Cardinals still have a chance for a bye too

In the aftermath of Minnesota’s surprising Sunday night loss, we mentioned that the Vikings now had to worry about maintaining the second seed in the NFC over Philadelphia.

We should have mentioned the Cardinals, too.

Okay, so it’s an extreme long shot that Arizona passes Philadelphia and Minnesota for the two seed.  But it is possible, and that could alter how the Cardinals approach their Week Seventeen game against Green Bay.

“The No. 2 seed is obviously a powerful incentive, to be able to get
that bye week,” Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said this week. “Who knows what can happen?”

Arizona will be playing all their starters four quarters Sunday against the Rams.  The Cardinals need to beat St. Louis and have Minnesota lose in Chicago to stay alive for a bye. 

While Jay Cutler’s recent play makes that scenario unlikely, the Vikings are only 2-3 outdoors this year. 

Vikings fans should look at the bright side. 

Win this week, and Minnesota inches closer to a bye. Lose, and the Packers have a tougher matchup in what could be a do-or-die season finale.

21 responses to “Cardinals still have a chance for a bye too

  1. Um… Slinger Jay Cutlers play…. is consistently dependable, excellently dependable, league and history leading dependable.
    Interception… sit alone on the bench… 3 and out… sit alone on the bench. Sadly the disconnect is his.
    In all seriousness, may diabetes isn’t his only issue. Some emotional/psych help could be in order.

  2. according to, there is less than a 1% chance of this happening. Frankly, I think that’s even a bit high.

  3. Considering Favre’s propensity for quitting when the going is tough, like it will be in the “chilly” conditions next Monday in Chicago, wouldn’t be surprised if the freefalling Vikings lose their last two and the Cardinals slide into the # 2 spot.
    Seeing the Packers redeem themselves and beat the Favres, er, Vikings will be perhaps one of the greatest “Karma” storylines of all time.

  4. Gregg-
    As long as the Eagles beat the Broncos, the Cards are eliminated from bye contention.
    If the Cards win out and the Eagles lose to the Cowboys, and they both finish 11-5 along with the Vikings (if they somehow lose out), Phily would have the tiebreaker. Vikes would be eliminated first since they lost to Arizona. Ari and Philly would have the same conference record and division record, but Phily would take it because they have a better win percentage against common opponents (4-0 against NYG, San Fran and Chicago vs Arizona’s 2-2).
    So, the Cards getting a bye really has nothing to do with the Vikes. LOL.

  5. Of course, under that scenario I just put out there, the Eagles wouldn’t win the Division if the Cowboys beat the Redskins this week…so yeah, the Cards would get the 2 seed.
    My bad…Eagles are getting that 2 seed though

  6. “Considering Favre’s propensity for quitting when the going is tough”
    That “propensity” exists only in your head.

  7. I know its a looong shot for Cards to actually get bye. But it’s not nearly as long to make it through this week with the chance.
    Which is what interested me. And Packers fans, I’m sure.

  8. Gregg – Awesome to see that you actually post a response. Florio usually puts up an article and then goes ducking for cover.

  9. THe only BYE the cardinals are getting is the GOODBYE when they are eliminated in the wildcard round by Dallas/NY.

  10. You can get florio to respond. You just have to know which buttons to push. I’ve done it, and it was hilarious. Just like any other spoiled brat, florio has a bad temper.

  11. This blog is only another way for Lord Florio to get the Vikings name into another blog.
    If he really wanted to talk about teams that still have a chance at the number 2 seed, no matter how slim the chance, he would have also brought up the fact that the Chargers still have not clinched the number 2 seed.

  12. That “propensity” exists only in your head.
    That propensity does, in fact, exist in my head, from memories of 4 throwing a completely unnecessary, mind boggling hail mary which resulted in a game crushing, season ending INT vs. Philly in the 2003 playoffs (cue up your completely irrelevant 4th and 26 argument now).
    Or how bout that time he threw his signature 6 INT meltdown at St Louis in the 2001 playoffs?
    Favre is a gutless chump.

  13. What you didn’t mention (Florio) is that if the Vikings lose this week, that tougher match up won’t matter if the Vikings win their last game against NY Giants. Packers hold the tie-breaker. If the Vikings lose two in a row and Philly wins two, the Vikings lose their first round bye, and coach Favre will be upset. In fact, it could work out that the Packers play the Vikings!

  14. Won’t matter whether or not the Vikings get the number 2 seed. They will be one and done. Bunch of gutless crybabies.

  15. Vikes…one and done…move along – nothing to see here. Farve will retire and then un retire and then retire…etc….

  16. “the Vikings are only 2-3 outdoors this year. ”
    The Vikings have 3 losses this year, one of which was in Arizona. If you consider University of Phoenix Stadium to be outdoors, you have probably never been there. Sure the top opens, yet the Cardinals almost never play with it open. I was there that night to see the Cards beat down the Vikings, and I can attest that the roof was closed. Also, sure the Cards’ stadium has grass, but this too certainly doesn’t classify it as ‘outdoors’…perhaps a rewording is needed or more clarification on what you are getting at…

  17. NFC Tiebreakers
    – Green Bay can reach 11-5 but can’t win the North
    – Dallas wins the East if they make it to 11-5 since their last game is against
    (If Phidelphia wins this week in Denver, then Dallas wins the East based on 2 head-to-
    head wins against Philadelphia.)
    At 12-4
    Phi-Min winner: Phi
    – Conference record (10-2 to 9-3)
    At 11-5 with Philadelphia
    Phi-Min winner: Phi
    – Conference record (10-2/9-3 to 8-4)
    Phi-Ari winner: Phi
    – Common games record (5-0 to 2-3) if conference record is tied at 9-3.
    Phi-Min-Ari winner: Phi
    – Conference record (10-2 to to 9-3 for Ari to 8-4 for Min)
    – or common games (5-0 to 2-3 for Ari) after Min drops out with 8-4 conf. record.
    Phi-Min-Ari runner up: Ari
    – Head-to-head win over Min.
    At 11-5 with Dallas
    Dal-Min winner: Dal
    – Conference record (9-3 to 8-4)
    Dal-Ariz winner: Ari
    – Common games (4-1 to 2-3)
    Dal-Min-Ariz winner: Ari
    – Common games (4-1 to 2-3 for Dal), after Min drops out with 8-4 conf. record
    Dal-Min-Ari runner up: Dal
    – Conference record (9-3 to 8-4 for Min)
    At 11-5 without Philadelphia or Dallas
    Min-Ari winner: Ari
    (head-to-head win over Min)
    If I am understanding that right, Arizona if they win this week basically needs Dallas to
    beat Philly out of 1st place in NFC East to win the bye along with Minnesota losing both
    remaining games. And since by 4:15pm in 2 weeks Sunday, both the Giants-Vikings
    and the Eagles-Cowboys games will have been decided they will EITHER need to beat
    Green Bay for the bye or the game will mean nothing to them and EVERYTHING to the
    Packers? This is the WORST case scenario for the Giants.
    The NFL policy of resting your BEST players or not using them to the best of their abilities and not going all out to win all games of the measly number of 16 that you play!

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