agent.

22 responses to “Bucs bump Browns for Bradley

  1. This must be an joke. You mean to tell me the Lions didn’t put a waiver claim on this guy?

  2. Mangini may not be doing himself any favors with his new boss.
    Two pointless desperation wins in an effort to keep his job and all Mangini has done for Holmgren is ensured they’ll lose out on drafting Suh, and now losing out on the rights to a needed WR.

  3. Maybe they would not need wideouts if Braylon was still there……Has anyone seen Robiskie? Did he join the witness protection program? Robiskie, Mohomad are not worth half a Braylon Edwards….LOL

  4. @ManginaisME;
    Did you ever watch Braylon Edwards play football? For every ONE big play he makes; he drops 2 or 3 that would have been big plays. Not worth it!!!
    Braylon Edwards = Koren Robinson
    :::obnoxious laughter::::

  5. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. First off, they don’t need to be half of BE because they weren’t part of the trade. But BE with an expiring contract and terrible hands isn’t even half of a 3rd (possibly 2nd) round pick, 5th round pick, Jason Trusnick, and Chansi Stuckey…the Jets got fleeced. And second, have you even put their numbers next to his? Combined, I’d wager that they are close to even since the trade.

  6. Its hilarious to me how/when Mangini drafted Robiskie in the first place…What a joke. Robiskie was supposed to be the most NFL “ready” WR to come out last year…and he doesnt even dress on most Sundays. I didnt think he was the best WR on the Luckeyes last season! At least Robiskie had 2 tackles on special teams last week…(WOW, nice work.)
    I dont know if Mangini realizes it, but he is pretty much sealing the deal for himself to be excluded from any/all draft pick(11) selections this upcoming April, IF Holmgren keeps him around. The big question being “IF”.

  7. Braylon Edwards sucks and I’d rather have Trusnik and Stuckey even without the draft picks. The third and fifth were icing on the cake.
    After watching the Browns & Chiefs last weekend I wouldn’t want any of the Chiefs receivers except for Chambers. The Chiefs receivers dropped more passes than…..well, Braylon would fit right in w/ KC.
    The Chiefs will get their show turned around soon enough. The Jets, on the other hand, may take awhile if they dedicate any more of their cap to excuse-making losers like Edwards.
    It’ll be interesting to see the Jets D against the Colts this weekend. Offense not so much. But Jets D vs. Colts O will be interesting.

  8. In the games since the BE trade:
    Edwards: 31 catches, 508 yds, 4tds
    Massaquoi/Stuckey/Robiskie combined: 43 catches, 657 yds, 3 tds
    So WOW. Edwards must REALLY suck.

  9. Wow, “Fred Cox”, Do you kiss your wife/mother with that mouth?
    I just grow weary of some of the dumb asses that post the same sh*t here day after day. Hope you’re not one of them.

  10. calling Raheem Morris Radio Morris is the funniest, twisted, insane thing to come out of the Florida since the 2000 election results.

  11. Fred Cox says:
    December 23, 2009 7:44 PM
    Wow, “Fred Cox”, Do you kiss your wife/mother with that mouth?
    I just grow weary of some of the dumb asses that post the same sht here day after day. Hope you’re not one of them.
    And how again does your foul mouthed, hate spewing post not one of those dumb ass posts we see here everyday. Chill out, you sound like one of those keyboard tough guys.
    Maybe we should call you Fred “Small” Cox
    You know what I got sick of, the lack of intelligent conversation and back and forth dialogue on this site. Most people that post on this site are interested in 2 things:
    1) making an unfunny reference or joke that most likely someone else previously posted
    2) Slamming other members and posters due to opinions that dont jive with their own. You should treat people on this site the way you would treat them if you actually knew them

  12. bradley will kick a$$ the 1st 2 or 3 games and then go back to being mark bradley; dropping 3-4 balls a game, getting locked at the line of scrimmage, disappearing at key moments, and having a sweet beard. other than that, he’s pretty worthless, even if he did have a TD last week.

  13. I have nothing but pity for the Buccaneers WR corps… Steven Hawking is a better target than Maurice Stovall and Michael Clayton combined.. Why are they still around?
    Sammie Stroughther looks promising and Kellen Winslow Jr has decent hands. Perhaps Golden Tate in 2010?

  14. I hear Mark Bradley has “concentration issues” and he’s a bit of a headcase. If the guy can run 4.4 he’d be a perfect fit in a Matt Millen run team.

  15. VikingsPimp said “You should treat people on this site the way you would treat them if you actually knew them”
    I totally agree VikingsPimp. I have to be honest. I’ve definitely called people morons and idiots on this site. But, I’ve tried my best to censor my comments from any needless name-calling. The ambiguity of the internet all too easily allows people to take out their frustrations on each other, without consequence.
    Fred Cox,
    Whether you like someone’s posts or not, there’s no need to gay bash. It’s unfortunate that so many people use variations of the word “gay” to insult each other. It reminds me of a Mark Twain quote: ” A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.” Choose your words carefully, Fred Cox.
    Happy Holidays to everyone…

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